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December 31st, 2011

Dane Peterson In Malibu

Good morning 2011 as we have just finished uploading images of Dane Peterson longboarding in Malibu, California with his buddies Alex Knost and Kassia Meador.

Hi friend


December 31st, 2011

Bob Hurley Before Hurley

Bob down at Lower Trestles in 1996 when he was the CEO of Billabong

Bob’s story

December 31st, 2011

Hi Paul Roach Can We Take Your Picture

A teenage Paul Roach at the PSAA surfing contest in Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz and then later on at the height of his career where he was riding for Toobs bodyboards

A very rare photo of Paul riding in the prone position and of course his patent drop knee ride

December 31st, 2011

Occy Can Surf But Can He Dance

Spot the Occ

Occy’s expression seconds after being told by one of the judges, “that was the worse routine we have had in 11 seasons”

December 30th, 2011

Mavericks Invitational Moves To January

We believe with the filming of the Hollywood movie “Of Men and Mavericks” as they have been in the Half Moon Bay area for over 2 months without any significant swells at Mavericks this may have added for this push back. There is a storm on the map for around January 3 with surf to be reaching in the 20ft plus range where the movie set will finally be able to begin filming there large surf scenes.

There are multiple pro surfers (stunt doubles) that will all be surfing Mavericks in the exact same wetsuits and surfboards in which they all will be playing the roll of Jay Moriarty being who ever catches the best waves that surfer (wave) will most likely be used in the movie. Anthony Tashnick and Mark Healy will have cameras on there surfboards as the movie set wanted some scenes where the surfers will be paddling over large waves.

Peter Mel on set with camera in hand filming and yelling to actor Gerard Butler to catch a big wave, “Go Gerard, paddle hard, you got it…”

Gerard Butler getting warmed up on a mid size wave? No, actually that is Peter Mel, but that would be funny if we told you it was Gerard

Mavericks Invitational press release:
HALF MOON BAY, CA – A lackluster early season for big waves at Mavericks has convinced Mavericks Invitational organizers to move the contest window from January 1 to March 31, 2012.

“It’s a new year for our group, with a lot of positive changes and a new direction to bring this event back to the way it should be, for the surfers,” Contest Director and Mavericks Pioneer Jeff Clark said. “By this time of year, we usually have the chance to get out there and surf, get the cobwebs off so to speak. But there hasn’t been any decent swell and now we’re getting into the holidays, which is always a black-out period for the contest.”

The extra preparation time also allows for more planning with the public agencies and with on-the-water safety training for the Water Patrol. Three-time Mavericks champion Darryl “Flea” Virostko will lead the Water Patrol, the highly skilled water rescue team charged with water safety of the event. Clark said that the team will have the benefit of working with the San Mateo County Harbor Patrol and Coast Guard during December.

Another positive change recently made by Mavericks Invitational Inc., was asking San Mateo County Board of Supervisors, Don Horsley to act as an Honorary Chairman, who graciously accepted.

Opening Ceremony:
The traditional Opening Ceremony also takes a new direction this year. Rather than announcing a set date for the ceremonial paddle out and invocation, organizers are preparing instead for an unannounced day in December when the waves are breaking at Mavericks.

“We’ll track the storms and know when a solid Mavericks swell is coming, and then we’ll put out the call to the surfers,” Clark said. “Most of these guys will be tracking the same systems and planning to come out here to chase the swell. So, it’s a perfect time to have an opening ceremony, on a surf day with all the guys here doing what they love, seeing each other out there in the water, and then ending with a ceremony that includes our community. This is what it’s all about.”

The Competitors:
Clark and long-time Mavericks surfer Ken “Skindog” Collins, who is working as the liaison with the competitors, have announced the list of 24 invited competitors and a new list of alternates for the Mavericks Invitational. With Darryl Virostko announcing his retirement, the nod goes to Australian Ben Wilkenson as the Contest Director’s Choice on the 24-man roster.

“Ben shows up every swell and stays in the water longer than most people, charging the biggest waves. He took second place at the big wave event at Pico Alto [Mexico], and still stayed out there for hours surfing. He’s a great guy who has the dedication that makes him a real threat to win the event,” Clark said.

The 24 Invitees:

Chris Bertish (South Africa)2010 contest winner
Zack Wormhoudt (Santa Cruz)
Shane Desmond (Santa Cruz)
Mark Healey (Hawaii)
Anthony Tashnick (Santa Cruz)2005 contest winner
Shawn Dollar (Santa Cruz)
Ken Collins (Santa Cruz)
Ryan Augenstein (Santa Cruz)
Dave Wassel (Hawaii)
Shane Dorian (Hawaii)
Carlos Burle (Brazil)
Rusty Long (San Clemente)
Grant Baker (South Africa)2006 contest winner
Tyler Smith (Santa Cruz)
Alex Martins (San Francisco)
Nathan Fletcher (Hawaii)
Peter Mel (Santa Cruz)
Matt Ambrose (Pacifica)
Grant Washburn (San Francisco)
Jamie Sterling (Hawaii)
Ryan Seelbach (San Francisco)
Ben Wilkenson (Australia)
Greg Long (San Clemente)2008 contest winner
Kelly Slater (Florida)11 time world champion surfer

The Alternates:

Kohl Christensen (Hawaii)
Travis Payne (Pacifica, CA)
Jamie Mitchell (Hawaii)
Colin Dwyer (Pacifica, CA)
Derek Dunfee (La Jolla, CA)
Russell Smith (Santa Cruz, CA)
Andrew Marr (South Africa)
Garrett MacNamara (Hawaii)
Danilo Couto (Brazil)
Shawn Rhodes (Pacifica, CA)
Tyler Fox (Santa Cruz)
Mike Gerhardt (Santa Cruz, CA)
Nic Lamb (Santa Cruz)
Ion Banner (Half Moon Bay, CA)
John Bowling (San Francisco, CA)

The Mavericks Invitational is the world’s premier, high adrenaline, big wave surfing event. This one-day, invitation-only surfing competition is held at the legendary Mavericks surf break located ½ mile offshore at Pillar Point Harbor, just 20 minutes south of San Francisco. The 24 most daring big-wave surfers in the world will attempt to tame the massive swells on the biggest and best day of the 2011-2012 winter season. For sponsorship opportunities, contact Jessica Banks at 650-279-1872.

December 30th, 2011

Surf Series 2012 Surfing Contest Lineup

The South Bay Surf Series is a six-event contest series for the South Bay community featuring all age groups, including the popular Micro Grom Divsion for under 9 year-olds. The Series begins in December at El Porto and concludes in May with the championships at Manhattan Beach Pier. Finalist from all divisions win great prize-packs and all contestants receive t-shirts and other goodies for entering. Surf Series ratings winners will receive prizes such as free trips, surfboards, wetsuits and more… Make sure you get your entry in early, as these events fill up fast!

South Bay Surf Series #2 presented by E.T. Surf will be held Saturday, January 21st at 26th Street in Manhattan Beach.

Former pro surfer Ted Robinson laying it down at Hammerland

There website can be found here if you are interested in entering or need more information

December 30th, 2011

Want To Learn Surf Photography

“Ahh, bloody hell Hank, there is another surf photographer. Beat it!”

2012 Surfing Photography Workshop in Hawaii January 12-15, 2012

Workshop Leaders: Brian Bielmann and Michael Clark

Location: Turtle Bay Hilton Resort, Oahu North Shore, Hawaii

About The Workshop

Join legendary surfing photographer Brian Bielmann and adventure sports photographer Michael Clark for an exciting one-of-a-kind workshop that delves into the world of surfing photography. Brian is a top surfing photographer who has been shooting the sport for more than 25 years. Michael brings his adventure photography skills and knowledge as well as his in-depth experience with digital work flow to round out the workshop.

This 4-day workshop combines daily photo shoots at world-class surfing locations and classroom instruction. We will be spending half of our time shooting in the early mornings and in the late afternoon and evenings when the waves and the light are at their best. The other half of our time will be spent in the classroom. All of the classroom instruction will be centered around image critiques, discussions on gear, strategies and the business of photography as well as in-depth discussions on shooting surfing. We?ll also cover digital work flow in detail using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Version 3.X.

The workshop is scheduled during a period where large waves hit the north shore frequently. Though we cannot predict or guarantee the wave size or surfing conditions, the north shore of Oahu serves up sizable waves on a nearly daily basis.

Workshop Schedule

Day 1 Morning
Introduction to surfing photography, gear selection, camera setup and shooting options.

Day 1 Afternoon/Evening
Cover basic digital work flow and then head out to shoot at the world-famous Pipeline on the north shore of Oahu.

Day 2 Morning
Dawn Patrol: Early morning surfing shoot on the north shore of Oahu actual surf break to be determined depending on conditions.

Day 2 Afternoon/Evening
Group critique of previous days images, discussion of underwater photography and shooting from the water. Evening shoot with strobes on the north shore of Oahu ? actual surf break to be determined depending on conditions.

Day 3 All Day
Dawn Patrol: Early morning surfing shoot on the north shore of Oahu actual surf break to be determined depending on conditions.

Day 3 Afternoon/Evening
Group critique of previous days images, portrait shoot on the beach with male and female surfers.

Day 4 Morning
Dawn Patrol: Early morning surfing shoot on the North Shore of Oahu actual surf break to be determined depending on conditions.

Day 4 Afternoon
Group critique of previous days images, wrap up and discussions on the art of surfing photography.

Please note that locations may change depending on conditions.

About the Instructors

Brian Bielmann is a legendary surfing photographer. He has shot everything from fashion, to rock stars, to surf. From world champ surfers Mark Richards to Andy Irons, he has captured them all and just about everything else important that has happened on Hawaii’s North Shore since 1975. He was there to document the early days of Teahupoo (Tahiti) and put a fresh perspective on it ten years later with his underwater images. He is well known for not only his above water surfing images but even more for his stunning underwater images of surfing. Able to shoot more than just the action Brian also captures the spirit and faces of surfing. You can see more of Brian?s work at

Michael Clark is an internationally published outdoor photographer specializing in adventure sports, travel and landscape photography. He produces intense, raw image of athletes pushing their sports to the limit and has risked life and limb on a variety of assignments to bring back stunning images of rock climbers, mountaineers, kayakers and mountain bikers in remote locations around the world. He contributes to National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, Outside, Mens Journal, Backpacker, Outdoor Photographer, Digital Photo Pro, Climbing, Alpinist, Rock and Ice, Bike Magazine and The New York Times among many others. You can see Michael’s work at

The Cost
The cost of this workshop is $995 per person. The same rate applies for each participant regardless of whether they are doing photography and participating in the workshop, or not. A nonrefundable deposit of $350 is required to secure your spot on the workshop. Final balance will be due no later than December 10, 2011.

Please note: We will attempt to adhere to this itinerary as much as possible. However, certain conditions, such as bad weather, may necessitate changes in the itinerary. We reserve the right to alter any itinerary at any time, if necessary.

The classroom portion of the workshop will be held at the Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore of Oahu. We have negotiated a group rate that is discounted from their advertised prices. To receive the discounted rate, please mention the Surfing Photography Workshop. Please note that there are few if any other hotels on this side of the island. If you would prefer to stay elsewhere there are also hotels in Haleiwa, which is 12 miles south of the hotel and approximately a 30-minute commute.

Most major airlines service the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Honolulu, the major city on the island is approximately one hour south of the north shore and our hotel. The Turtle Bay Reset is located on the northern tip of Oahu and is somewhat remote. The hotel has a restaurant, golf course, tennis courts and of course is located right next to the beach.

We do not provide transportation during the workshop. Please plan ahead and reserve a rental car. Rental cars are available in Honolulu. Of course, we will share vehicles and car pool to make life easier for all of us. We are not responsible for reimbursement of non-refundable airline tickets in the event of a workshop cancellation.

Workshop Materials
All participants will be given a copy of Michael?s e-book entitled Adobe Photoshop Lightroom: A Professional Photographer’s Work flow, which details his complete work flow from start to finish.

You will need to bring the following equipment with you:

A 35mm digital SLR camera with interchangeable lenses
A laptop computer with a USB memory key, DVD or external hard drive. Instructors will be using Apple Computers.
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom software installed on your computer (you can download the 30-day trial version of Lightroom before the workshop if you don?t already have the software.)
Digital memory cards with a card reader (preferably CompactFlash or Secure Digital Cards)
Power adapters and cables for laptop and digital camera
Camera manual
Batteries and charger for rechargeable batteries

It is expected that you know how to download images from your camera to the laptop, know basic editing techniques using your software, and are able to organize the edited images for critique.

Telephoto Lenses and Underwater Camera Housings
Also since surfing photography relies on large telephoto lenses, each participant will need to bring a telephoto lens that is at least 400mm. A 500mm or 600mm lens is preferred. If you don’t own one of these lenses please rent or borrow one to bring with you. Please contact Michael or Brian with any questions about lens selection and rental options. Both B&H and Samys Camera in the USA have rental houses that can rent these lenses. We also have a special deal with Hawaii Photo Rental Oahu who have 500mm and 600mm lenses for both Canon and Nikon and will be renting these to workshop participants at discounted rates ranging from $323 to $550. Call Josh Strickland at Hawaii Photo Rental Oahu at (808) 735-3838 for more information on renting one of these lenses.

Also, if you plan to shoot in the water please bring your underwater camera housing. Brian has several underwater housings for Canon cameras and will have these available for those that want to try them out.

If you’ve always wanted to shoot the amazing sport of surfing, then now is the time to register. Remember, there will be limited space available for this workshop. When they’re spoken for, that’s it. If you have any questions before registering, send us an e-mail with any inquiries to [email protected] To register for the workshop send me an email and I’ll send you a payment request for the deposit and a packet of information about the workshop.

December 30th, 2011

Surfing Posters

We found this page where you can buy surfing posters with some very nice photography of waves and surf action by photographers Jeff Divine, Peter Taras, Kenny Hurtado, Jeff Flindt, Ray Halgreen, DJ Struntz, Brian “Hank” Stephen, Josh Kimball, Corey Hartung, Dan Merkel, Aaron Chang, Scott Winer and Art Brewer.

December 30th, 2011

We Heart Art Directors

Don’t worry us photographers just push a button

December 30th, 2011

Peter King To Star On Project Dominion

Former professional surfer Peter King from La Jolla, California has now found his way onto a tv show called “Project: Dominion” which will air on the Outdoor Channel on Fridays at 11:30pst.

About The Show
An Action, Adventure, hunting, travel, fishing, spear fishing, diving, living life to its fullest show. Starring Professional MMA fighter/hunter Jamie Toney, Professional surfer/photographer Peter King and Water/Fishing enthusiast Denny Deutsch. Project: Dominion takes a group of travelers, drops them into an environment to hunt, fish, travel and take Dominion every day.

You can check out the website here

Peter on the North Shore of Oahu during his sponsored days with Billabong

Peter surfing Scripps Pier

What they said about Peter:
To call Peter King a trendsetting professional surfer in the 1980s would be an understatement. Peter King (also known as “PK”) broke ground with his aggressive big wave surfing and culture-shifting style. Being the first professional surfer to shave his head was only the first of many iconic paradigms PK would shift. Integrating music, movies, and personality into surf films would become the new template for a future billion-dollar industry. PK went on from professional surfing to be the television host of MTV’s “Sand Blast,” provide ESPN commentary, and become one of the founding members of Hurley Clothing. The last decade has seen PK become one of the most sought after photographers and filmmakers. His big personality, humor, and passion for travel and life sets the stage as the alpha male on Project: Dominion. Oh yes, and he is a lover of all things food and candy.