September 20th, 2014

Anastasia Ashley’s Wipeout Entry For The Billabong XXL Awards

Looking more like a step off then a paddle (means when a surfer is sitting on the seat and or on the sled of a jet ski – the jet ski drives onto the wave in the best position allowing the surfer to jump off and get to his/her feet much earlier on the wave before it begins to throw out)…what do you think?

Trail from the jet ski

Anastasia Ashley (San Clemente, California) takes a savage licking at a Mainland Mexico beachbreak in June, 2014. Video by Miller Best. An entry in the Wipeout of the Year category of the 2015 XXL Global Big Wave Awards.

…and for Maxim

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September 20th, 2014

All This Mayhem – Behind The Scenes

“I remember running into Tas a few years after he had been at the top (riding for XYZ and Plan B) of the skate world. He was with one of his friends and he was really skinny and dirty looking – he offered his phone number to go shoot some photos – in a weird way I was scared of the guy. At one stage he was on top of the world and the next he just looked like a full on tweaker that I wanted nothing to do with. I never called him and later found out he was deported back to Australia.” – Jack English

“I just feel like I should had won that.” – Tony Hawk
“Fuck off old man – your over” – Ben Pappas

“There is only so much loss that someone can have until you realize that there’s more to life than just pleasure.” – Tas Pappas

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September 20th, 2014

Dino Andino On Kolohe Andino

Dino Andino talks about his son Kolohe Andino

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September 19th, 2014

Malia Ward (daughter of Chris Ward) taking out Gabriel Medina

Malia Ward (daughter to former WCT surfer Chris Ward) holding it down at Lower Trestles when she has to show Gabriel Medina who’s local

September 19th, 2014

Brad Gerlach VS. Martin Potter

In 1991, Brad Gerlach and Martin Potter had a famous altercation during a tense heat in Japan. More than two decades later both surfers competed against each other at Lower Trestles.

Twenty-three years ago, Potter punctured Gerr’s favorite surfboard and put an end to the Floridian’s world title hopes. Brad finished the 1991 ASP World Tour runner-up, right behind Damian Hardman.

“Heat starts, I’m kind of leading, he’s got priority. A wave comes through, and he ends up letting it go. So I turned around and went and ended up blitzing the wave all the way to the beach,” explains Potter.

“I ended up beating him and ruining his chances for a World Title. When I was paddling back out, I had a big smile on my face because I knew he had just totally screwed up.”

The incident forced contest officials to suspend the heat. “We were getting into it. It was about 10 minutes in, and it could have got ugly if they didn’t call us out of the water, so it’s probably good that they did,” adds Gerlach.

But they’ve returned to the water. Together, at Lower Trestles, for an ASP Heritage Series clash.

The 1989 world surfing champion opened hostilities with a 4.83, but Gerlach answered back with a solid right-hander punctuated by a deep bottom turn for a big, vertical crack at the lip and impeccable turns. The judges were awarded him a 7.83-point ride.

The archrivals kept reliving the 1990s. Potter loses a set wave, and Gerr takes his opportunity. He paddled into another right, showing off another big, opening turn to set up some float time and continue down the line. He scored a 6.33 and solidified his early lead.

“It was so fun to have this rivalry with Pottz over social media. I was stoked watching him. I wanted us both to catch a lot of waves. It’s so rad after your career. It’s also really nervous. It’s not like you’re warmed up,” explained Brad Gerlach.

“I was frothing all day. I’m grateful I had the opportunity to go against Pottz. I’d also love to against Curren. He always used to beat me, too. Maybe I can beat him now that he’s 50.”

Revenge is a dish best served cold, and Gerlach waited 23 years.

ASP Heritage Series | Lower Trestles

Brad Gerlach (USA), 14.00 def. Martin Potter (ENG), 10.76

“Ger’s never going to be accused of not being stylish, he loves to bathe in it – sometimes to much” – Ross Williams

Longtime rivals Martin Potter and Brad Gerlach face off in the second Heritage Series heat at Lower Trestles.

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September 17th, 2014

Surfy The Video Game

Official trailer for the up and coming iOS game ‘Surfy‘. Land tricks and stay ahead of the wave in this addictive, turbo charged surfing game for iPhone. Think 80s classic California Games on steroids!

“It’s surfing without the limitations of reality”

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September 17th, 2014

Here Comes Polo

Currently Polo is only a tropical storm, but the weather maps are suggesting this will turn into a hurricane and will stay more west of Baja then hurricane Odile did.


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September 17th, 2014

What Is Kelly Slater’s Hobby

Kelly Slater singing “Feelin’ The Feelings”

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September 16th, 2014

Canon 11-24mm F/4L Lens Coming Soon


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September 16th, 2014

Kelly Slater Airs Out At The Hurley Pro From Lowers

“The wave wasn’t that great, I was just trying to make something happen. I was kinda between two airs on that; I wanted to do an air reverse and land in the flats, but once I was up there I thought I should do a straight air and clear it. It was a lofty section.” – Kelly Slater

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