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September 14th, 2011

Things Are Heating Up At Lower Trestles

The action was in full force today down at Lowers. Rob Machado, Taylor Knox, Pat Guadauskas, Taj Burrow, Grainger Larsen, Ian Gentil, Kolohe Andino, Damien Hobgood and more.

“Look into that camera and tell me what you see” Mike Parsons addressing young Kolohe Andino

Kolohe writes us a love note.

San Clemente surfer Pat Gudauskas alongside coach Chris “Gally” Gallagher.

Aspiring college student working on a surf film.

San Clemente’s Kolohe Andino a little star struck on Taj as he must do the ritual, “let me check out your board”.

Yes Taj we we’re surely having plenty of fun shooting photos you surfing!

The surf paparazzi was in full force as Taj was grabbing his new surfboard and shaper/photographer Matt “Mayhem” Biolas was front row to document it.

August 27th, 2011

Rob Machado and Kolohe Andino Surfing Action Photos From Nike US Open

We have just finished uploading surfing action and lifestyle photos of Rob Machado and Kolohe Andino from the 2011 Nike US Open of Surfing presented by Hurley and Converse contest in Huntington Beach.

Rob Machado surfing in the Hurley trials where hand picked surfers have to compete against one and other to make it as a wild card into the Hurley Pro WCT at Lowers.

Kolohe sporting the white and pink surfboard. We got one really nice water shot sequence of Kolohe doing a frontside air as well as many photos taken from land where we must admit he did have many girls yelling for him (“from what we personally saw” we would say Kelly Slater 1st, Rob Machado 2nd, Kolohe 3rd (he get’s all the teeny boppers) and a tie between Dane Reynolds and Julian Wilson for 4th) . We know you can tell a lot by a surfers popularity when you see how many people come running up to them once they exit the water.

August 24th, 2011

Rob Machado – Sal Masekela – Kolohe Andino “Nike US Open of Surfing”

We have just uploaded images of Rob and Kolohe from the Nike US Open of Surfing on August 07,2011.

Rob Machado and long-time friend Sal Masekela making there way into shore from surfing in the WPS (World Pro Surfers) All Star Expression Session. Rob had Sal go on the inside of him to block from the crowd of fans that was waiting to erupt onto them.

Kolohe Andino surfing in the semi-final against Yadin Nicol’s. Kolohe ended with a score of 12.87 to Yadin’s 13.44. Earlier in the day Kolohe beat out one of his favorite surfers Dane Reynolds in a man on man heat (the quarters). Not a bad showing for a 17-year old.

August 17th, 2011

3 San Clemente Locals in 6* Sooruz Lacanau Pro 2011

(Thursday 7:13am American Time Kolohe moves to the quarter final) Posted this last night:
Checking out the latest standings on the current wqs tour in Europe and noticed the only Americans still going are three San Clemente surfers in the Lacanau Pro. Kolohe Andino currently ranked 50th, Nate Yeomans currently ranked 80th and Florida transplant now living in San Clemente, Evan Geiselman currently ranked 141st. All three surfers are now in the round of 16 which is the round before the quarter finals. If one of you do win, be sure to have the American flag ready!!!

August 12th, 2011

Kolohe Andino – Last American Standing

Checking out the current results for the Relentess Energy Drink Boardmasters in association with Vans 6* and noticed Kolohe Andino is the only American still going in the event. They are currently in the round of 16 and he will be in heat 7 against South African Royden Bryson. Go get em Kolohe!!!

August 8th, 2011

Kelly Slater Wins $100,000 – Kolohe Andino Beats His Idol

The circus is over and we loved every minute of it. Major props to IMG, Nike, Hurley and Converse for putting there money, time, and energy back into the sport of surfing. Here are some photos we have from the final day August 7, 2011.

Kelly Slater double checking that all the zeros are all on there.

Christian Wach doing a hang ten by using his hands.

What a smile looks like after Kolohe Andino just beat his idol Dane Reynolds in a man on man heat.

Joel Tudor hitching a ride onto Christian Wach’s board.

August 5th, 2011

Welcome To The Nike US Open Of Surfing

Today was our first day at the Nike US Open of Surfing presented by Hurley and Converse. We began the day shooting water photos in the first five heats. The heats consisted of surfers Kelly Slater, Kolohe Andino, Julian Wilson, Dane Reynolds, and so on. Then we ran around and took happy snaps and finished the day shooting land photos. Very tired now and having a vodka cranberry. We will see you tomorrow…

“Kolohe can I have a hug” yells out a screaming fan. “I already gave you one” replies Kolohe. “I know, but I want another one”. What happened to giving out autographs or posing for a photo?

Kelly Slater out for war!

Marissa Miller super model walking with her security.

July 22nd, 2011

Kolohe Andino Get’s A New Board Caddy

Can you imagine walking down to Lower’s with the 10-time surfing world champion and he offers to carry your board. Here Kelly offers to carry Kolohe’s board to the beach for him as they make the walk down the Lower’s trail. “He asked to carry it and I said sure”. Not a bad board caddy you have Kolohe…

June 28th, 2011

Kolohe Andino WINNING Photos Quiksilver USA Championships

Surfing action and lifestyle photos of Kolohe Andino from the 2011 Quiksilver USA Championships are now live. Images consist of Kolohe with Kelly Slater, Jake Marshall, Taylor Clark, Matt “Mayhem” Biolas, Mike Parsons, Steve Kennedy and of course surfing action of Kolohe winning the comp. The last wave ridden by Kolohe in the final of the boy’s 18 and younger division was said by legend big wave surfer “that was the best wave I have ever seen ridden at Lower’s”! That is saying alot as Mike has by far seen more surfing go down at Lower’s then any other individual.

As told by Justin Cote:

Surfing America Makes History With Quiksilver 2011 USA Championships At Lower Trestles

Kolohe Andino and Tatiana Weston-Webb claim U18 USA Champion Titles and Governor’s Cup Trophies in Epic Lowers Conditions

San Juan Capistrano, Calif. – June 26, 2011 – Surfing America, the national governing body for Surfing in the United States, concluded its 2010/2011 season Saturday with the finals of the 2011 Quiksilver USA Championships. Eight Under 18 USA Champions were crowned, with two of them being awarded the prestigious California Governor’s Cup awards.

The 2011 Quiksilver USA Championships ran from June 18-19 in Huntington Beach, CA and June 21 – 25 at Lower Trestles in San Onofre State Beach, CA. A solid south swell built up to the finals as the most important and prestigious annual event in American surfing came to a dramatic close Saturday in firing surf at Lower Trestles.

“Surfing America shattered the ceiling of American surfing with this year’s event and broke through to an entirely new level,” said Mike Gerard, Surfing America’s executive director. “This is thanks to title sponsor, Quiksilver, a huge webcast audience delivered by Surfline, and an unprecedented, mind-blowing display of progressive surfing by the very best juniors in the USA. The event was truly historic in that it brought American surfing to a level never before seen. Clearly a new standard has been set-and this year’s Quiksilver USA Championships was, by far, the most amazing national championships ever run in the United States.”

From the youngest groms on up, performance levels were at an all time high. The youngest surfers proved that the future of American surfing is very bright. Young rippers like John Mel (Boys U12 Champ), Seth Moniz (Boys U14 Champ), Meah Collins (Girls U12 Champ), and Mahina Maeda (Girls U14 Champ), all put on stellar performances throughout the contest. 11-year old, John Mel, in particular, surfed well beyond his years and wowed the beach with a long series of consistent backhand hacks that led to a perfect ten and victory in the Boys Under 12 Final.

In the Boys Under 16 Final, mainlanders Parker Coffin and Cam Richards went up against Hawaiians Ian Gentil and Kain Daly. But it was the Santa Barbara goofyfooter, Coffin, who went away with the title in a buzzer beating display of shock and awe power surfing. “I’ve never been chaired up the beach before,” beamed Coffin. “I’ve never really won anything this big ever. It feels so good!”

The Girls Under 16 and Girls Under 18 Divisions both saw the same smiling face on the winner’s podium as Hawaiian Tatiana Weston-Webb claimed both Championship trophies-just as she did last year in the U14 and U16’s. This, despite a perfect ten scored by Girls Under 18 favorite, Lakey Peterson, earlier in the day. Weston-Webb acknowledged the competition when receiving her awards and Governor’s Cup trophy as she said, “It was a stacked heat and all the girls could’ve won. I guess got lucky and got the best waves.”

But it had to be more that just being lucky and getting the best waves for Weston-Webb. Great waves were in abundance as Lowers brought forth some of its very best conditions this event. This combined with amazing surfing and an on-site production of the highest caliber made this year’s pinnacle of United States amateur surfing truly world class.

The shot heard round the world had to be Kolohe Andino’s perfect ten in the final seconds of the final heat in the event. The San Clemente local took off on a bomb righthander and threw three aerials in what many are calling the most incredible display of progressive surfing ever witnessed at the Lowers venue. With that performance, Andino handily won the Under 18 Division and the prestigious Governor’s Cup. There was no question; all five judges’ scores were unanimous in their perfect ten assessment. And that’s how it ended-the perfect finish to the perfect event in perfect conditions.

“A perfect swell hit Trestles and set the stage for best under-18 surfers in the country,” said Mike Matey, VP Marketing for Quiksilver. “We couldn’t have asked for a better week of progressive surfing, and this will go down in the history books as one of the most exciting surf contests ever. Congratulations to all the winners, and a huge thanks to all the competitors, Surfing America and Surfline who made this something special. Quiksilver is very proud to have supported this event, and together we showed the world what the future of surfing looks like.”

2011 Quiksilver USA Championship Results:
Boys under 18
1st – Kolohe Andino, San Clemente, CA (Governor’s Cup)
2nd – Ian Gentil, Maui, HI
3rd – Colin Moran, Costa Mesa, CA
4th – Derek Peters, Huntington Beach, CA

Girls under 18
1st – Tatiana Weston Webb, Kauai, HI (Governor’s Cup)
2nd – Leila Hurst, Kauai, HI
3rd – Jasset Umbel, Florida
4th – Lakey Peterson, Santa Barbara, CA

Boys under 16
1st – Parker Coffin, Santa Barbara, CA
2nd – Ian Gentil, Maui, HI
3rd – Cam Richards, Garden City, SC
4th – Kain Daly, Maui, HI

Girls under 16
1st – Tatiana Weston Webb, Kauai, HI
2nd – Kulia Doherty, San Clemente, CA
3rd – Harley Taich, La Jolla, CA
4th – Nikki Viesins, Indialantic, FL

Boys under 14
1st – Seth Moniz, Oahu, HI
2nd – Jacob Davis, Capistrano Beach, CA
3rd – Kanoa Igarashi, Huntington Beach, CA
4th – Griffin Colapinto, San Clemente, CA

Girls under 14
1st – Mahina Maeda, Oahu, HI
2nd – Dax McGill, Oahu, HI
3rd – Tia Blanco, San Clemente, CA
4th – Meah Collins, Costa Mesa, CA

Boys under 12
1st – John Mel, Newport Beach, CA
2nd – Finn McGill, Oahu, HI
3rd – Tyler Gunter, Newport Beach, CA
4th – Luke Gordon, South Carolina, CA

Girls under 12
1st – Meah Collins, Costa Mesa, CA
2nd – Honolua Blomfield, Oahu, HI
3rd – Brissa Hennessy, Oahu, HI
4th – Moana Jones, Oahu, HI

Adult and Longboard Division Final Results:
Men 18 – 29
1st – Kylen Yamakawa – HI
2nd – Gavin Klein – HI
3rd – Chad Eastman – CA
4th – Ricky Lovato – CA

Masters 30 – 39
1st – Paul Pugliesi – CA
2nd – Mike Reilly – CA
3rd – Yari Vodraski – CA
4th – Tiago Monteiro – HI

Senior Men 40 – 49
1st – Pedro Diaz – CA
2nd – Chas Wickwire – CA
3rd – Richard Patey – HI
4th – Mike Estrada – CA

Legends 50+
1st – Allen Sarlo – CA
2nd – Mike Lamm – CA
3rd – Steve Mendelson – CA
4th – Dale Baker – CA

Women 18+
1st – Sophia Tiare – HI
2nd – Wes Noble – CA
3rd – Crystal Hoskins – CA
4th – Jennifer Argenti – CA

Girl’s Longboard U18
1st – Tory Gilkerson – CA
2nd – Honolua Bloomfield – HI
3rd – Natalia Smith – HI
4th – Lianna Patey – HI

Women’s Longboard 18+
1st – Sophia Tiare – HI
2nd – Kaitlin McGuire – CA
3rd – Erin Lewis – CA
4th – Amy King – CA

Jr. Longboard U18
1st – Kris Williams – CA
2nd – Shaun Thompson – CA
3rd – Steve McLean – FL
4th – Crispin Nakoa – HI

Men’s Longboard 18+
1st – Mike Gillard – CA
2nd – Cody Canzoneri – TX
3rd – Terry Gillard – CA
4th – Brandyn Garske – CA

Senior Longboard
1st – Richard Patey – HI
2nd – Terry Gillard – CA
3rd – Mike Gillard – CA
4th – Albert Shannon – TX

About Surfing America, Inc.
Surfing America is the ISA-recognized National Governing Body for Surfing in the United States. The International Surfing Association (ISA) is recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as the sport’s World Governing Authority.

Created by the Surf Industry Manufacturers Association (SIMA) to develop and administer the sport of surfing in the United States, Surfing America is an IRS recognized 501(c) 3 charitable organization and an industry-wide initiative. Key projects include: improving competition standards, hosting national championship events, and selecting and fielding the official United States Surf Team to compete internationally. With its primary emphasis on youth development, Surfing America is a critical element to successfully growing the sport, and business, of surfing on a global basis.

All donations made to Surfing America are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by the law. Donation checks should be made payable to: Surfing America, 33157 Camino Capistrano Suite B San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675. End of year tax receipts are sent to every individual donor of more than $250. For donations under $250, a canceled check or credit card statement is sufficient evidence for IRS purposes. Surfing America will send a tax receipt to any donor who requests one.

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*Boardriding is about timing and style. It’s youthful, active, casual, and free flowing. There is no wrong way to ride a board. The goal is simply to learn, progress, improve, and give it your own interpretation.

June 9th, 2011

Nike Not Nike 6.0 Releases Commercial

This may be the first where Nike is launched and Nike 6.0 is no longer, but only time will tell. Check out Julian Wilson and Kolohe Andino surfing in this: