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August 17th, 2012

No Trust In Photography

Are people today just primed to distrust photos as never before, to the point where they will see deception where there is none?

I think that what has changed over time is that the photograph itself was once considered a trusted source. At the advent of photography, most people didn’t believe it was possible for a photograph to be manipulated. Thus, when they saw visual “proof” in a photograph, it would bypass their normal filters for determining what is or is not believable.

As people have become more familiar with how much photographs can be manipulated, and as the tools for doing that manipulation have become more powerful and accessible, that special status that photography once enjoyed has faded away. It isn’t that photographs are inherently distrusted, but just that they’re no longer inherently trusted. Today, I would guess that a photograph carries only slightly more inherent trust than the written word—and then only because people know it is still much harder to convincingly fabricate a photo than it is to fabricate a story. As tools like Photoshop continue on their path to becoming more powerful and easier to use, it’s likely that even that slight advantage will disappear. When it comes to trust, perhaps a photograph will no longer be worth a thousand words. Kevin Connor

July 22nd, 2012


As a photographer it’s kind of like loosing a loved one. In this case it’s our love for Velvia film as they will be discontinuing this by the end of 2012.

A film that took the place of Kodacrhome 64 in the early 90’s by surfing photographers for it’s rich blues and greens. R.I.P Velvia 1990-2012