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April 25th, 2011

Dane Reynolds Stays On Board With Quiksilver

Well, the Quiksilver people sure can breathe now as it is official that Dane Reynolds has resigned on with Quik for an undisclosed amount for six years. How do we know this? A Quik employee confirmed this yesterday with us. During all the rumors the biggest one we heard was Insight offered Dane half the company.

March 3rd, 2011

Dane Reynolds Signs With Campbell’s Soup

You have heard everything else, but you probably haven’t heard that one yet! Well Dane is currently the latest most talked about surfer in the surfing industry where everyone is wondering who he will sign with next. His contract must be coming up soon with Quik as the cat’s out of the bag and everyone has spoke or wrote about it. We have heard companies that are in the fight vary from Van’s, Insight, RVCA and of course Quik. Here Dane sits down with a nice warm cup of campbell’s soup and a grilled cheese sandwich to ponder what his choices are. We must pat ourselves on the back as we noticed Dane’s talents when he was in his teens bringing him on his first surf trips to Indo, South Africa, and Mexico. “Dane, will you go on another trip with us soon”, oh wait we have to go through your agent nowadays.

February 23rd, 2011

A happy Dane Reynolds with 2 strangers

Well Dane must have made his heat with a wet jersey on and a big smile, but who are the two strangers behind him? Want to learn more about Dane be sure to check out his page here