June 14th, 2015

Shooting Underwater With Ian And Erick Tungsten

“This is the incredible story of how the world’s first large format, underwater Polaroid photo shoot was accomplished, capturing stunning images of a beautiful girl surrounded by tropical marine life.” – Pryme Magazine

How did you manage to focus your cameras underwater? (our favorite question and answer)
It was very difficult because of the refraction difference shooting underwater. We did a few shot with a gigantic ruler and took photos at different measurements on the lens. Then we compared the distance on the lens to the distance focused on the ruler, and therefore established a table of distances to shoot. Then when it came time to shoot the model, she was given a tape measure that was fixed on my weight belt and she would go out to 3 metres and the lens was set prior for that distance underwater. I would then reel the tape and we would then go down together, with me trying to keep the same distance at all times and with her doing what she would do best… posing.


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