September 10th, 2013

Sharing Estimating Insights With Amy Rivera of DDB LA

6) Do you share budgets when they are available? Why or why not?
Sometimes. Especially if the budget is tight. I need the photographers to really ask themselves if a project can even be done for a specific small amount. However, I generally prefer if the photographers do not know the budget since the estimates are often an indication as to how the photographer likes to work. If I say, “we have $100,000” then all the estimates pretty much come in at $100,000 and I don’t know if perhaps the photographer could have done it for $75,000 and they are just padding it since we seem to have the money. The flip side is if I get 3 estimates in closer to $200,000 then I need to talk to the client about their $100k. I want real numbers, and knowing the “budget” (which can change) gives me the numbers they think I want to see.

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