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May 2nd, 2012

Nobody Knows, Nobody Cares

(A quote we first heard from Lost clothing) That is the feeling we got today watching (photographing) the second most popular surfer in the world Dane Reynolds in action at the Nike Lowers Pro. Take away all ASP/Nike employees, team managers, coaches, and media (videographers, photographers, writers) from the beach and you would pretty much have nobody there. This is an obvious sign that the internet has killed the interest to showing up and watching your surf stars in person.

Dane having fun off the ct

Half-way smile

February 1st, 2012

Dane Reynolds Back On WCT

The jersey can go on just as fast as it comes off when your in Dane Reynolds position. Dane will be surfing in the 2012 Quiksilver Pro Presented by Land Rover WCT at Snapper Rocks, Australia. “I hope it’s Kelly. It would be fun,” (referring to who he wants to surf against in his first heat)

Dane choosing his weapon of choice moments before going to battle

December 22nd, 2011

Dane Reynolds Writes You A Letter

i’ve been getting some pressure from various people and/or websites to write something, sorta like an official statement concerning my exit from the world tour. my dismount. my pirouette. ‘an opportunity level with your fans.’ that’s what they tell me. people wanna know whats goin on. be up to date. i can understand that. i like knowing whats going on. i like being up to date.

one thing to remember is that i have a heart and i have bones and muscle and skin and eyes and teeth. i have emotions. sometimes i act according to emotions. sometimes i think and make a conscious decision. i usually do that. in fact i usually think too much. sorta neurotic. i make mistakes, and i deal with them. i have fears and i have anxiety and i have insecurities and i have vices which i often give in to. social situations enhance all of these qualities. i could probably use some discipline, and lots of things bum me out, but generally i’m happy, and i enjoy making other people happy. sometimes all it takes is a smile. sometimes it takes a lot more than that. i try to be honest. especially with myself. i know that i’m fortunate. i’m sitting here and i have a pulse and i can breath and i hear birds outside and the buzz of the freeway and the suns about to set and it’s a friday. that’s fortune. i also know that i’m fortunate in many other ways. three brands support me and enable me to surf every day and travel and eat and have a house to live in. in return i represent their company in a positive way. i feel like i do a decent job. but that’s obviously up for debate. surfing is my passion in life. i always think about how lucky we are that there’s even an ocean, and its not too hot or too turbulent and it’s not made of acid that burns our skin off. and how lucky is it that the land tapers into the ocean in just the right way so that when lumps of energy approach from a thousand miles away they gently rise up and crash at just the perfect speed so that we can wave our little arms and match their speed and hang at the crest weightless for just a second before sliding down the face. free to ride it in any way you please. and there’s not just one of them. there’s tons of them. they keep coming. all different sizes shapes and speeds. everyday they’re different. endless joy.

there are of course a number of things that get in the way of feeling this joy: crowds, twitter impostors, eggy locals, eggy surf bloggers, overzealous surf photographers, chris mauro and rip curl contests, just to name a few. that was sort of a joke, but not really, and besides, surfing isn’t just about joy. it’s also a sport. an industry. and we must not mix business with pleasure. by accepting endorsements i assume a certain responsibility. some think that responsibility is to compete. to put on a jersey and crush my opponent. despite a flimsy one dimensional criteria and an inconsistent playing field that causes the end result to rarely come down to performance alone. maybe that’s the fun of it. i don’t know. i do enjoy it. but do i believe in it? enough to dedicate the better part of my life to it? or is that irrelevant because it’s my responsibility? i didn’t have to answer this question because knee surgery in january answered for me. by the time i was healing i was already gone. three buttons to the wind. adventure over responsibility. career suicide! blowing my potential. wasting my talent. i heard the buzz.

in all reality i was being constructive in a different way, traveling to a variety of locations and pushing personal boundaries in an attempt to learn, grow, and improve. it’s not as immediate as a contest webcast, and heaven forbid its enjoyable, but in the end it’s equally important and i’ve been neglecting it for too long because i was in a comfy space where contest results alone were satisfying. in order to be successful in surf competition you need to refine your act into a nice little package presentable in a 30 minute period in a number of trying conditions. you need to kill the variables. trim the loose ends. stay on your board. know your equipment. wave selection. endlessly try to revisit motions that score the most points. there are obviously exceptions to this. kelly slaters full rotation slob air reverse in new york. that was not a motion revisited and it was epic. on the beach afterwards: ‘so kelly slater, how was that slob air reverse!’ ‘oh, is that what that’s called?’ also john john florence and gabriel medina. maybe it’s only a matter of time before they refine their act, but for now i’m really impressed with their competitive success despite such rawness. rawness is good. surfing with john john this year in japan was enlightening. it was like every wave he was exploring new territory. i wanna explore new territory! i wanna unwind! by the end of the trip i felt improved and rejuvenated and then crunch! i busted my ribs at the mercy of a fresh typhoon swell. nearly drowned. another month out of the water. gotta pay to play. especially when you’re trying to keep up with john john in waves of consequence.

and so here i am. 26. officially off tour. wasted talent. blown potential. refusing responsibility. ‘all he wants to do is sit at home and play with crayons and ride fucked up boards.’ but wait! but wait! that’s not true! don’t listen to chris mauro. he’s a dinosaur. doesn’t get it. this may be the end as a wct contender, but its also a new beginning. i feel like a baseball. the skins been carefully pried off and there’s a thread and i’m gonna pull it and i’m gonna end up a pile of string on the floor. but then maybe i’ll be knit into something more useful, like a sweater. or perhaps something beautiful, like a hand embroidered masterpiece of a deer and two fawn drinking cold clear water out of a creek. but you never know. i hope to achieve some sort of balance. yeah, i do like riding fucked up boards, but i also like doing airs and taking some aggression out on a cutback. and competings rad if you can stay inspired, but rankings and trophy’s mean very little to me. i wanna learn, i wanna make things, things of purpose, be productive. travel. new experiences. new sensations. and most importantly explore the outer limits of performance surfing. i’ll still compete. but its not going to consume me.

finding this balance will be a challenge. but its just a step in an endless set of steps. a staircase. it’s sort of a big step. too big to just hop up. i gotta climb. like, with a rope and safety gear and shit. and i might get there and be bummed out and like my old step better but that’s just the mystery of life and i’m happy to experience it. and i’m endlessly in debt to the ones who make it possible. firstly surf fans who have resonated with my surfing for one reason or another, because at the bottom of everything, you’re the only reason i’m able to have the sponsorship that allows me to travel and eat and pay the bills and continue surfing. secondly my sponsors: channel islands believed in me from the ripe age of 13 and continue to craft boards that allow me perform at my highest potential and also craft boards that have nothing to do with performance at all, but make you realize how much joy you can get out of a simple high line. i thank quiksilver for their unwavering support, re-signing me during a year of uncertainty and working with me on honest marketing and products. i also thank vans for picking me up. every person on the team is one of my favorite surfers and/or people and i’m honored to be apart of it. there are, of course, hundreds of people worth thanking here, but this is who comes to mind tonight: my girlfriend courtney, for giving me inspiration, giving me perspective, giving me love and giving me treats. blair, for keeping my otherwise maelstrom of a life in order. my parents, for their conflicting views. i don’t think i would have done very well in an ordinary functioning family household. my father particularly for dedicating countless weekends driving me up and down the coast to compete. that was a huge sacrifice. also my mom for preaching creativity, fearlessness, and keeping everything bullshit free. and my brother brek for administering many humbling experiences from a very early age. my grandparents, for being probably my biggest fans on earth. particularly grandma bonnie and papa chuck, who come to every surf contest on the west coast. they show up at 7 am to get good parking, even if i surf at 3. and also grandpa bob for giving me his super 8 cameras when i was 18 and instilling a lifelong hobby.


December 12th, 2011

Dane Reynolds Has Left The ASP!

It has been made official as of today Dane Reynolds will no longer be on the ASP surfing world tour. Dane did not receive the injury wild card (most likely he didn’t want it).

The 2012 injury wildcards go to:
33. Kai Otton (AUS) *surfer wildcard (next on the ASP World Rankings)
34. Yadin Nicol (AUS) *surfer wildcard (injury)
1st Alternate: Fredrick Patacchia (HAW)
2nd Alternate: Willian Cardoso (BRA)
3rd Alternate: Chris Davidson (AUS)
4th Alternate: Thiago Camarao (BRA)

There was a time when Dane wore a jersey and was happy about it. Dane “All Smiles” competing in Huntington Beach way back when…

December 8th, 2011

Danes Speech – Blah, Blah, Blah,

“Hi everyone. Um, wow! I feel like I’ve made it fairly difficult to be a fan of mine this year. I’m really honored that people still voted for me and I’m up here accepting a second place award, which is pretty wild. And, you know, I surfed Pipeline today. That was pretty humbling. I also saw the heat draw. And the swell forecast. That’s like, pretty much the meanest joke, ever. Um, Jamie? Please have mercy on my soul. I got a lot of respect for the waves in Hawaii. They humble me every time. And also the surfers here, and also the surfers on the WCT. And um, you know, it might not be for me, but, I’m stoked that people are still voting for me for this sort of shit, so… thanks. Um, rad. Thanks.”

November 28th, 2011

Dane Reynolds Has No Shoe Model

But he wears these

You can buy them here

November 25th, 2011

What Fins Does Dane Reynolds Use

Technically they are made by Futures, but the company is called Captain Fin Co.
Now for a cool $89.95 you to can own these Dane Reynolds Summer Teeth fins by going here.

Dane we would hate to see you get sued, did you get a model release from this girl

This is the middle fin and it reads; “Her heart was a cherry that lived in a jar it was removed and consumed and replaced with tar” – Dane “The Poet” Reynolds

The package they come in

November 17th, 2011

Captain America AKA Taylor Knox

Taylor Knox may be the oldest surfer on tour (40), but yet still one of the best who is currently sitting in the 20th position. All of Taylor’s photos from this months contest at the Rip Curl Search Pro in Ocean Beach, San Francisco are now live on his page.

Turns like this got Taylor an equal 3rd (semi-final) at the Rip Curl Search Pro WCT

Was Mick to cheap to get his own rent a car?

Taylor, Mick and Pat talking football with Bill Simpson (Brett Simpson’s dad who is a former professional football defensive back who played in the National Football League from 1974-1982 for the Los Angeles Rams and the Buffalo Bills)

Dane Reynolds having a look at Taylor’s Dagger model from CI

Taylor sneaking off to Kelly’s Cove for some tube time

November 4th, 2011

I Want To Party With Dane Reynolds

Well now is your chance! Dane Reynolds will be at The Pizza Hacker (Mission District in San Francisco) at 3pm this Saturday November 5th where he will be drinking and rocking out to the music of Will Sprott.

November 2nd, 2011

Dane Reynolds Likes Peaking Lights

We caught up with the ever so mysterious Dane Reynolds today as he was enjoying his coffee with his girlfriend at his side. What band do you like? “Peaking Lights” – Dane