August 23rd, 2013

The Surfer’s Guide To Marketing

The Surfer’s Guide To Marketing is an entertaining, motivational, and educational guide to developing marketing efforts in today’s fluid landscape. Utilizing surfing and ocean references while interjecting real-world examples that provide both traditional and unorthodox brand communication tactics in the competitive marketplace, The Surfer’s Guide To Marketing challenges marketing minds to push the envelope. Featuring cases and insight from such brands as ZICO, Body Glove, and Wahoo’s and interviews with famous innovators like FOX’s David Hill and Super Agent Leigh Steinberg, the book is a hands-on, humorous discussion of marketing strategy and tactics. By creating an atmosphere for marketing and business professionals to think outside-the-box, we paddle out into a lineup consisting of large brands, small start-ups, and everyone else in the market vying for the wave of consumer attention. The Surfer’s Guide To Marketing crushes boring, industry text book rhetoric like a barrel at North Shore and drops in plenty of humor and a unique marketing perspective to encourage fresh thought and a new attitude for brands.

Randy, seems you could have used a good graphic artist to mock up your cover, we’re just saying…


I appreciate when someone can put a new spin on traditional views. That is how I have approached my life and experienced great rewards as a result. The other thing that is imperative to remember is to trust yourself even when it can be scary pushing uncharted waters. Randy uses surfing as a great teacher and provides interesting analogies to communicate his marketing philosophies in his book. – Laird Hamilton

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