October 8th, 2015

Sunny Garcia Quits Xterra Wetsuits

“Please read my post because this is when I was really happy to be part of Xterra. Back in time it was one big happy family, things were great and everyone was working hard to make this company great. As I sit here writing this getting ready for the biggest test of my life #roadtokona2015 I’ve come to the end of this partnership with Xterra because the owners here have no respect for their workers and treat them like second rate citizens. I’m sorry to anyone that bought product from this company if I had known what low life’s the owners of Xterra were I’d never have helped this company. If you are a friend or fan of mines please do not support this company and no I did not get fired. I’ll take this opportunity to say to @keithsimmons and @gturquand to say I fucking Quit!!!!!!!” @xterrawetsuits – Sunny Garcia


When things were good for Sunny and Xterra

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