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September 17th, 2011

Joel Tudor Photos From Vans Duct Tape Invitational In Malibu

September 9-10, 2011 was the Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational in Malibu presented by Vans. Images of Joel are now live on his page from this event. Photos include Joel with his wife Maya and there two boys Tosh and Roman as well as the after party where the awards ceremony was held at the Malibu Inn where Joel handed the winner Alex Knost a check for $5,000.00.

Joel and his family

The Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational contest scaffolding

Joel having a few drinks at the Malibu Inn awards ceremony with Alex Knost the Duct Tape winner

Joel’s page of many photos

September 15th, 2011

Joel Tudor Surfing Malibu September 1, 2011

Surfing action and lifestyle photos of Joel Tudor surfing on a mid length board during that big swell are now live on his page.

September 11th, 2011

Alex Knost Wins The Vans Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational In Malibu

Congratulations to Alex Knost taking home a check for $5,000.00 at the Malibu Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational presented by Vans. Alex also took home a custom shaped longboard by his buddy Robbie Kegal.

The stage was set and brought out a great crowd of people from the rich and famous to the die hard surf fans.

An Alex Knost autograph.

Alex Knost hanging five on a set (yes the waves we’re very small).

The longboard finalist from left to right we have Harrison Roach 4th place, Alex Knost 1st, Christian Wach 3rd and Justin Quintal coming in 2nd.

Alex Knost receiving a congratulations kiss from his girlfriend Christina.

September 10th, 2011

Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational Longboard Contest In Malibu

Today was the start of the Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational. They ran 4 heats at 30 minutes each (quarter finals) and tomorrow they will wrap up the contest as competitors are to be at the beach around noon for a 1pm start. Couple standouts we’re Harrison Roach, Alex Knost, Dane Peterson, and a few more, but we don’t know there names, sorry.. Oh, yeah we felt bad for Scotty Stopnik as he was the first alternate, but did not get in.

Little quezzy this morning are Alex Knost and his girlfriend (was her 24th birthday today) waking up to a cupcake that Alex had got for her. Alex is calling the van home for the two day adventure and if you want to see him go up pch in Malibu and look for a red van.

Alex in action getting groovy with it.

The only girl longboarder in the event gave the boy’s a run for there money. Cassia chose to stay towards the inside and hang five all the way to shore.

Chris Delmoro was a little camera shy as he spent the heat hiding his face from the cameras.

And of course the usual celebrity siting as this one was poolside at our lovely Malibu Inn Hotel as we can see the “A” listers getting a little comfy. As we’re not sure what is around the males waist.

September 5th, 2011

Joel Tudor’s Duct Tape Invitational Heads To Malibu September 9th-11th

Vans Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational in Malibu September 10 & 11

Join Vans on Saturday, September 10th and Sunday, September 11th at world-famous Surfrider Beach in Malibu, CA to see 16 of the best longboarders from around the globe compete for their piece of a $10,000 prize purse during the Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational. Closing out the summer at one of the most beloved surf spots on the West Coast, the 5th Duct Tape Invitational is held in conjunction with the Malibu Surf Association’s MSA Classic and is the first Southern California stop of the series. The Duct Tape is unique in surfing as it celebrates traditional log riding combined with modern style. Competitors are awarded for precision, form and creativity while riding single fin logs with no interference allowed. Surf fans can tune in to a live webcast of the Malibu Duct Tape Invitational on Saturday, September 10th and Sunday, September 11th at

Introduced last year at the East Coast Surfing Championships in Virginia Beach, the Duct Tape Invitational is an innovative new event Vans developed with Joel Tudor that showcases longboarding in its purest aesthetic and pushes the envelope on traditional longboarding technique. In addition to Virginia Beach, Vans has brought the Duct Tape Invitational to legendary Ditch Plains in Montauk, NY, Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz, CA, and Playa Salinas in Salinas, Spain.

Expected Riders include:
Tyler Warren (Winner of the Salinas Duct Tape Invitational), Alex Knost (winner of Santa Cruz Duct Tape Invitational), Justin Quintal (winner of 2010 ECSC and Montauk Duct Tape Invitationals), Dane Peterson, Kameron Brown, Robbie Kegel, Christian Wach, Ryan Burch, Chad Marshall, Kassia Meador, Chris Del Moro, Harrison Roach, James Parry, Yuta Sezutsu, Oliver Parker, Jared Mell, Scotty Stopnik (1st Alt), JJ Wessels (2nd Alt)

Follow Vans at the Malibu Duct Tape at Stay tuned for daily photos, videos and up-dates, plus live interviews with the team!

A special thanks to The Malibu Surfing Association, The North Face and Captain Fin Co.

August 30th, 2011

Joel Tudor Wins 1st Place At 2011 Pacifico Noseriding Invitational

“Joel Tudor you have just won the 2011 Pacifico Noseriding Invitational in conjunction with the Nike US Open of Surfing, here is your check for $4,000.00. Joel? Joel? Joel can you come up here? Where are you Joel? Please Joel Tudor come to the center stage as you have just won.” A voice screams from the back, “he went to Malibu”. “Uh-ok, so I guess Joel and the longboard crew took off to go surf Malibu”.

So where is this photo from then with Joel on stage? This was actually taken at the 2010 Pacifico Noseriding Invitational where Joel did make it onto the stage with his two boys. So we are going to use the shot to congratulate Joel on his 2011 victory.
This and more shots of Joel are now live on his page as well as Joel does a tandem ride with Christian Wach.

Other finalist we’re Justin Quintal, Harrison Roach, Alex Knost, and Christian Wach. More images of Joel from 2011 have been uploaded to his page which consist of surfing action water shots from Blacks Beach.

August 28th, 2011

Joel Tudor In The Year 2010

The Joel Tudor photos from 2010 have now been uploaded onto Joel’s page.

This day at Scripps Pier the waves we’re really big. Photographer Jack English recalls this session. “I tried to swim out through the beach break, but the waves kept coming as there never to seem to be a break in the action. I was not going to go down to La Jolla Shores and then try to paddle up the beach, so I paddled out through the pier. This was no easy task though. Sometimes when the waves are really big you can swim right next to the pilings. I remember years ago when I would shoot water shots at Pismo Pier I would just swim directly underneath the pier. I would get outside and my hair would be dry. Joel was frustrated this day as I could tell because he wasn’t getting many waves and found himself doing a lot of paddling. As a surfer you know the feeling when you just never to be at the right spot at the right time. Waves to the north of you and waves to the south of you. Then you paddle over there and a wave comes in right where you just we’re.”

Joel walking up the point with one of his many boards he brings to the beach every time he surfs Malibu. This day in particular the waves were terrible. We made the drive up as Joel was claiming it would be good and we shot a few waves of Joel and got out of there and headed north (to make up for the loss) with Dillon Perillo where it was 6ft and offshore. (not every time the surfer is right)

Joel Tudor winning another longboard contest at the Hurley US Open of Surfing. We’re starting to think the judges don’t watch the longboard heats, “just give it to Joel”. We’re joking of course knowing Joel earns those things as his competition with the young bucks are much harder these days. Joel walked a way with $3,500.00 thanks to the folks at Pacifico Beer who sponsored the August 8, 2010 Noseriding Invitational (you have to be invited to get into the longboard division).

August 24th, 2011

Joel Tudor Goes Surfing In 2009

What is up with the Joel Tudor fix lately? Well, we are uploading images in order right now as Joel is currently up. Other surfers we have coming up to begin uploading are Kolohe Andino and Rob Machado from this years 2011 Nike US Open of Surfing presented by Hurley and Converse. Then once all the Joel images are finished (2010 / 2011) we will start on Donavon Frankenreiter, Dane Reynolds, Bruce Irons, Mick Fanning and Taj Burrow. In the mean time here are a few shots of Joel from the ’09 season.

You never know who or what you will run into at Malibu, but on this day Joel found long time friend Chris Malloy (red man and beer in hiding) checking the surf. Chris ended up joining Joel in the water as Chris surfed a mid length board.

A Japan magazine wanted a photo (lifestyle) of Joel for the cover of there magazine and Joel had this idea as he wanted this for the cover. It did not make it, but instead a photo of him standing in his backyard with a longboard did. That is Joel’s son Tosh next to him as Tosh is very involved with Jijitsu classes. (following in dads footsteps)

Photographer Jack English recalls this session. “The waves had been going off in La Jolla and Joel was getting these big shacks at Big Rock, but I had just sold my water housings and still had not got my new ones yet. I was freaking because Big Rock was going off and I love to shoot there from the water, but on this day I was stuck on the land. I still got a few cool shots. What I learned in the future do not sell my housings until I have my new one ready that way I won’t miss any water shot days.”

Joel surfing a finless wooden surfboard that he shaped. Is this what Herbie meant by the “side slip boogie”?

Joel and his longboard posse at the July 2009 Corona Noseriding Invitational in conjunction with the Hurley US Open of Surfing at Huntington Beach. In the pic there is Harrison Roach, Christian Wach, Christian Fletcher, Herbie Fletcher, Joel Tudor, Alex Knost and two others that we don’t know the names of.

August 21st, 2011

Joel And His Son Tosh Tudor Go Tandem Surfing At Cardiff Reef

It is now the year 2008 and Joel Tudor is riding for Vans clothing and shoes as well as Matuse wetsuits (no more OP clothing nor Amsterdam wetsuits). Today we uploaded three sessions we had with Joel in ’08 (you think we would have more being we live so close). On that note Joel once told us, “I could shoot everyday with someone if I wanted to”. In Joel’s case we take it as less is more which we think is a smart move. What he means by this is he could go out and shoot every day, but he would rather just shoot on the really good days. All about supply and demand. If the magazines had thousands of shots of Joel they would be sick of seeing him, so when they get a gem shot they are very happy. (similar to Rob Machado as he is another one that does not shoot very often)

It was October 2008 and Joel’s first son Tosh Tudor was getting ready to turn 4 year’s old and Joel wanted some photos of them both riding tandem at Cardiff Reef. “It was funny because every time they would pass by me Tosh would yell out, hi Jack” recalls water photographer Jack English. Look close and you can see Tosh is waving and saying something.

What do you notice in this picture? The sun going down right! Enough to make a photographer weep. So there we are in Del Mar early as always. Wetsuit on, camera housing ready to go and now where is Joel? The sun is going down faster and faster. Joel finally pulls up and you can clearly see the sun is minutes away from setting (this would be great if the sun was just rising). Joel gradually pulls his longboard out of the car and then still has to suit up. We we’re left with minutes in the water.

Joel at Lower’s with two brand new Kookboxx surfboards (Joel owns this brand). We’re still not sure how he came up with this name, but if we remember right some guy in Japan own’s Joel Tudor surfboards as Joel can’t use his own name. On this day Jordy Smith and Kelly Slater had also been out.

August 15th, 2011

Joel Tudor 2007 Longboarding And Surfing Photos Now Live

We have just finished uploading all of our images of Joel Tudor from the year 2007. Images of Joel consist of surfing action and lifestyle shots from La Jolla, Black’s, Torey Pines, Del Mar, and Cardiff.

The date was October 23, 2007 and the San Diego wildfires have been raging out of control for three days (and lasted 19). Joel pulling up in the parking lot with a doobie hanging from his mouth,”I’m ready to work.”

Joel Tudor longboarding Black’s Beach. Why does it always seem his mouth is open when we take photos of him?

Big Rock, La Jolla local Joel Tudor always in the right place at the right time.

Have you ever tried to kneel on a longboard like this? Is it just us or this is really hard to do. Joel at his most surfed spot Cardiff Reef.

Joel insisted not wearing a leash this day as it “wouldn’t look cool”. We we’re worried he was going to be spending more time chasing his board rather then getting shacked. We give it to you Joel, you we’re right!