April 13th, 2011

Go Get Lucky In Ireland

If you have time for one more surfing destination on your list we suggest you make it Bundoran, Ireland. The people, landscapes, waves, weather, castles, and yes the beer are all so great. We have just now uploaded are surfing stock images from Ireland in which have brought back so many good memories. We suggest you go in September as that is when we went just before it get’s really cold in October. We rented an RV as well as a home in Bundoran so we had a base camp, but also having the RV kept us being mobile and we could sleep in it. The RV’s are pretty small so it is a tight squeeze with more then around four people. It seemed to always be wet and nothing would ever dry out. The water wasn’t extremely cold. We suggest a 4/3 and bring a hood and booties, depending on how tough you are or not. As for any trip you go on have fun and be respectful to everyone in and out of the water!

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