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July 25th, 2015

John John Florence Surfs Mavericks At 15 Years Old

A toss up between Anthony Tashnick and John John Florence (the youngest surfers to surf Mavs) both around 15 years old surfing Mavericks for their first time

John saying his prayers


Paddled in (Nothing is more frowned upon at Mavs when a surfer shows up who has never paddled in, but instead tows)

john-john-florence 10-40-05

All smiles


A year earlier at a secret spot just north of Steamer Lane


May 8th, 2015

World Surf League VS. Cartel Management

Once again the World Surf League wants in on the Mavericks contest which is currently being ran by Cartel Management.

“The people that are trying to get this event, they don’t surf Mavericks. They’ve come on way late in the game and they think, ‘oh, I want to be in control of this,’ and it’s like, you know, we’ve already got this. We’ve got a handle on this, we’re doing a good job. Settle down.” – Jeff Clark

We think first and foremost Jeff Clark wants what best for him and second the local community. Do some research as this contest has forever been a complete nightmare for any surf company that has ever been involved. At the end of the day the WSL can sure do a lot more with this contest and the community then Jeff could ever do.


March 30th, 2015

Chasing Mavericks With Kyle Thiermann

Kyle Thiermann goes to surf Mavericks, but on his way his car breaks down (in Half Moon Bay) and he has to push his car the remaining way to the parking lot where the surfers change and paddle out at Mavericks.

“I just reviewed footage I’m pretty sure you filled your car up with gasoline and it’s a diesel.” – Camerman

This video is really cool and we thought how great it was seeing how positive Kyle was during his entire ordeal


$1,200 later Kyle found out it was gasoline that had ruined the engine

Footage by Chris Clemente and Powerlines

March 24th, 2015

California’s Dream Run – Surfer Magazine

Surfer magazine – California’s Dream Run – Mavericks Halfmoon Bay, California (we’re not sure who the surfer is)

March 20th, 2015

Mark Healey Jumps Ship At Mavericks

Mark Healey (who didn’t catch a wave this day) has been entered into the Billabong Wipeout of the Year Award entry by filmer Jay Johnson (who was riding on another boat). The boat’s name that Mark leaps from name may say it all ‘New Captain Pete’.

Photo by Shannon Marie Quirk

Video taken on December 20, 2014

February 23rd, 2015

Frank Quirarte Big Wave Surfing Photographer On CBS News

CBS News reporter Chris Evans interviews Mavericks surfing photographer Frank Quirarte and Ken “Skindog” Collins

“Big wave surf photographers their’s not many of us that do it and their’s a reason why because it’s so dangerous.” – Frank Quirarte

Frank on his jet ski getting the shot in Half Moon Bay, California


December 24th, 2014

Opening Day At Mavericks By Red Bull

“Really big and lumpy!” – the text message we received on this morning from Josh Loya (former pro surfer now boat owner/driver out at Mavericks)

December 22nd, 2014

Darryl “Flea” Virostko At Mavericks in Half Moon Bay

“I always enjoyed shooting Flea. He had a weird style and had that reckless way about his surfing in which you never knew what you we’re going to get” – Jack English

Darryl Virostko – Mavericks, Half Moon Bay

Shows up (late)

Greeted by cameraman Larry Haynes

Custom Hotline wetsuit

Custom 9’0 Rusty surfboard

Leash (life line)


A hit of the asthma inhaler

The butterflies kick in

Paddle out

Surf for over 5 hours

Hitch a ride in

December 9th, 2014

Darryl “Flea” Virostko Surfing Photos

Surfing photos of Darryl Flea Virostko have been uploaded to his page

Santa Cruz

Waimea Bay – In Memory of Eddie Aikau Ceremony presented by Quiksilver


Laguna Creek

Ryan Divel (then Rusty surfing team manager) was called the day before the swell hit and was asked by Flea that he needed a tow partner. Ryan showed up super sick then sucked the tow rope into the ski – Flea’s day was over.

flea mavericks december 09 2004

Steamer Lane

Fishing on Rat’s boat with Jason Collins and Josh Loya

Natural Bridges

Jason “Ratboy” Collins, Flea and Josh Loya – Mendocino County


March 19th, 2014

Hunting Mavericks

“to be honest I don’t even like to talk about it” – Nathan Fletcher (knowing Nathan this is a response he would had given when asked about Sion not Mav’s – from the way Fox edited this piece it made it seem as if Nathan didn’t like talking about Mavericks – we could be wrong, but we think we’re right)

It’s one of the greatest challenges in big wave surfing. Mavericks is as supreme in the sport as it perilous. Take a look at what it takes to surf and survive the feared and revered big wave location.