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December 31st, 2015

Chris Ward No Longer Riding For Lost Clothing And Mayhem Surfboards

Chris Ward has been removed from the team page from Lost/Mayhem surfboards.


December 22nd, 2015

Tom Lowe Get’s Hit By A Jet Ski While Surfing Nazare

Tom Lowe surfing in the whitewater while Jamie Mitchell’s jet ski rides right behind him at Nazare.


Jamie begins to jumps off the jet ski at :34

December 18th, 2015

Will The Real Owner Of Destroyr Or Destroyer Clothing Please Stand Up

Seems Craig Anderson who is already on board with HUF (shoe company after Keith Hufnagel) is joining Dylan Rieder and Austyn Gillette and starting a new brand called Destroyr.


“Rumors from possibly another country have floated across my desk that Craig Ando will, in fact, join Dane Reynolds in his new brand which is still just a rumor but called allegedly Destroyer.” – Chas Smith/Beach Grit


“So, what can we expect next from Craig? Stab’s guess would be that Craig will join Dane’s new brand, credible murmurs of which emerged late in November involving a clothing label and skaters Austin Gillette and Dylan Reider. Some of the best skate brands (HUF, Girl, etc) are run by pro skaters, and you’d like to think that surf brands run by surfers will resonate in the market the same way. These guys know how to engage an audience and have a clear connection with their aesthetics. With the rollercoaster surf industry the way it is, there’s every chance this new venture could slingshot to become the next big thing.” – Stab Mag

and more Destroyers already in business = headache for the newest Destroyr!

Skate clothing already registered in 2011


Kids clothing – already in use


Destroy Yourself – “Featuring dark & sarcastic visions & images of DEAD CELEBRITIES who passed away by SUICIDE”


December 18th, 2015

Working On Something For 10 Years – Kelly Slater Wave Pool

“I’m 100% positive our team built the best wave then anyone’s ever made it’s a freak of technology”. – Kelly Slater (does this mean you and Greg Webber are now working together – and your riding his boards?)


Kelly's Wave from Kelly Slater Wave Company on Vimeo.

December 18th, 2015

Adriano De Souza Wins 1st World Title – Mick Fanning Looses His Brother

Peter Mel speaking with Mick Fanning who had just lost his older brother

Gabriel Medina – The 6.5 that took the win and beating Mick Fanning. Many have commented that a big score for an air at a tube riding contest? Sorry, people if it was 10ft Pipe their would be no airs, but only tubes so when you don’t have priority and it’s 5ft the whole “tube riding” goes out the door. Gabriel was smart and didn’t wait for a “tube” and if he had he would’ve never advanced – very smart competitor!

Adriano De Souza vs. Gabriel Medina at the Billabong Pipeline Pro

December 15th, 2015

Chasing Editorial

“I’m getting a bit sick if having to beg to magazines to ask if they need any pics or features and often not receiving an answer so I might as well post all my #dayinthedirt shots here…….” – Dutchmanphotos


December 12th, 2015

Slater and Machado No Longer Riding For Channel Islands Surfboards

We have received new information from the fine folks from Santa Barbara that Kelly Slater and Rob Machado are no longer riding for Channel Islands Surfboards.

Dane Reynolds is their #1 rider


December 12th, 2015

“I Have To Figure Out How To Do A Chop-Hop” – Dane Reynolds

We’re not even exactly sure what a chop-hop is… oh well. Here is an interview on Dane Reynolds that was filmed in Huntington Beach by The Intertia.


December 10th, 2015

Johny Boy Gomes Arrested – Again

“John Gomes fled before police arrived, but was arrested the next day at his Kalakaua Avenue home for investigation of second-degree attempted murder. The charge was later downgraded to an assault.” – Rob Shikina/Star Advertiser

Johny Boy once rode for Bad Boy


December 7th, 2015

You Can’t Script This – Chaos Theory

“Competitive surfing is constantly changing and evolving—from upsets to perfection, a thwarted shark attack to the most hotly contested championship race in years. We believe this unpredictability is what makes the sport so compelling and therefore made it the focus of our creative strategy.” – Scott Hargrove / Ad Week