April 17th, 2015

“lets hear what you gotta say now haters.” – Kolohe Andino

Kolohe Andino lost out in round 2 of the Men’s Drug Aware Margaret River


Were not Kolohe Andino haters, but after watching his heat this is what we think. He’s scared and uncomfortable at The Box. He has not spent enough time out their and not many guys want to. The wave rarely breaks and when it does there are so many guy’s out there at once and of course the locals get all the good waves and in return who wants the leftovers (closeouts).


Kolohe’s third wave starts at 3:30 – easy for us to say, but he should had pulled into this one (maybe a little bigger board – won’t look cool but could help). Then at 6:39 Kolohe finally seems to kick things into gear and pull in – Kolohe should had and needs to attack every wave like he did his last ride! (at 7:40 that is Kolohe’s board caddy / Hurley surfing team manager Brandon Guilemette)

Now let’s watch the king

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