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October 13th, 2014

Surfing Magazine 50 Year Anniversary

50 Years of Never Looking Back

October 8th, 2014

50 Years Of Surfing Magazine

Congratulations to Surfing Magazine making it 50 years


September 29th, 2014

Later – A New Surfing Magazine

Later the surf magazine
(Surfer and Surfing are currently being distributed by the Ingram Content Group)


Later the website

September 16th, 2014

Surfer and Surfing Magazine Missing On The Newstand

If you have been at your local store and noticed no Surfer or Surfing magazine (now distributed/published by The Enthusiast Network TEN) we don’t know when they will return. Today at Ralphs we received confirmation from an employee that Source Interlink was distributing the magazine and Source Interlink Distribution has now gone out of business. We made a call to The Enthusiast Network and the operator does not have any answers to when Surfer and Surfing magazine will be available at stores.

No magazines available from The Enthusiast Network

September 10th, 2014

Want To Surf? Start Here! Get Into Surfing…

It sure doesn’t take reading this 146 page magazine to learn to surf – we’ll make it easy for you.

1. Find a good teacher with a minimum of 2 years surfing experience
2. Make sure the surfboard (prefer softboard) is 3ft taller then you
3. Learn in surf that is in the 3ft range and it’s not dumping onto the shore (shore break)


August 28th, 2014

More Heat For The Enthusiast Network

“The company formerly known as Source Interlink has restructured as TEN: The Enthusiast Network. They had been distributors for 2600 magazine, a beloved, longstanding tech-counterculture institution, and they owed 2600 nearly $100K.” – Cory Doctorow

“But we also have a message for TEN: The Enthusiast Network: You don’t get to just make mistakes in one area, change your name, and set up shop in another without fulfilling your outstanding obligations. Sure, your half of Source Interlink may not have been the one that fell apart. But it was still part of the same company. You had the same name! (until you realized that you no longer wanted to be seen as connected to your failed endeavors)” – 2600 Magazine

The affected print titles are mostly niche, aftermarket brands affiliated with magazines that have broader market coverage. – Source Interlink closes 12 magazines

We are pleased to know Surfer and Surfing magazine are safe for now


August 22nd, 2014

Source Interlink Distribution Parent Company Claims Bankruptcy

“In the meantime, the other former Source Interlink Co. operation, TEN, publishes niche magazines, such as car titles that include Hot Rod, Motor Trend and Truckin (and Surfer, Surfing)’. But things are looking gloomy on the editorial front, too.” – Jamie Mason

Kamen, for one, believes TEN will end up having to sell these publications. “I don’t see anything good on the horizon for [TEN],” he asserted. “Their future is pretty much doomed.” – Kevin Kamen (CEO of print media brokerage firm Kamen & Co. Group)

“Source Interlink Distribution — will be closing its doors.” – New York Post

“We are losing some great magazines, and more importantly thousands of our own are going to be standing in the unemployment line.” – Media Shepherd


August 7th, 2014

What’s Up With That Guy Alex Knost

“All right, Alex, if you do this, sack up, be a man and do something you don’t like, and keep your head out of your ass, you’ll get to do all the shit you like. But if you blow it, you’re not gonna surf.” – Father Knost

Full story at Ghetto Juice

July 29th, 2014

Surf Bros Must Die


July 15th, 2014

Coco Ho In The Nude For ESPN Magazine

Coco Ho for the Body Issue of ESPN magazine (we want to see Malia Manuel)