January 31st, 2015

SEASIC By Bobby Martinez Out Of Business

We’re not really sure if things ever got started for SEASIC, but after Bobby Martinez turned down a renewal offer from Reef for close to $400,000 (we heard he wanted $600,000 as if $400,000 wasn’t good enough for him) he said no (then briefly rode for FTW for “little bit of pay”) and when that to ended he started his own clothing brand which seems to be now out of business.

“Right now it’s just shirts and hats, but we’ll see how that does. I’d love to eventually make a whole clothing line, from head to toe.” – Bobby Martinez (interview from Surfing Magazine August 2013)

Reef who gave Bobby his own movie – Mixed Tape by Pete Santa Maria


FTW – Bobby’s famous speech



Facebook page – last updated in 2013


Website – Unavailable


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