November 14th, 2012

Today’s Photo Upload

Photos that we have uploaded today

Omar Etcheverry – Hossegor, France

Mundaka, Spain

Ozzie Wright/Goons of Doom – Hillcrest, San Diego (ended up doing a last minute gig, but unfortunately nobody showed up to this show)

Pancho Sullivan – Lower Trestles, San Diego

Pat Gudauskas – Killers, Todos Santos

Pat with water photographer Peter Taras – T-Street, San Clemente

Pat O’Connell with Mike Parsons- ISA Games, Huntington Beach

Peter King – Scripps, La Jolla Shores

Phil Macdonald – Hossegor, France

Roy Powers – US Open, Huntington Beach

Hossegor, France

Rusty Long, Patrick Trefz (photographer), and Greg Long – Sipping Jetstreams Movie Premiere, San Digeo

Scotty Hammonds – La Graviere, France

Oceanside Pier

Shane Beschen – US Open Expression Session, Huntington Beach

Shea Lopez – Huntington Beach

Tanner Gudauskas – Rockpile, Laguna Beach

Yadin Nicol and Taylor Steele – Shipping Jetstreams Movie Premiere, San Diego

Teddy Navarro – Lowers, San Diego

Tom Whitaker – San Onofre, San Diego

Tyler Newton – Lower Trestles, San Diego

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