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April 2nd, 2015

Kelly Slater’s April Fools Joke

“Big decisions in life don’t come easy and it’s taken a lot of quiet time and personal introspection to come to this conclusion…The #RipCurlPro was the first event I surfed on tour and it’s fitting that this will be my last @wsl. There are too many people to thank and memories to go over but here’s to hoping I can pull a rabbit out of the hat and win one last event this week. My board feels great (thank you @cisurfboards and @travlee) and I’m as psyched as ever to just surf and enjoy. Hope to see everyone down there at #BellsBeach this week.” – Kelly Slater

Don’t be fooled people Kelly wants to go out on top


April 1st, 2015

Surfing and Meth With Darryl “Flea” Virostko

“The only contest I did ever did drugs was 2007 Mavericks contest and I was on meth…” – Darryl “Flea” Virostko

April 1st, 2015

Brian Conley Surfing Spanish Blues

Brian Conley from Solana Beach now living in Mexico – Spanish Blues

April 1st, 2015

Kelly Slater Is Teaming Up With REAL Watersports To Build A Wavepool

Kelly Slater and REAL Watersports of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina have just announced a partnership (with Firewire) to build the first Kelly Slater wave pool.

β€œIt’s funny. My surfing career and travel path have come full circle. It started in Cape Hatteras and here we are again.” – Kelly Slater

Kelly’s new logo with Firewire Surfbaords – Wheelhouse

The Wavepool – “id be kinda devasted if he invested all that money into this and a hurricane whipped it out..” – Ryan Croteau

March 31st, 2015

Kelly Slater Murdered Who?

Told by Photographer Jack English

“I arrived in Oceanside with my daughter and I usually never take my phone with me to the beach as I always leave it inside my truck (I can’t stand people who spend more time on their phone then with their kids). For some weird reason I had a voice inside my head that said take your phone with you – it’s always those times when you wish you had your phone (camera) with you – so I took it.

I am now down by the shoreline on the south side of the pier playing in the sand with my daughter. I look down the beach and I see a man waving signs in the air. I was like what the heck is that guy doing? So this guy is getting closer and closer to me and then all of a sudden he get’s close enough where I can clearly read “Slater” and then a couple feet closer and I clearly read “Kelly Slater”. So I instantly jump up grab my phone and turn it onto camera and began walking cautiously towards this guy. I get closer and I now can clearly read the entire sign ‘KELLY SLATER MURDERED ANDY IRONS MARK FOO’. By now I am tripping out, like what the f_ck is going on – is this some kind of sick joke. I knew instantly I had to get a shot of this guy and I just kindly ask “can I get a shot of you” and he said “sure”. Now the guy is within a few feet of me barking in my ear as spit is flying out of his mouth. “What’s your deal with Kelly Slater sign”. “Ah, that f_ucking guy tried to choke me out right out there.” As I clearly knew this guy was lying and he just was spilling words out of his mouth and I could no way keep up with everything he was saying – he just kept going on and on. He then began talking about the government and I honestly had no clue what he was talking about as by now I was starting to worry about my safety as I didn’t know if this guy wasn’t going to take a swing at me or not. I wasn’t so much scared, but more so just thinking get this guy away from me. So I just kept saying ok to all of his remarks until he just turned and walked away.” – Jack English


March 30th, 2015

Alex Knost Longboarding In The Noosa Duct Tape Invitational

Alex Knost and friends at the 2015 Vans Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational in Noosa Australia



March 30th, 2015

Kelly Slater Putting Lipstick On A Pig

“Firewire approached Kelly midway through last year. Kelly happened to be on the market, too, looking for something to pour his formidable intellect (and wealth) into. He bit, he bought.” – Beach Grit

Firewire by Tomo (Daniel Thomson) – We’re sorry, but we can safely say these type of boards will never be considered cool


Seems Kelly is going through a mid life crisis by surfing these boards in his heats (lost out in round 3 on the Goldy)

More photos by Peter “Joli” Wilson can be seen at Tracks Magazine

March 26th, 2015

Cory Lopez Takes His Daughter Out Surfing

Cory Lopez is on the North Shore of Oahu where he takes his daughter Alana surfing.

“We duckdove a set to.” – Cory Lopez

March 24th, 2015

Mason Ho Pulls In With A GoPro

Mason Ho coming out with a new video of him surfing while having a GoPro camera (in his mouth) film the rides

March 20th, 2015

Mark Healey Jumps Ship At Mavericks

Mark Healey (who didn’t catch a wave this day) has been entered into the Billabong Wipeout of the Year Award entry by filmer Jay Johnson (who was riding on another boat). The boat’s name that Mark leaps from name may say it all ‘New Captain Pete’.

Photo by Shannon Marie Quirk

Video taken on December 20, 2014