December 20th, 2011

Gerard Butler Almost Drowns At Mavericks

Update: December 29, 2011 We have got confirmation that Gerard did not in fact get a two wave hold down as was reported first by the Hollywood tabloids, but instead he took 4 consecutive waves to the head. A rescue jet ski came in for the rescue, but Gerard did not in fact get to the ski in time and therefore the ski driver had to gun it out of the impact zone for his own safety where Gerard and a few other big wave surfers we’re left for themselves to survive the larger sets.

Where are the stunt doubles when you need them? Today Scottish actor Gerard Butler (playing Rick “Frosty” Hesson) was filming for the Hollywood movie titled “Of Men and Mavericks” at the surfing spot Mavericks in Half Moon Bay, California (best known for it’s large surf). The movie is based on the life of legendary waterman Jay Moriarty. Gerard was on the inside floating on his surfboard when a freak set came out the back and caught everyone off guard and in doing so Gerard was taken down for a two wave hold down and then was immediately rushed to the hospital by an ambulance.

What does a two wave hold down mean? A two wave hold down in the surfing world is considered one of the worst scenarios a surfer could find himself in. What this means is when a surfer falls on a wave he is riding or in Gerard’s case when you are paddling back out a wave hits you and takes you underneath the surface for however long. The bigger the wave the longer you will be held down for. A wave (the first one) takes you down for so long where another wave will come pass over you while you’re still under the water from the previous wave. This is why it’s called a two wave hold down, because two waves have passed over you since you have been underneath the ocean water. It is very hard to believe that Gerard did actually have a two wave hold down and not drown as most professional surfers could rarely survive this type of scenario yet alone an amature.

Welcome to Mavericks

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