March 19th, 2015

“Six Surfers We Want On Tour” – Surfing Magazine

“Six Surfers We Want On Tour In 2016” – Surfing magazine / Beau Flemister


Carlos Munoz
Mason Ho
Conner Coffin
Evan Geiselman
Ezekiel Lau
Ryan Callinan

When will their be another surfing freak? When will we see another Tom Curren, Taylor Knox, Rob Machado, Mick Fanning, Taj Burrow, Andy Irons, etc..

To make the world tour it’s no easy task, nor is it hard (for a select few who have made it while still in their teens) but to stay on tour is the hardest part!

So out of the six surfers chosen by Surfing mag we have noticed their are no surfing freaks out their really ready to make the world tour – who is the next hopeful, Jack Robinson?

Carlos Munoz – We haven’t seen him surf enough to truly judge him, but it seems he is receiving much attention based on where he is from (Costa Rica), but if he was from USA he might be another face in the crowd.
Mason Ho – Like father like son will do great in the big surf (Pipe and Tahiti) but when it comes to the small stuff we don’t think he has enough flair.
Conner Coffin – A lot of respected surfers (like Brad Gerlach) love Conner and would love to see him make it on the tour. Conner seems to be one of those overhyped Cali surfers similar to a Dillon Perillo (lost in Malibu). Conner doesn’t have enough tricks in the bag and being short doesn’t help.
Evan Geiselman – Gain 20 pounds and you might look good. It just looks weird seeing a grown man surfing with a boys body.
Ezekiel Lau – We have seen Ezekiel surfing for a while when he would come to Lowers for the USA championships or the NSSA’s and we we’re blown away on how much he surfed like AI. Ezekiel is tall and has a build similar to Sunny Garcia (strong). We would love to see this guy on tour!
Ryan Callinan – Who?

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