November 26th, 2015

Nic Lamb – Surfer And Struggling Actor

Nic Lamb is by far one of the best surfers out at Mavericks in line with Grant “Twiggy” Baker, Greg Long, Peter Mel, Ken “Skindog” Collins and a handful of others.

Nic is from Santa Cruz California who at an early age was picked up by Volcom (through Volcom rep Skinny). Skinny somewhat took Nic under his wing and lead him into the surfing world. Nic’s surfing career never really took off as his surfing (besides at Mavericks) was never really looked at from the surfing media nor did he have much character (never smiled so everyone always thought he was bitter guy).

Now years later and no longer with Volcom Nic moved to Los Angeles to try a new path in acting.

Ken Collins and his buddy Nic


“I don’t have to dress like a surfer to be a surfer. I like wearing Armani tailored suits that’s how I like to dress – I like to look like a million bucks it’s fun. – Nic Lamb

“Get all dressed up like Pee-wee-Herman.” – Nathan Fletcher

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