October 25th, 2012

Applying A Bodyboard Leash Plug

We received our leash plug in today that we ordered from ebodyboarding.com

Here are the basic steps on how to install one

Unscrew the plug and untie the rope

Place the plug around 2 inches from the side of the rail and from the tail. This will be the exact spot you want the plug to be. We prefer our leash on the right leg so we our placing the plug on the right side. You can place your leash plug on the left hand side or if you prefer an arm leash you can place your plug towards the nose of the board.

Flipping the board over you have to feel and use your best judgment on where the bottom plug will line up

X marks the spot

Using a screwdriver (one that is not to thick in diameter) directly push the screwdriver through the bottom and be sure to go as straight as possible and not at any angle

Pushing the screwdriver all the way through (you do not want to push the screwdriver from the top of the deck to the bottom as this will loosen the slick bottom skin)

Take the top part of the plug and push it into the hole

Take the bottom part of the plug and push it into the hole while turning it as far as you can with your hand (this is why it is important to make a straight hole with the screwdriver so the plugs line up)

After turning the plug as much as possible with your hand you will then want to use a quarter and turn it the rest of the way until you can not physically turn the quarter any further

You are now ready to tie on the leash as we suggest a 6ft surf leash

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