September 22nd, 2015

#Tournotes – Heritage Heat, Christian Fletcher and The WSL

“I want somebody to impress me something that not every other dude out there is trying or f_cking making. Kelly where he’s at where’s your boy (he lost) the guy’s getting old.” – Christian Fletcher


#TOURNOTES: The Lowers Wrap from STAB on Vimeo.

Hurley Pro WCT Lower Trestles
Miguel Pupo receives a surfboard
CJ Hobgood give a surfboard
Cheyne Horan’s favorite surfer
Jimmy Wilson eating pig and cinnamon rolls
Nat Young grint it buddy grind it
Wayne “Rabbit”Bartholowmew
Michael Ho
Shaun Tomson
Carissa Moore wins with a wedgey pull
Alissa Quizon
Kolohe Andino
Todd Kline
Peter King filmer
Bob Hurley
Julian Wilson
John John Florence
Brett Simpson
Keanu Asing

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