September 30th, 2014

“I’m A Professional Big Wave Surfer” – Greg Long

Professional big wave surfer – One who get’s paid to surf big waves. (is there such a thing as a professional small wave surfer? Yes, believe it or not there are professional surfers that are afraid of surfing big waves just like you and I. Jason “Ratboy” Collins is probably one of the most notorious for not surfing waves over 8ft.)

Greg Long is one of the best big wave surfers in the world, but two years ago, he suffered a “non-fatal drowning” while surfing the infamous Cortes Bank. The archival footage of Long’s rescue team bringing him back to life is harrowing enough on its own, but beating death wasn’t Long’s last battle. With two years of recovery and personal struggles behind him, Long reflects on his near-death experience and getting back in the ocean to mount an inspiring comeback.

NEW YORK, NY (September 30, 2014) – VICE Sports today presents the latest from its series Sitdowns, featuring Greg Long. In this video exclusive, the professional big wave surfer opens up about his “non-fatal drowning” incident at Cortes Bank two years ago, his fear of water, and his inspiring comeback.

While surfing California’s infamous Cortes Bank two years ago, Long lost consciousness and suffered what doctors call “non-fatal drowning.” The latest episode of VICE Sports’ series Sitdowns features harrowing archival footage of Long’s rescue team bringing him back to life, and his reflections on the experience that prompted his evolution as a surfer.

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September 30th, 2014

Laurie Towner Talks About His Near Death Experience at Teahupo’o

Laurie Towner was hired for the filming of Point Break 2 to surf the large swell at Teahupo’o

September 30th, 2014

Titans Of Mavericks – Invitees

Invitees to the 2014/15 Titans of Mavericks surfing contest held at Half Moon Bay
Aaron Gold
Aaron Ungerleider
Alex Gray
Alex Martins
Andrew Marr
Anthony Tashnick
Ben Andrews
Ben Wilkinson
Billy Kemper
Carlos Burle
Chris Bertish
Colin Dwyer
Danilo Couto
Dave Wassel
Derek Dunfee
Frank Solomon
Gabriel Villaran
Grant “Twiggy” Baker
Grant Washburn
Greg Long
Ian Walsh
Jamie Mitchell
Jamie Sterling
Jeff Rowley
Joao de Macedo
John John Florence
Josh Loya
Josh Redman
Kealli Mamala
Kelly Slater
Ken Collins
Kohl Christensen
Makua Rothman
Mark Healey
Mark Mathews
Michael Joshua
Mike Schlebach
Nathan Fletcher
Nic Lamb
Patrick Shaughnessy
Ramon Navarro
Russell Smith
Rusty Long
Ryan Augenstein
Ryan Seelbach
Sarah Gerhardt
Savanah Shauhgnessy
Shane Desmond
Shane Dorian
Shawn Dollar
Tim West
Travis Payne
Tyler Fox
Tyler Smith
Wyatt Fields
Zach Wormhoudt
*The committee members make up the decision making process in selecting the atheltes for the event, year to year. The members are made up of: Jeff Clark, Shawn Rhodes, Darryl “flea” Virostko, Ion Banner, and Matt Ambrose.The first entry is by: Darryl “flea” Virostko.


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September 30th, 2014

The Adventure Of Life In 4K – GoPro HERO4

HERO4 Silver / Surf
Pro-quality capture. Touch-display convenience.
Features 1080p60 and 720p120 video, 12MP photos up to 30 frames per second, and built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth®. Waterproof to 131’ (40m). Includes surf mounts.

Lakey Peterson using the GoPro HERO4

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September 30th, 2014


Seems that Billabong and the XXL Big Wave Awards have gone their separate ways… (based on the fact nothing is mentioned of ‘Billabong’)


Dear XXL Surfers and Photographers,
I just wanted to check in with everyone as the 2015 XXL Big Wave Awards is about to kick into high season with the launch of the new event website in just a couple of weeks. As you may have heard, I am now operating the XXL Big Wave Awards under the umbrella of the Association of Surfing Professionals which will allow the event to build on the last 15 years of success and reach its maximum potential over the coming years.

The new and improved event website will be launching in mid-October ahead of the main winter season and will feature every entered photo and video clip in an easier-to-review format. In the meantime we are still pumping the steady stream of Southern Hemisphere action that has been coming in on our social media channels on Facebook and YouTube. If you have bookmarked them, please note the URLs have changed slightly so they are at and We have retained all our friends and followers through the shift of those handles, so you’re probably still connected there.

We’ve had a ton of great entries sent in already from all over the world including epic material from Teahupoo in Tahiti, Puerto Escondido in Mexico, Cow Bombie in West Oz, Punta de Lobos in Chile and a lot more — including some very early action at Mullaghmore Head in Ireland. A lot of the best moments have been posted on the social sites and some of it was held back until the new logos were ready and now that the new look is in place, all of it will be up shortly.

If you have any photos or video of big wave action you feel is worthy of entry for this year’s event that you haven’t sent in yet, please send it to me THIS WEEK so it can be included in the new website launch. Any ride since March 21, 2014 is eligible and all the rules are the same as they have been going forward. (As is prize money, which I hope to be able to increase some going forward…)

As a reminder, below I’ve pasted some of the basic submission guidelines so things go as smoothly as possible from the start. Thanks for your support and good luck as the Northern Hemisphere winter gets underway. Whether you call it an El Niño or not, there seems to be a lot happening out there in the oceans this year and I’m calling for one of the greatest winters of all time. Good luck and stay in touch!


Bill Sharp
Event Director
XXL Big Wave Awards


Dear XXL Photographer,
Welcome to the 2015 XXL Big Wave Awards. We look forward to seeing your material and working together with you. Below are some of the basic submission guidelines to make all of our lives easier and make the workflow smoother.
FYI, up to this point in the 2014/15 season we post new entries as previews on the XXL Facebook page. Meanwhile we are building up the main site that will appear within the ASP World Tour site with a new look and new functionality that will launch in mid-October before the Northern Hemisphere winter kicks in. That site will rock all winter until we announce the nominees in late March and roll into the next XXL Awards ceremony which will be in early May, 2015. Thanks for joining in the XXL festivities!

* Please make sure all submitted photos are 1500 pixel width jpegs, with no embedded credits or watermarks. Not bigger, not smaller. Should your image be selected as a nominee we will need to get the full resolution image but that’s not until March.
* In the case of sequences, no more than eight (8) images should be submitted from a single ride. YOU decide which shots best show the biggest or most dramatic moments of the ride. When we receive 38 shot sequences it puts it to the back of the bus for prepping.
* When submitted, still photos should be given a unique file name which defines the name of the surfer, the break, the photographer and the position in the sequence, but contains no more than 30 total characters. (EXAMPLE: BObamaMavsSpielberg1.jpg)
* Make sure to advise the date the photo was taken in your email. If there are any surfer, spot or photog names which aren’t totally obvious, please clarify.
* If you only have a few shots to submit, email to “email removed”. If you have more than 8 or so images to submit, please use a file transfer site such as or WeTransfer or DropBox, etc.

* Ride of the Year and Wipeout clips should be delivered by a transfer site such as or by FTP and should be maximum resolution HD Quicktime (.mov) files, in full original uncompressed quality. (4K is great, as long as the file size is not too massive for an easy transfer.) Please make sure each submission it is clearly ID’d as far as the surfer’s name (and hometown if you know it), location shot, date shot and the videographer credit, which may also include a one-line website or email mention. Don’t send raw P2 or MTS or Red etc. files as we may not always have all the latest conversion applications on hand.
* We need the clip in its maximum resolution frame rate so we can use it for all needs, but if you shot it in super super slow motion, it’s also helpful if you send it also in a 100% speed actual speed version, along with a 50% percent slow motion which will be compiled into the entry clip. With all the random speeds and frame rates recently made available it is harder and harder to precisely re-speed every submission so your assistance is appreciated.

To keep the paperwork reasonable, we will accept entries now based on knowing you are a reputable photographer and your adherence to the technical guidelines. Once we narrow down to potential nominees you and the surfer will be required to complete the standard entry form and release and to submit higher resolution images for measurement blow-ups.

By submitting an entry to the XXL Global Big Wave Awards, you are allowing permission for your image to be displayed on the XXL event website, event sponsor sites and all supporting social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. with YOUR CREDIT GUARANTEED. Additional rights to utilize your images may be transferred only upon your agreement of distribution for wider media releases with credits, or by your entry being deemed a winner and you accepting the prize money, or by specific negotiation for other uses beyond basic promotion of the event.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing your latest entries!

September 29th, 2014

Later – A New Surfing Magazine

Later the surf magazine
(Surfer and Surfing are currently being distributed by the Ingram Content Group)


Later the website

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September 29th, 2014

Quiksilver Loses Two More Surfers

We have noticed that Quiksilver has removed Reef Mcintosh and Adam Virs from their surfing team rider page

Old team page

New team page

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September 28th, 2014

Dave Pinto Surfing Photos

Surf photos of Dave Pinto have now been uploaded to his page

Prevelly Park, Margaret River

Forster, NSW Australia

Shipwrecks, Baja

Salt Creek

Redgate, West Oz

North Shore, Hawaii

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September 28th, 2014

Where Are You Alex Knost

With a solid south swell due to hit later this week we began our search for some talent. Checking in on Alex Knost we always know to check his band website first and was blown away that he will be doing over 27 consecutive shows – Best of luck on the tour…

Band Name – Tomorrows Tulips
New Album – When


“Baby” & “Glued To You” – Official video

(Ford Archbold comes into play at 2:00. We ran into his dad (Matt) last night and we asked what’s up with getting a hold of Ford – the guy won’t return calls? Matt responded “I can’t even get a hold of the guy”.

2014 Tour


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September 28th, 2014

Dane Gudauskas Surf Photos

Surfing photos of Dane Gudauskas have now been uploaded to his page

Ballito, South Africa

North Jetty, Oceanside

Northern Baja (step off – notice the jet ski in the background being driven by Timmy Reyes)


Always smiling

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