September 6th, 2011

Want Professional Surfing Photos Of Yourself Surfing?

Jack English builds another website, Surfing Photographer.

So as if you’re not busy enough you go and have Surfing Photographer built
Yeah, I wanted to have a site where the everyday person (surfer) can find this site and make it as clear as day that they can hire me to shoot surfing photos of them rather it be regional, national or worldwide.

So if I am some amateur surfer you will take surf photos of me
Yes. I will take photos of you know matter how good or bad of a surfer you are. I am not the one to judge you on your performance, but I am there to take the highest quality surfing action photos of you.

How much do you charge
The price is $250.00 for the first hour and each additional hour is $150.00 with a minimum of 2 hours. For water shots it is double these prices.

How much do you charge for a destination surf trip, for example if there is a group of people that will be doing a boat trip in the Mentawai Islands
For destination surf trips the pricing always varies on how many surfers will be going.
You would have to call or email me the complete details of the trip and I will provide you with a price.

So you not only can shoot local, but anywhere in the world.

That is right. I have done photo shoots for people in Hawaii, Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Bali, Mentawai Islands, and more.

How will you know when the surf will be good

I leave this up to the surfer. You pick the day and time, but I will make suggestions where and when is the best place to go for photos. The reason I leave this up to the surfer is I want them to be happy with the conditions they chose. It is there photo shoot and in the end I want them to be stoked.

How many photos will you take
I shoot every wave you take off on. If you get 2 waves or 200 waves I shoot it all.

When will I get a disk of the photos
I will have my laptop with me and immediately once the photo shoot is done I will burn you a disk of EVERY photo taken right then and there.

So you must be good knowing you have worked with the best in the world from Kelly Slater, Dane Reynolds, Kolohe Andino, Mick Fanning, Taj Burrow and the rest of the great surfers out there.
I am honored that I have worked with them all and I enjoy it every chance I get, but as a surfer myself I just want to offer my photo services to other people the chance to have a professional surfing photographer to take there photo as I would love if someone would photograph me surfing. =)

Surfer Scotty Stopnik taken at Blackies in Newport Beach, California

Working with the best surfers in the world. Top: Donavon Frankenreiter, Galapagos Islands – Peter Mel, Mavericks Half Moon Bay – Donavon Frankenreiter, Mexico – Taj Burrow, Hossegor, France – Davey Miller, Pipeline Oahu North Shore – Cory Lopez, Laguna Beach California – Luke Stedman, Barra De La Cruz Mexico – Kelly Slater, Middles Beach Puerto Rico – Luke Stedman, Jbay South Africa

The FAQ page

Frequently Asked Questions
Are you available to be hired
Yes, I am available for any photo assignment. I can be hired from any magazine, agency, company along with any individuals that may want to be photographed for there personal use.

How much do you charge
Prices vary on assignment. Please contact me via phone or email to give me the details of the shoot. I will then take those into affect and get back to you with a price.

Do you license your images

Yes, I license my images through a surfing stock agency called Surf Images, the website is

Do you sell prints and how much do they cost
Yes, I will sell any print size you like from an 8x10” and up. Prints are made here in San Diego at a professional photo lab. Prices vary on quantity and size. Email me a copy of the image you are interested in along with the print size and I will let you know how much your print order would cost.

Do you shoot from the water
Yes, I shoot from the water, land, boat, jet ski, and helicopter.

Where can I see more of your work
I have two other sites, they are and

Feel free to contact Jack English at anytime.
Telephone: (760) 612-0032

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