February 22nd, 2013


Following in the dead end footsteps of others

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February 22nd, 2013

Folgers In Your Cup – Dance Class

For whatever reason we like this commercial

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February 21st, 2013

Dude, Someone Waxed Our Windows


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February 20th, 2013

The Wetsuit That Let’s You Fly Underwater

OCEANWINGS by French designer Guillaume Binard

Designing the underwater human flight experience. The wingsuit is one of the most popular icones of our societies, realising the oldest human dream : flying. This project shows the similarities between the air & water environments finding their main diference with density. Then a smooth and slow flight express how powerfull are the emotions & feelings that the underwater world generates on human being. Pierre Frolla, world champion freediver explored the underwater human flight experience possibilities. A first movie has been made, filmed by Jerôme Espla, using the structure of a wingsuit base jump…underwater. The project, movies and prototypes has been showed to Paris Dive Show in january 2013, certifying that flying, in the air and underwater, still looks like the ultimate human dream… Special thanks to Pierre Frolla, Jerôme Espla, Frédérique Gouin who made this dream come true.



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February 20th, 2013

Two New Wave Pools – 10ft High Surf

“Surfing in China! Installation work has begun on China’s latest Point Break Surf System in October 2012 at the Shanghai Water Park. The 100ft wide record-breaking surf system is due to open in July 2013 and Visitors to the park can expect to see the world’s largest waves at over 10ft high!!”

American Wave Machines, Inc. (AWM), world leader in artificial wave technology
for the emerging surf parks market, announces their selection as supplier of a
35,000 square foot PerfectSwell(tm) Model 1672 wave pool for the Sheksna Resort,
nominated as Russia’s Leading Spa Resort by World Travel Awards.

PerfectSwell is an entirely new approach to generating large waves in pools
with the emphasis on wave quality and the surfing experience. With no moving
parts in the water, sophisticated computer controls modulate wave shape, ride
duration, frequency and energy efficiency. Analogous to a phased array design,
PerfectSwell wave size is unlimited. Three simultaneously barreling waves
across the width of the pool can be generated at intervals as short as six

The system includes innovative sanitation and a green heating system extending
the operating season with no additional energy usage. ‘For my resort, I want a
pool that will cater to active families and allow them to learn to surf. The
design is great for contests, events, and shows,’ said owner Victor Lipukhin.
‘AWM has provided excellent project support working with my local


American Wave Machines, Inc. (AWM), the world leader in artificial wave technology for surf parks, announces three technological breakthroughs for PerfectSwell, an innovative new approach to generating large waves with the emphasis on wave quality and surfing.

AWM’s patented PerfectSwell™ is the next generation of artificial wave pools with its patent pending PerfectSwell Wave App™, patented Reflecting Wave Generator and Phased Array Control System, providing the opportunity for the global development of surfing outside of the world’s oceans. Production of the first PerfectSwell™ is now underway in Sochi, Russia, site of the 2014 Olympics. The 35,000 square foot PerfectSwell™ wave pool is expected to open at the Sheksna Resort, nominated as Russia’s Leading Spa Resort by World Travel Awards.

AWM’s PerfectSwell Wave App™ allows surfers to call up their favorite waves from the lineup or from shore with their iPad or iPhone, giving athletes the ability to control the session. Wave direction, size and intensity can easily be modified from a smart phone, allowing surfers to have the perfect session every time. Coaches and trainers can easily manipulate the surf for the skill level and physical location of trainees in the pool. Surfers can record the ride with a built in media option.

Athletes and surf teams no longer have to wait for the perfect swell to practice. Rigorous conditioning and training can easily take place in a PerfectSwell pool. There is no waiting for waves. The first air-powered system to mimic ocean waves, AWM’s PerfectSwell Reflecting Wave Generator creates circular particle motion waves like the ocean, using proprietary technology capable of producing 10 maximum size barreling waves per minute. The PerfectSwell Phased Array Control system controls chamber firing patterns and sequences creating any wave breaking characteristic from mushy to pitching to timed aerial closeouts.

“To date, PerfectSwell is the most versatile system available globally with the most innovative technology providing the best user experience, ” says Bruce McFarland, President of American Wave Machines, Inc. “Our PerfectSwell technology can create an infinite variety of waves. Point breaks, reef breaks and beach breaks can all be replicated in our surf pools and waves can be easily adjusted and customized without need for special bottom contours.”
About American Wave Machines, Inc.

American Wave Machines, Inc. (AWM) is the creator of innovative wave technology for surf parks, hotel/resorts, recreation, and research applications. SurfStream®, the world’s first standing wave machine, delivers authentic surfing capability in a compact space. The company also offers Perfect Swell technology, an entirely new approach to generating large waves with the emphasis on the surfing experience. With no moving parts in the water, sophisticated computer controls modulate wave shape, ride duration, frequency and energy efficiency. www.americanwavemachines.com

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February 20th, 2013

Do Water Photographers Get In The Way

So we came upon this sequence of Fred Patacchia nearly hitting french photographer Sylvain Cazenave in Saint Leu Reunion Island.

Sylvain looking through his housing to get the shot. At this distance he most likely knew he was to close for a good shot but stayed put anyway.

Sylvain taking his eye off of the housing and preparing for impact knowing he is right in the way. See how Sylvain is now gradually falling backwards off of his mat, this is on purpose knowing he wants to be sure to try and have the mat between himself and Fred.

Sylvain did a great job falling off his mat. Notice the mat’s position. If Fred would had fallen he most likely would had hit the bottom of Sylvain’s mat.

Surf Images: So we had to ask the question “Do Water Photographers Get In The Way?”

Jack English: Yes! It’s not if but when a water photographer will get in the way of a surfer.
Surfers get paid to work with photographers, and photographers get paid to work with surfers. (definition of “Surfers” meaning pros).

Take for an example if Kelly Slater paddles out at Lowers on a solid south swell he knows there’s going to be a lot of photographers in and out of the water flocking to get a shot of him. If your in the water shooting and Kelly comes screaming down the line to do a huge turn and your right in the spot where he wants to do that turn, you best get out of his way fast and realize your not going to get a shot of that wave. A good photographer will know exactly where Kelly will do his trick the moment he drops into a wave. A good photographer knows the wave just as good as a surfer does (this varies). We have seen thousands of waves break and that has been our entire life which is based around waves. So back to Kelly dropping in at Lowers. If your a photographer who just happened to be out in the water when Kelly is there then great, now is your chance to get some shots of him. The best way to approach a top professional surfer is to be humble and politely ask “would you mind if I took some shots of you?” Reality is you don’t need to get his permission, but it’s more of a courtesy thing in which they will appreciate the gesture. By asking the question and most likely 99% of the time they will come back with a line like “sure, I don’t mind you photographing me” or “I’m just here to surf”. What they mean by “I’m here to surf” is that they have zero interest in working with a photographer as they may more importantly there trying out a new board and don’t want to bother with any other distractions.

Notice Kelly keeping his eyes on the camera

SI: So what do you do if someone like Kelly say’s “sure take some shots of me”

JE: You have his approval and this opens up the doors for you to feel more free in the water to nab some shots. Tell him what lens you are shooting with and this will give him a clear picture of how close you will be getting to him. If you tell him that you are shooting with a fish-eye meaning you will need to be getting within a few feet of him he’s going to understand why your so close to him when he does his move. If your shooting with a longer lens, then no real need to tell him as just sit back and shoot away. When he goes on the waves he is going to know your out there and wanting to photograph him. Just do that, photograph him. Don’t ask him to do anything specific. If you happen to nail a shot without getting in his way you have done your job!

SI: Once you take some photos of the pros what do you say to them

JE: You compliment any really good rides. Don’t compliment them on every single wave. If you feel you got a really good shot, then tell them. Say something like, “that last air you did was so sick”, but saying it without sounding like a tool. They will appreciate it.

SI: So when is your most favorite time to shoot with a surfer

JE: I feel when the surfer and yourself have planned to shoot together. You meet at the beach or drive together to a spot and that surfer is there to work with you and only you.

Here’s two shots of Nathan Fletcher I took. Nathan had agreed to meet me at the beach as we had lined up a jet ski for some tow at shots. I chose to use my fish eye water housing this day. So again situations like this is I know Nathan is there to get some shots and nothing else. It’s all about what is he going to do maneuver wise. Sure I will make my own suggestions on what I would like to see, but it’s a team effort.

The following two shots you can see my shadow and that I am standing in waist deep water. Nathan just got whipped into this wave and you can’t tell but he is going really, really fast right at me. At the last second when he get’s within a few feet of the camera he knows its his turn to do something for the camera (in hopes the wave allows him to).

This photo I have put all my trust into Nathan not to run me over. I promise you he was going probably the fastest I had ever seen someone get whipped into a wave and there I am right in his path.

Nathan hits his mark and I am safe

SI: When will a photographer get in the way the most

JE: When he’s on a bodyboard or as in Sylvain’s case when a photographer is on a mat. Without a board or a mat a photographer can dive under a wave within a split second to be out of the way of a surfer or their board. When you have a bodyboard strapped to your leg it can get you into trouble. Surfers don’t mind your out there shooting they just want to make sure your not in there way.

Check out this shot of Aaron Loyd on his bodyboard shooting Pat O’Connell. My guess would be Aaron is more in the way and in doing so keeping Pat from doing a legit turn. By Aaron being right there this kept Pat from doing a complete turn as it looking things will tun into more of a half turn.

SI: What’s up with the shot of the bodyboard going over that you took

JE: I took this of my friend Walter Cerny at the Pismo Beach Pier. I think I was shooting something like a 24mm and took out my bodyboard to float on it. I had no leash and when Walter was paddling for this wave for some dumb reason I pushed the bodyboard in front of me rather then behind me. So as Walter’s dropping into this wave I see my bodyboard going up into the lip. Next thing I know Walter is pulling in and there is my bodyboard going over the falls above him. We we’re both cracking up on that one.



SI: Have you had any bad runs ins with anyone
JE: I do recall my first few years in Hawaii Johny Boy Gomes was not very fond of the camera if he didn’t know you. I mean if your a surfer and your pulling in at Back Door as a photographer you best be sure your not getting in any surfers way.

I do recall Damien (Hobgood) telling me a story one time he was in a heat at the Quiksilver Pro in France and a videographer was filming him pulling into a tube and the cameraman had hit Damien while he was in the tube. Damien fell and didn’t make that heat. Now if that had been Sunny (Garcia) most likely he would had punched him out. Photographers need to realize you don’t shoot wide angle lenses during contest. When I shoot heats from the water that is when I am the most cautious from messing up a surfers wave.

Yes, water photographers also get in the way of each other

SI: Any last words
JE: For any beginner water photographer I would just say keep your distance, be humble, be polite and work you way up from there. How you get treated in the water will be determined on where your at and what surfer your trying to shoot. The senior photographers know what they are doing and by that I mean they can get away with a lot more then some new kid on the block photog. Realize that not every pro surfer will work with you and that is fine.

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February 20th, 2013


We have uploaded the following photos of these surfers today

Asher Pacey – Snapper Rocks

Brent Dorrington – Duranbaugh
breant dorrington d bah gold coast rmarch  2005

Dayyan Neve – Goldy

Heath Walker – Lowers

Jean Da Silva – Saint Leu, Reunion Island

Lucas Rogers – North Jetty
lucas rogers oceanside april  2005

Marcus Hickman – Australia

Megan Abubo – Snapper

Mike Todd – West Oz
mike todd australia march  2005

Nate Yeomans – West Street, Laguna Beach

Nathan Hedge – St Leu

Pablo Gutierrez – Europe

Pat Curren – Le Jetty, Saint Pierre

Peterson Rosa – Reunion Island

Phil Macdonald

Raoni Monteiro – Jeffrey’s Bay

Paul “Sarge” Sargeant and Trent Munro

Sean Harrington – QLD

Dane Johnson and Sean Hayes – Hossegor, France

Serena Brooke – Queensland

Shane Upchurch – Barra, Mexico

Tom Whitaker

Travis Logie

Troy Brooks

Zane Harrison

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February 19th, 2013

And You Thought Your Bike Was Bad

Taken at Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa

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February 18th, 2013

How To Load Your Jet Ski Onto A Trailer

With Ken Collins – Moss Landing

You first want to be back quite a way to make sure your ski is lining up with the trailer. Right here I am going really slow and just making sure I am lined up just right.

Now I come in within a few feet of the trailer and the ski and the trailer are lined up perfect, still I am not going to fast just yet. Notice how my feet are planted on the top of the hull and not planted inside, your feet will get wet in there. I don’t suggest doing this clothed for your first few times. Keep your wetsuit on as nothing is worse once your all changed and for whatever reason your dry clothes get soaked.

As soon as the nose of the ski is over the trailer I give the gas one last punch making sure the ski get’s all the way up the trailer.

I give my driver Peter Mel the go ahead and he gradually gasses his truck and pulls us up.
(Note from us to you. We do not suggest driving up a boat ramp with your ski on the trailer that has yet been hooked to the trailer. We have seen a handful of ski’s fall back off the trailer and onto the ground doing it this way)

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February 17th, 2013

Grom Bomb Charity Surf Contest 2013 Results


Stoked grommet Eden English

Grom Bomb Charity Surf Contest 2013 Results:

1. Levi Slawson
2. Kai Walsh
3. Alyssa Spencer
4. Julian Williams-Goldberg
5. Nolan Rodgers
6. William Mitchell

1. Bryce Pinkerton
2. Lucas Owston
3. Jacob Vanderhorst
4. Logan Crossan
5. Lauren Anderson
6. Hudson Ortley

1. Jordan Collins
2. Benjamin Seaberry
3. Zach McCormick
4. Shane Freyberger
5. Adrian Retzer
6. Dylan Reed

1. Jordan Collins
2. Tyler James
3. Benjamin Seaberry
4. Shane Freyberger
5. Cole Harmening
6. Marley Peck

1. Mike and Gavin Doan
2. Jim and Tommy Kelly

1. Alyssa Spencer
2. Mikaya Farner
3. Bethany Zelasko
4. Joceline Marchand
5. Cate Stokes
6. Lauren Anderson

1. Hannah VanVeen
2. Malia Ward
3. Sydney Johnson
4. Larissa Lambrou
5. Avalon Johnson
6. Bethany Zelasko

1. Chad Schwelixart
2. Cole Harmening
3. Hannah VanVeen
4. Logan Heath
5. Kahlo Chitraroff
6. Oshean Lehrmann

1. Jordan Collins
2. Marley Peck
3. Tyler James
4. Brennan Aubol
5. Landen Kerr

1. Benjamin Seaberry
2. Kahlo Chitraroff
3. Adrian Retzer
4. Ethan Evans
5. Dillon Nager
6. Nathan Healy

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