April 9th, 2015

Stop Working For Free

“Shooting for free or “we’ll give you photo credit” is fine or totally accepted by many photographers these day’s. If your well off financially or have a full time job and photography is your hobby many of those photographers will gladly give their photos away to a publication and or company just in hopes to see their image in print or their name in the credit line. Now are we (the photographers who are trying to do this for a living
suppose to get mad at them?). It’s kind of a double edge sword. It’s like if your a new musician trying to get a start in the music industry. You go to coffee shops and ask if you could play on their stage (for no money) in hopes you will get noticed and in return hopes that people would then eventually pay you to play on their stage.

When your trying to get your foot in the door it’s probably not best to play hardball, but yet don’t bend over either. Charge the standard rate and if you don’t know what that is call or email another photographer in your field and ask them. If your a struggling photographer a company or magazine isn’t going to take you to serious if your giving your photos away. Their going to act as if you’re their best friend (for that day) and then move on to the next photographer. Remember you make your bed and you will have to lie in it. If you have a shot (that know one else has) someone really wants they WILL PAY!

Remember in this digital age we live in their are SO MANY photos taken by everyone in return you must have something super amazing for somebody to pay for it. With every brother or sister having a digital camera it’s having the access to the surfer, model, musician, athlete, etc. that is the most important thing these days. Access first followed by getting the shot second. If you turn down what is offered to you ($) from a magazine or website these day’s they (photo editors) don’t really care, their are thousands of surf shots just around the corner that may not be as good, but will get the job done.” – Jack English

“The photography and music worlds are at odds in a dispute between a music photographer and a popular band. Photographer Pat Pope was miffed by a request from the band to include his photos in an upcoming book without any payment, while the band Garbage argues that they’ve already paid Pope for his work, and that they were simply giving him a chance to have his work represented in the publication.” – Petapixel

Follow up to the above story:

Last week I made the mistake of writing one of those open letters you hear about. I wrote it in response to a request from Garbage’s management company that they’d like my permission to use a photo that I took and I own in a book they intend to publish and sell for money. But they’d like to not pay me.
Since it went out on the Internet, it’s caused a huge debate, and within that debate I’ve been called a “whiney weener”, a “sh*tty douchebag”, and an “egomaniac”, and I’ve been encouraged to “watch your back” because “we will find you”. – Pat Pope

Artwork: “Logo by Martin Colyer of the Stop Working For Free Group.


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