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June 8th, 2014

Save The Cayucos Pier

In July of 2013 it was determined that the Cayucos pier required 2 million dollars in repairs to make it safe for public use and accordingly the County of San Luis Obispo Condemned the Cayucos Pier. In response, SLO Brew and Liberty School Wines created a concept in collaboration with the County of San Luis Obispo, local Caycuos residents, business owners, civic groups and concerned citizens to host “Concerts for Cayucos II” On Saturday, June 21st (The Summer Solstice) from 11am – 6pm The Historic Cayucos Pier will play host to an eclectic day of free musical entertainment on the pier and beach featuring: Surfer Legend – Tom Curren, The Tumbleweed Wanderers, The Julian Temple Band, Proxima Parada, Joe Koenig, Shane Stoneman, Bucket Busters, and more. In addition to the beach concert, Front St. in Cayucos will play host to a variety of concessionaires, including a beer and wine garden a variety of food, beverage, and arts vending. Proceeds from the event will be donated to the pier reconstruction effort and needed Front Street Repairs.

In addition to the concert and vending, June’s event will play host to “Paddle The Pier – Powered by Kelp Farmer.” Join our friends at Kelp Farmer as they host an open paddle around the pier. Chose your own water craft and join the fun in paddling around the historic pier….

You are invited to bring your beach blanket and the entire family to enjoy a fun filled event while supporting your community and one the Counties most significant historic landmarks The Cayucos Pier! For more information on this event and the sponsors who are making it all possible, please follow the event on facebook at Concerts for Cayucos.

Tom Curren
Tumbleweed Wanderers
Jilian Temple Band
Proxima Parada
Captain Nasty
The Dentures
Joe Koeing
Shane Stoneman
Driftwood Brothers
Bucket Busters & More…


May 18th, 2014

Dave Rastovich Gasfield Free Byron Shire

Dave Rastovich – Free Byron Shire

May 15th, 2014

Eden’s School Being Evacuated From Carlsbad Fire


March 21st, 2014

Raise The River by Move The Ocean

This will explain it

February 6th, 2014

Cargo Ship Breaks Into Two In Anglet France

A Spanish cargo ship lost it’s motor this morning on exiting the port of Bayonne and got washed up on the breakwater at La Barre. The Luno split in two after being pounded by 8 meter waves into the jetty at La Barre.

The front half of the vessel washed ashore at La Cavaliers, site of the O’Neill Challenge WQS and other surf contests. As the wreck leaked fuel oil, a maritime pollution alert was declared. Eyewitnesses report the air reeks of fuel oil for miles in either direction of the beach.

All 12 crew members were winched to safety by helicopter, one at a time. One person suffered a nose injury.

July 9th, 2013

Dustin Barca Speaks

Pro fighter and surfer Dustin Barca gives public testimony in support of BILL 2491!

“I feel it’s time to put human health over corporate wealth” – Dustin Barca

Baby Take It Off!: Dustin Barca, GMO Combatant

Dustin Barca’s Love and War

June 17th, 2013

Save Trestles

Join us June 19th to help stop the TCA from building the first “segment” of their illegal toll road. We need hundreds of people to convince the Board to shut down this road once more!

If the first section of road is built, the “dominos” will fall and the rest of the road will be built down to San Onofre/Trestles.

Surfrider is asking its supporters to attend the meeting at 1:00pm, and stay through the afternoon to demonstrate opposition to the road. Public comment will be taken shortly after 1pm. Here is a “Participation Guide and Talking Points” for the hearing.

Contact [email protected] or [email protected] with questions.

Take five minutes to watch this video about our fight to Save Trestles. Help us make an impact by attending the hearing on June 19th!

WHAT: Water Quality Control Board
 Meeting regarding TCA’s permit for first 5 miles of road.
WHEN: Wednesday, June 19, 2013. 1:00pm
WHERE: Water Quality Control Board
 Meeting Room: 
9174 Sky Park Court
 SanDiego, CA 92123
WHY: To stop the TCA from building the road in segments down to San Onofre/Trestles. Bring your old Save Trestles shirts (we will have more shirts for sale). Surfrider will provide signs for you!


April 9th, 2013

Stop Using Plastic Water Bottles At The White House

We are the the first ones to admit we use plastic bottles, but we promise we do recycle.


We received this email today:

Hoping for some star power!
Protecting water, inspiring change, using less plastic: seeking momentum, your support and outreach capabilities!

In honor of Earth Day 2013 (4/22), it is my intention to collect 1 million signatures asking The White House to stop using single-use plastic water bottles.
Can you help by signing the petition yourself and asking others in your extensive circles to do the same?


Small changes, big impact.
In service,
Kristi Moseley
Bellingham, WA

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” President

April 8th, 2013

Please Do Your Part

It only takes a little to make a difference. If you see any litter please take a moment to pick it up.

March 15th, 2013

Stop The Bombings in The Mentawai Islands

Since 1980’s, the remote Mentawai Islands have been attacked by fishermen using dynamite to explode the reef in order to kill fish. With increasing tourism and local populations, the bombers can no longer operate in secrecy. This practice must stop! We are petitioning the Indonesian government to help Mentawai patrol her western border in order to stop bomb fishing and other illegal activities.

“Because what they are doing is wrong” – Rob Machado

“Shocking video from Indonesia of fisherman using gunpowder to kill schools of fish” – Richard Branson

“HELP! The beautiful Mentawais Reefs of Indonesia are being DESTROYED in a brutal practice. Please sign to help stop it!” – Paul Walker

By Christie Carter | March 2013

For over month early in 2013, the playgrounds area in the Menatwai Islands off Sumatra Indonesia had at least three boats bombing reefs every day. When the weather was good, they would do over five cycles of bombing and collecting the dead fish in a day. Each cycle between five to eight bombs. Just doing a low average we calculate over 2250 bombs have been exploded in our 15 mile radius area. You can see what this looks like from the footage below.

We couldn’t go swimming in the ocean because there were bombs going off 200 meters from our resort. I’m not exaggerating.

Since that time phone calls were made to police, navy and coast guard stations, as well
as our local tourism and government representative offices. Our video showing explosion of reefs was posted, and our petition to the Indonesia government was started. The petition calls for the fisheries, resources, tourism and police authorities to start coordinated efforts
to stop the blast fishing techniques of fishermen.

The video and petition was picked up by surf-based media and shared amongst friends reaching and being shared by the likes of Kelly Slater and Richard Branson. Within five days of the petition starting, the Ministry of Fishing and Marine Resources in Jakarta requested to meet the petitioners. Within seven days of the video uploaded, the meeting was convened in Jakarta with the Director Generals of Fisheries, Fisheries Security and Marine Resources in attendance. In a country infamous for endless bureaucracy, this was an impossible feat made possible!

During the meeting, the 76 page petition containing almost 4,000 signatures was presented to Mr. Syahril Abdurrahman, head of Security for Marine Fisheries. The meeting was convened with the purpose of convincing the petitioners that the Indonesian government was serious about immediately combating the bomb boats, and distributing resources. They are afraid of an international fish embargo being called for, which would mean the loss of much income for Indonesia. The meeting also highlighted Indonesia’s lack of resources going forward including a lack of fuel and operational budgets from the Central Budget Authority and a lack of boats designed to make patrols and raids of this kind.

All members of the meeting admitted that the eastern 1/2 of Indonesia has been much better patrolled than the western half. The likes of Wakatobi and Raja Ampat have received the lion’s share of resources to defend their national borders and fishing rights. West Sumatra has been left out in the old, including the re-assignment of a Navy Frigate from West Sumatra back to Jakarta about 6 years ago. The head of the meeting also bemoaned the reduction in overall national fisheries security resources from 150 operational days budgeted 4 years ago, down to 115 days for 2013. This means that Indonesian resources for protection of fisheries can only operate once every 3 days on average!

The head of Fisheries Mentawai admitted failure and embarrassment to his team, but also talked about his local Navy not having weapons, his local police not having boats, and the complete lack of fuel even if there were enough guns and boats.

The short term actions from the meeting include an emergency fuel budget given to the provincial government of west Sumatra so that their better equipped boats can enact patrols as necessary while the crimes are being committed, rather than chasing evidence later. There will also be increased coordination between the west and north Sumatra provincial governments to crack down on the import and sale of ammonium nitrate used in the making the bombs. Also the police will conduct random patrols and prosecution of the fish markets in north and west sumatra, where it is obvious which fish have been caught using explosives. The West Sumatra government has officially requested the return of the frigate ship that was taken so that they may have a better chance to protect their waters.

Most importantly of all, the Director General of Security for Marine Fisheries has made it a priority for his ministry by year’s end to approve the creation of a marine sanctuary in South Western Siberut, the site of the original bombing. This decision has been sought already by the Mentawai tourism and mayor’s office for other reasons unrelated to crime, so the request involves multiple ministries, and is already well underway. The support of the fisheries department can only benefit the cause. The approval would mean the automatic national funding of patrols within the sanctuary. This would remove the internal wrangling of the various provinces at the national level, seeking to get their share of the limited fuel and operational budgets from the fisheries ministry each year.

Information from the meeting and from subsequent private meetings has highlighted also the strength of local associations of fisherpeople that are formed throughout Indonesia. Although Mentawai has some version set up through their “community supervisory groups” supported by the government, it is very poorly administered. What does exist lacks teeth with local authorities and not to mention criminal foreign elements who are stealing food from the mouths of the locals.

We are very grateful for the support so far of the Fisheries Department at all government levels, for the seriousness of Mr. Agus Budhiman in calling together the ministries for this important meeting. We are also encouraged by the amount of interest and support this story has generated internationally. However, what we’ve received so far is no guarantee of action. We need continued support from our friends and families to prepare for a longer term policing of Mentawai people’s fishing rights, a sustainable patrolling infrastructure and most importantly a permanent end to the destructive fishing methods that started this all in the first place.

Our job is not done until we reach 10,000 signatures, and so far we only have 4,500

Please please please help us to stop the bombing! Sign our petition and share with your friends, to do the same.

Please sign here: