February 28th, 2013

Malia Jones And Insted We Smile

Two new clothing lines by two former professional surfers “Malia Jones” by Malia Jones and “Insted We Smile” by Luke Stedman

About Malia Jones (clothing) Coming in Spring 2013
The name “Malia Jones” identifies a living individual whose consent is of record and will be making goods and services of clothing that includes swimwear, scarves, hats and footwear not for sports.

About Insted We Smile by Luke Stedman:
Every one calls me Steds. It is my nickname and Insted We Smile sounded like a fun, positive derivation so I ran with it. It has just been born, a happy baby, and this is my first collection.

I have been surfing professionally for years, have had several clothing sponsors and have worn my sponsors products day and day out for what seems like my whole life. Some of it was a bit rough so I wanted to create something that resembled my style and what I think looks cool.

Insted We Smile is inspired by the oceans and its surrounding but also by the city and what goes down in it. So Insted We Smile is trying to make clothes you can wear to both the beach and the city that have a fun, flamboyant style with a positive feel and message. I think these tees with the style of graphic and fit translate this well.

I really wanted to do something where I can be creative and make things happen that have not happened already. A fashion forward brand rooted in surf and extending toward the streets and cities of the world.

The goal for Insted We Smile is simple, to make cool clothes, I would like people to get as much enjoyment out of wearing these clothes as I do.

I love clothes that have a good feel about them. Nothing better than wearing something that makes you feel good and Insted We Smile gear makes me feel good. I think it looks pretty cool as well.

This is Insted We Smiles first range. I hope you like it and it gives you the same feeling as me.

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