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January 23rd, 2017

Surfing Magazine Shuts Down

Surfing magazine has officially shut down their print publication and their big brother Surfer magazine is now down to 8 issues a year (down 2 issues a year from last year and 4 from the previous years).

“We’re sorry, but Surfing is unavailable because it has ceased publication of a print edition.” – Magazine Agent


September 20th, 2016

Surfing and Surfer Magazine Drop To 10 Issues a Year

For over 30 years Surfing and Surfer magazine had been at 12 issues a year and now their down to 10 issues a year.

Dam you digital!


May 20th, 2016

Joel Tudor Just Pissed On Surfing Magazine

… but then again Surfer and Surfing are both owned by the same company so I guess you can say he pissed on the parents as well!

“If you are a longboarder — do not support @surfingmagazine // since I was grommet these guys have consistently held up the standard started by Larry Moore — that longboarding was not a legitamite form of wave riding and didn’t belong in the pages of their mag! They still hold that standard today and have told my boss @vans this on a many of occasions! Funny part is I blasted them via @sunnygarcia and now they are trying to back pedal!!!! – if you think I’m kidding ….. Ask yourself one question … When was the last time you saw a pic of a longboarder in surfing ???? Art via @porous_walker” – Joel Tudor


March 8th, 2016

Peter Taras No Longer Photo Editor At Surfing Magazine

We just got off the phone with our good buddy Peter Taras and he has confirmed he is no longer the photo editor at Surfing Magazine, but Jimmy Wilson (former assistant photo editor) is taking over. Peter will now oversea all website and social media aspects for their website.

Jimmy gave Peter a nice farewell package – Peter landing this months cover shot of Kolohe Andino surfing on the south side of the Huntington Beach Pier. The 50ft American flag provided by the Ten group.

Hey wait a minute Mr. Taras – did you get the whole “flag” idea from our shoot with Scotty Stopnik?


Resource: The American Life

January 22nd, 2016

The New Skatepark for Surfers

Surfer Magazine has just released their newest issue of Kelly Slater pulling into a man-made tube located near Fresno California.


December 1st, 2015

Male Model Chris Hemsworth Cries Over Kelly Slater

“You’re not going to guess who I just surfed with – who – Kelly Slater – and I just started crying” – Chris Hemsworth


The MAN who dreams only of SURFING – a film by BRUCE WEBER

voice of director ALBY FALZON
Director Bruce Weber
Producers Nan Busch, Eva Lindemann, Jeannette Shaheen, Dawn Boller
Editors Jeremy Maneval, Richard Q. King, Jeremy Elkin, Cate Sturgess
Cinematographer Frank Stanley
Colorist Gabriele Turchi
Sound Mixer David Pruger
Set Design Dimitri Levas
Stylist Anne Christensen
Hair Jimmy Paul
Makeup Regine Thorre
Photo Assistatns Chris Domurat, Jeff Tautrim, Sean Jackson, Ryan Brinkmann, John Scott


November 24th, 2015

Surfer Magazine Choosing To Show No Logos

Probably the biggest headache for any publisher and editor is the cover. If you throw John John Florence on the cover visibly showing all his logos one family is happy and the rest is pissed off.
It’s a constant battle trying to stroke everyone off (the big advertisers “Billabong, Hurley, O’Neill, Quiksilver, Rip Curl, Volcom, Reef, etc.”)

So we have noticed going back to 2013 Surfer magazine has yet to show any surfer on their cover which shows any logos. (Blisss Magazine does the same thing, but instead of showing photos on their covers they only show artwork)

No Logos Allowed!


November 17th, 2015

Kelly Slater – Entrepreneur Magazine

“Putting a surfer on our cover was not an easy choice. Because since when do surfers embody the spirit of entrepreneurship?” – Amy Kosper / Editor and Chief

Kelly Slater on the cover of Entrepreneur Magazine


October 26th, 2015

Mick Fanning – Sexy And Strong

Last week Mick Fanning graced the cover of Outside magazine


This week Mick is on the cover of Elle (he’s getting more attention now from his shark attack then for winning 3 world titles)


October 13th, 2015

Playboy Magazine Drops All Nude Photos

Playboy’s circulation has dropped from 5.6 million in 1975 to about 800,000 now. “That battle has been fought and won. You’re now one click away from every sex act imaginable for free.” – Scott Flanders / NY Times

That is why Playboy magazine (Cory Jones / Editor) is trying something different and will no longer be posting nude photos in their magazine.