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July 15th, 2015

OUTERKNOWN Is Now Open For Business

Outerknown clothing is now officially open for business – happy shopping!


June 30th, 2015

Shea Perkins Mugged and Needs Our Help

The email we received this morning from somebody claiming to be Shea Perkins (former employee of Quiksilver now at Reef)

Hope all is well with you? Please I need your help, we made an unannounced trip to Manila Philippines unfortunately we were mugged last night on our way back to the hotel. It was a scary and terrible experience..Thank God we still have our lives and passport. I need you to help me out with a loan to settle my bills here so we can get back home, our return flight leaves soon. I’ll refund the money as soon as I get back. All i need is $1,950 ..Let me know if you can get me the money then I tell you how to get it to me.

Shea Perkins
Global Ambassador Manager/Events



June 29th, 2015

Malia Jones Debut Collection

Malia Jones (former pro surfer and model) has just launched her new poorly designed website


Only $245 for a bathing suit..


June 27th, 2015

66 Surfers Ride The Biggest Surfboard In Huntington Beach

On June 20, 2015 Surf City USA and Visit Huntington Beach broke the world record for “most people riding a surd board” atop the worlds largest surfboard. The board, measuring in at 42 feet long, was rode by 66 people for 12 seconds, breaking the previous record of 47 people. Replay XD was part of the action bringing in all the angles! Shot 100% on Prime X.

Brett Simpson with his daughter


June 24th, 2015

Case In Point – Bob Hurley

“I think street, surf and skate are so small in the overall world of clothing…” – Bob Hurley (In other Hurley news is no longer as it’s now


June 24th, 2015

Michael Tomson Arrested For Suspicion Of Selling Cocaine

Story from The Indy – Laguna Beach Local News (Where Michael Tomson lives)

“Police discovered $2,000 worth of cocaine in his home last week, police said Monday, June 22. Police charged Michael Elliot Tomson, 60, of Laguna Beach, with felony possession of narcotics for sale after conducting a 7 a.m. probation check at his home in the 21000 block of Mar Vista Avenue. A scale, baggies used to package cocaine for sale and 52 grams of cocaine were seized, said Sgt. Tim Kleiser, who provided the street value estimate.” – Andrea Adelson

Booking Number: 288837
Inmate Name: Michael Tomson
Birth: 08-24-1954
Sex: Male
Race: White
Height: 6’0
Weight: 195
Occupation: CONSULTANT (the consulting business must be slow for Mr. Tomson)


Michael Tomson (2010) from a surfing trip with Jordy Smith in Mexico



We last read (for whatever reasons) Rusty Preisendorfer and Michael Tomson had joined forces working on Rusty clothing as we are not sure if they are still together or not – video at Transworld Business


June 20th, 2015

DC Shoes For Sale – Target Wants In

Is it true that Quiksilver (parent company of Roxy and DC Shoes) is selling DC and Target wants to buy?

Target currently sponsors athletes Kolohe Andino, Carissa Moore, Ryan Dungey and Paul Rodriguez.

“DC net revenues, as reported, were $81 million compared with $103 million. DC net revenues were down 9%, or $8 million, on a constant currency continuing category basis. (Quiksilver was down 1% and Roxy was up 1%)” – Yahoo Finance



June 19th, 2015

Liz Dolan – Forced To Quit Quiksilver

“Afterward I asked four directors why I’d been kept in the dark. I was told it was because, “it was very important that the CEO (Andy Mooney) not know in advance what was happening.” – Liz Dolan


June 11th, 2015

Quiksilver Wipes Out

Quiksilver is tanking double digits after pulling its full year outlook. The stock is hitting a new low after the company also reported worse-than-expected quarterly earnings results. The outdoor sports clothing retailer is no longer confident profits can improve by the second half of this year. – Susannah Lee (Yahoo Finance)


June 9th, 2015

Quiksilver Stock Plummets

“Hello, I’m calling on behalf of Quiksilver – holy sh_t were sinking – does anyone want to buy us?” (VFC or Nike)

Full story at Quiksilver Stock Plummets