March 31st, 2015

Kelly Slater Murdered Who?

Told by Photographer Jack English

“I arrived in Oceanside with my daughter and I usually never take my phone with me to the beach as I always leave it inside my truck (I can’t stand people who spend more time on their phone then with their kids). For some weird reason I had a voice inside my head that said take your phone with you – it’s always those times when you wish you had your phone (camera) with you – so I took it.

I am now down by the shoreline on the south side of the pier playing in the sand with my daughter. I look down the beach and I see a man waving signs in the air. I was like what the heck is that guy doing? So this guy is getting closer and closer to me and then all of a sudden he get’s close enough where I can clearly read “Slater” and then a couple feet closer and I clearly read “Kelly Slater”. So I instantly jump up grab my phone and turn it onto camera and began walking cautiously towards this guy. I get closer and I now can clearly read the entire sign ‘KELLY SLATER MURDERED ANDY IRONS MARK FOO’. By now I am tripping out, like what the f_ck is going on – is this some kind of sick joke. I knew instantly I had to get a shot of this guy and I just kindly ask “can I get a shot of you” and he said “sure”. Now the guy is within a few feet of me barking in my ear as spit is flying out of his mouth. “What’s your deal with Kelly Slater sign”. “Ah, that f_ucking guy tried to choke me out right out there.” As I clearly knew this guy was lying and he just was spilling words out of his mouth and I could no way keep up with everything he was saying – he just kept going on and on. He then began talking about the government and I honestly had no clue what he was talking about as by now I was starting to worry about my safety as I didn’t know if this guy wasn’t going to take a swing at me or not. I wasn’t so much scared, but more so just thinking get this guy away from me. So I just kept saying ok to all of his remarks until he just turned and walked away.” – Jack English


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