February 11th, 2013

Greedy Mount Housing

The name “greedy mount” comes from still photographers who have transformed their tripods to hold both video and still cameras. In doing so when a surfer drops in on a wave they video and shoot stills at the same time.

How do they do this? They have a custom plate made by some metal shop in return the lens and video camera can screw into the same plate that is mounted on the tripod head. They are shooting with say a Canon 600mm lens and a video camera with a long lens. They set the focal length on the video lens to match that of the still lens. When the surfer drops in the photographer hits the record button then immediately begins shooting stills. He does not look through the video camera, but instead looks the entire time just through the still camera. Not being able to zoom in or out on the video camera the footage is pretty half ass. On that note that is why hardly anyone does this.

Here’s a water photographer’s version of the same thing. The top part of his housing is the still and the bottom is video. Most likely this water photographer is shooting with both wide angle lenses as he was getting really close to the action.


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