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February 10th, 2016

The Eddie Get’s Called Off

The current Waimea Bay buoys are reading 8.2ft at 18seconds (up from this morning 6.9 at 12) – This morning ‘The Eddie’ got called off due to the lack of swell to hit the bay! Their are currently 4 guy’s in the water right now surfing.


February 7th, 2016

The Eddie Is On A Yellow Alert

The Eddie Aikau surf contest held at Waimea Bay on the North Shore of Oahu is now on a yellow alert. Many locals in Hawaii we’re telling us that they thought the Eddie would not run this year due to money issues with Quiksilver (going bankrupt).

“…and yet another system to form off Japan tracking east with seas to 52 ft on Wed (2/10)” –

We’ll as they say “The Bay Will Call”


October 4th, 2015

Dane Reynolds Wins Still Frothy By Billabong

Dane Reynolds took home first place (tow-at division) at this years 6th annual Still Frothy Surfing Contest By Billabong. The comp was put on by Walter Cerney in Pismo Beach.


September 13th, 2015

Kelly Slater And His 4.17 Ride At The Lowers Pro

Mick Fanning (safety turns) 16.10 vs. Kelly Slater 14.90 – We think this should had been at least a high 8 or a 9!

“Checking out another left hand option off the bottom going for a flyaway backside air reverse he’ll land prone and get back up.” – Joe Turpell

“I don’t even know what you call that first maneuver right there that’s just freakish talent. I’m meant that’s just such an awareness where your board is. Flying through the air rotating kind of lost control of the board and landed on it. Obviously the judges didn’t like that 4.17. Judges didn’t enjoy that.” – Martin Potter

“I can’t believe only a 4.17 though. We saw something at least semi-excellent or excellent or good we’ll give it good.” – Peter Mel


July 10th, 2015

Highlights From Round 1 JBAY Open

“Once a year that is when I like to make my heats – I don’t like to do any more then that.” – CJ Hobgood (currently ranked 37 (last place) on the tour)

You would have to question CJ’s retirement this year – CJ if you were in the top 10 right now we highly doubt you would be retiring, but when you can’t make it past round 2 we understand!

We want to see a Dane Reynolds vs Kolohe Andino final



June 27th, 2015

Axel Irons Surfs His First Contest – Pine Trees Classic

Axel with uncle Bruce Irons


“Today’s the day that I have been waiting for since he was born.” – Danielle Tach (Andy and Bruce’s mom)

At 1:13 that is Andy’s former manager Enich Harris (Billabong) holding the water camera and very touching at 1:26 Bruce gives Axel a kiss on the head.

Andy Irons Forever
Tin Tin
Axel Irons
Eddie Abbuo
Pete Pope
14th annual Pine Trees Classic
Von Zipper
AI Forever

June 26th, 2015

My Life As A Wildcard – Dane Reynolds

“These guy’s dedicate their lives to this tour and I turn my back on it and their just giving me spots and events.” – Dane Reynolds

Let’s get one thing straight Dane only get’s wildcards to the Quik events (his sponsor) and he got Fiji (which had no sponsor) and Jbay (which has no sponsor) and in return the WSL decides which surfers they will give the wildcard to.

In the past Volcom sponsored the Fiji event so of course a Volcom rider receives the wildcard and Billabong sponsored the Jbay event and a Bong rider received that wildcard. It’s no wonder why Dane is receiving these wildcards – what other surfer is this valuable to the WSL – nobody!


In other World Surfing League news South African surfer Slade Prestwich will receive the other wildcard into this years Jeffrey’s Bay CT


June 17th, 2015

Kelly Slater Would Pay A Thousand Dollars For WHAT….?

#TOURNOTES by Hurley and filmer PK


Fred Patatchia
Dusty Payne
Sebastian Zietz
Keanu Asing
Kelly Slater
Peter King
Strider Wasilewski
Filipe Toledo
Miguel Pupo
Laura Enever
Julian Wilson
Owen Wright
A Fijian Finish

May 23rd, 2015

World Surf League Get’s “DENIED”

“The WSL tried to HYJACK the Titans of Mavericks permit, and got SERVED. They did not back down, they got DENIED!! There are local people who tried to help the WSL with the hijacking, and used their inside political friendships for their own personal gain. The sad part is, some of political people jeopardize their career and may lose their job title. There is not a gnarlier Big Wave Athlete invitee list combined with a proven Big Wave Venue. The WSL needs to get their own ducks in a row and successfully pull off ALL their own events on the BWWT, before they go crashing into the MAVERICK’S HOUSE! This is WSL’s strike #2 with their BIG WAVE GLOBAL TAKEOVER! The Dungeons Boys DENIED them. And The Mavericks Boys DENIED them. Goes to show, that the strength of a solid local community can over come a Corporate Big $ Takeover!” – Ken SkinDog Collins

Full story at Surfline – WSL Withdraws Permit for Mavericks Big Wave World Tour Event

“Pretty sure Cartel is just going around threatening to sue everyone, crying like a bunch of hipster bitches. They didnt have the money or the sponsorship to run the contest this year… Total scam… Exile the community, fuck all the locals …. LA hipsters have moved in. Publically bashing your friends & fellow surfers, ruining those relationships all to protect your love affair with some hipster named griffin guessin is not the way to go about things… Hipsters who are tickling your balls with false promises wont be there for you when the grapes go sour or in this case theres no more money to rape the hmb community of …. Its a contest skins… That may or may not ever happen… come back down to earth doggy.” – Zach Wojik

May 17th, 2015

Filipe Toledo Wins 2015 Oi Rio Pro In Brazil (2nd place Bede Durbidge)

Filipe Toledo has beat out Bede Durbidge in the 2015 Oi Rio Pro from Brazil.

Bede (wearing his hat with a Fox logo) makes his way onto the stage


Now on stage where Bede is greeted by Kieren Perrow (World Surf League Commissioner) – “mate you need to take your hat off.”


Filipe Toledo takes the win and is allowed to keep his hat on (why? because he is wearing a Hurley hat who sponsors an event)