August 8th, 2015

Scott Aichner Wants Back In

Former pro bodyboarder Scott Aichner from Ventura California wants to get back into shooting movies. Scott was shooting video/film for Toobs bodyboards in the early 90’s then later went to shooting stills for Surfer magazine. He was living on the North Shore of Oahu for many years then over time (digital) it got that much harder just to pay the overhead living paycheck to paycheck. Scott then packed it all up and moved back to Ventura.

At then end of the day all photographers are replaceable to the surf magazines. Sure some of the new photographers might not shoot as good as their past photographers and some may shoot better, but to the editors of the surf mags which have shrunk so much they will make due with what shots their senior photographers are producing today.

“I think if Scott wants to get back into it that is great. The problem with most cameraman is they get into shooting for the wrong reasons. They think their going to make so much money traveling the world, but their so wrong. In this day and age it’s more who you know not what you know. If Scott goes out and has fun not expecting to make $ I think he’ll do fine, but if he thinks their is some demand for him we’ll he’s clueless!” – Jack English

Scott Aichner


“It’s where I started before stills. I was always fascinated by Jack McCoy’s films. The watery wide-angle slow-mo’s just captured me. The ability to expand time in the barrel from one second to 20 seconds or more. Back then, I bought a high-speed 16mm camera, had a housing built and moved to Hawaii. Then I gave stills a go and had a couple of covers in my first North Shore season. I was hooked! But I love motion!” – Scott Aichner/BeachGrit

One of Scott’s early movies for Toobs bodyboards – Sixth Sense

Fiberglass and Megapixels – Scott comes in at 2:10

FIBERGLASS AND MEGAPIXELS • Segment: "Getting the Shot" from Sandy Beach Productions on Vimeo.

Photos for sale on Ebay – Andy Irons, John John Florence and Tom Curren


Tom Curren