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May 8th, 2015

Terry Richardson Photographs Anastasia Ashley

Anastasia Ashely poses in a bikini for photographer Terry Richardson

“wonder if he tried to sexually assault her” – voteukip
“She’s a disgrace to the surfing community” – HELLZNAW
“She is not a big wave surfer and in terms of competitive womens surfing she is irrelevant.” – Wurst


May 3rd, 2015

Clark Little – World’s Richest Surfing Photographer

Water photographer Clark Little has just opened up that he has grossed over a million dollars on his book (Shorebreak) and is paid a salary of $10,000 a month from Hurley and last has now purchased an empty lot over looking Waimea Bay on the North Shore of Oahu (his third property).


April 7th, 2015

Brooks Sterling – Analog Stories

Analog: Stories of Film Photography – Surfing Photographer Brooks Sterling

We thought it was pretty hilarious showing Brooks and two surfers walking down the Blacks trail at 2:18 then at 3:13 we assumed we’re going to see some video clips of the surfers actually going by the photographer (getting the shot) but instead more talk. Just some show less clips of him talking into the camera and show more of the photographer actually working.

Brooks almost getting the shot

March 9th, 2015

Ian And Erick Win The Diamond Skulls

“Stoked!!! We just won Advertising photographer of the year at the Diamond Skulls award!” – Ian & Erick

The PADC Diamond Skulls


The Top Three Finalist




March 5th, 2015

Who Is The Greatest Surf Photographer Of All Time

Group of surf photographers battling for position on the North Shore of Oahu.


Brian Bielmamnn? Nope! We’re not sure if this was a desperate cry from Brian reaching out to Beach Grit or Beach Grit reaching out to another photographer for more free photos (they don’t pay). Beach Grit did a post titled ‘The Greatest Surf Photographer of All Time‘. So we have to ask who really is the best surf photographer of all time?


By Jack English (photographer)

I think Brian is a great photographer but not the best. Brian is one of the few photographers that can shoot land, water, boat, jet ski, underwater, helicopter and portraits. To be able to do all that is amazing talent. People must take into consideration that Brian is one of the most normal photographers on the North Shore (past and present) along with a good speaker (business savvy) and has been notorious for licensing his photos more on the cheaper end (which clients love) or a large photo credit which to this day Brian love’s to see. Take a closer look at his giant list of clients that have used him for months if not years – he has had more surf clients then any other surf photographer to date (which should tell you something). A few that I can think of are Morey Bodyboards, BZ, G Shock, O’Neill, Reef, Billabong, Quiksilver, Sanuk, Volcom, Vertra, Red Bull and many more. I use to go to his house and be amazed at how many clients he was working with, but then the truth came out among his peers where he wasn’t charging that much. I received an email about a month ago from one photographer in Australia who wrote “all these guy have always said yes for the small money even bielman…”. Brian later admitted to me he would shoot for Quiksilver in return of clothes.

Brian Bielmann looking for some hypo tears


With that being said here is my list of top surf photographers before digital. It’s hard for me to give any credit to today’s photographers who shoot digital. Back in the film days you had 36 shots and you had to pre set your camera settings and hope for the best and for the real early day’s (before the 90’s) they had to manual focus. So now you have cameras with unlimited frames, 10 fps +, auto focus so in reality it’s so much easier to be a good photographer these days. Keep in mind I first started shooting pro surfers in the early 90’s so my history of surf photographers doesn’t go way back.

Most underrated photographer

Sean Davey


Top Videographers

Larry Haynes


Sonny Miller


Jack McCoy


Top Water Photographers in no particular order

Don King (one of my favorites)


Aaron Loyd (my mentor)


Scott Aichner


Jeff Flindt


Tony Roberts


Chris Van Lennep


The Legends – These guy’s are like the Kelly Slater’s of photographers (in no particular order)

Art Brewer


Dan Merkel (wearing pink shirt – Art Brewer far left and Jeff Hornbaker middle)


Jeff Divine


Aaron Chang


Ted Grambeau


Jeff Hornbaker (my all time favorite – this guy was in a league of his own)


Notable Photographers
Larry “Flame” Moore
Patrick Trefz
All surf photographers who shot manual focus from land and water

March 4th, 2015

Photog War May Have Just Come To An End


Pitiless: Mike Balzer VS Steve Sherman (Part Three) – Quote taken from Beach Grit
“I feel it’s lame that you solely shoot “mainly” in the VIP area of elite surf contests. You get a VIP pass to that area that other shooters cannot get. Therefore you have a HUGE advantage over them. They can’t even get near those subjects to shoot to even compete with your shots. Some of the shots you get are good for what they are but they are not surfing on waves in the water. Do you get that? You really are a one-trick-pony that sets your digital camera on black & white and basically fires away.” – Kaipo Gomes or Mike Balzer (we have lost track of who is writing what)

Dear Aspiring Photographers,
Don’t listen to anyone when it comes to how you shoot and what you shoot (unless your a paid shooter then of course you will have to listen to that person who is cutting your check). In the surfing world if it makes you happy to only shoot from the land or water then do it – their are no rules! Always remember to just have fun shooting.

Jack English

March 4th, 2015

Grant Brittain Shooting With The Pole Cam

“A surf photographer can’t remember the guy’s name that was shooting with a pole cam out in the water I go god I could do that with skate photography.” – Grant Brittain (starts at 3:35)

March 1st, 2015

Mikala Jones Surfing Photo Turned Into A Wall Mural

Original surfing photo of Mikala Jones taken by Art Brewer that was later used on the cover of Surfer magazine


Wall mural taken in Carlsbad


February 27th, 2015

Last Words With Steve Sherman

Steve Sherman responds to a post by Mike Balzer at

TSherms Cardiff Ok!! I’ve been caught . I said it all just sell some t-shirts .. If Blazer wasn’t such a chicken shit , wash upsurf photographer ” I might clarify , all I can say is go to Search his alias “Kaipo Gomes” and see just how he’s nothing more than a shitty , mental case.. Congrats Deca, u gave him almost 15 more minutes !! God knows he obviously neeeds It. Talk about living in past …” – Steve Sherman

“Is he really Kaipo Gomes? And why is he so… crazy?” – Derek Rielly (writer/owner of Beach Grit)

“he;sa soooo weak…chicken ass blogger….no ballla…” – Steve Sherman

“…what’s the motivation behind the cruelty?” – Derek Rielly

Steve Sherman with Kelly Slater


February 25th, 2015

Last Words With Mike Balzer

“All I am doing is calling bullshit on him with facts and proof. Go ask Steve yourself about this and ask him if he was on any of the New School trips.” – Mike Balzer

Steve Sherman’s group shot of the Momentum crew – Benji Weatherley, Rob Machado, Ross Williams, Greg Browning, Taylor Knox, Shane Dorian, Kelly Slater, Donavon Frankenreiter and Conan Hayes


Focus cover of Shane Dorian taken by Mike Balzer


“I consider Steve and Mike both my friend, but I think this whole battle over this is so petty and childish. Here you have two grown men arguing over “he then used it for his Focus video cover”. In Mike’s defense we all know Taylor Steele didn’t use Steve’s group shot on his Focus cover. If Steve was selling this image on a shirt I would think Balzer would have that much of a stronger case, but he isn’t. Steve’s just trying to sell some shirts to support his family and I give him credit for that!” – Jack English

Here’s some free advice from Disney

Screen shot taken from Beach Grit – Surf Photog Mike Balzer’s Fatal Strike!