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February 24th, 2015

Photographers Mike Balzer and Steve Sherman May Come To Blows

The next time photographers Mike Balzer and Steve Sherman see each other it may not be pretty. It’s so easy to speak to each other behind their computers or yet an alias name (Kaipo Gomes), but one thing is for sure after speaking to Sherman is that he would like to see Balzer in person (“you don’t bring my kid’s into this”).

“Further proof that Sherwank is just a paparazzi, lurking groupie photog. All this for just one old photo? Really……?! Sherwank comes off as the kid that snuck into the party he wasn’t invited to and rattles off lines written by someone else. “Parko’s style is so effortless I think the Judges underscore him all the time”. As if he is the barometer for anything related to Judging the World’s best surfers. Still amazed that he gets gigs to just shoot the trivial bulllshit in the VIP area. Remember that surfing is done in the water and on waves. The history of surfing is remembered with photos of surfers on waves. Thank the world for shooters like Tom Carey and Glaser that shoot surfers on waves as their stock in trade. TMZ called and they want Sherwank to cover the Kardashians. Right up his alley.” – Kaipo Gomes

“I shot this historical image of the Momentum Generation for @taylorsteele in 1992. He then used it for his Focus video cover . My idea was to make it look like a band photo, so I had all the boys walk from my house to a alley way right behind the car wash I’m Solana Bch. Ca. I was blown away how they all showed up right on time , and gave me their all during the 1/2 hr. shoot.” – Steve Sherman


“Shane Dorian @ Puerto Escondido, Mexico on the Cover of FOCUS by Taylor Steele. It seems that another photog thinks he shot this Cover and “claims” it in his gallery. Just want to point out fraud when I see it. Mike Balzer photos.” – Mike Balzer


“It was FOR the cover , but it didn’t make it to it Kaipo( I mean @balzerphoto ) Why in the hell get so petty Mike? I would never claim your precious video cover. “Fraud” really ? I guess your blogger alias Kaipo Gomes must know a lawyer!! @shanedorian @taylorsteele” – Steve Sherman

“Read your own quote Sherwank and retract it. How am I in the wrong?!” – Mike Balzer

“I did shoot it for the cover Kaipo.. Just ask @taylorsteele but your brilliant , cutting edge surf photo made it.. How else would Taylor get me , or all those guys together down here.? Why do u hate me soooo much Mike? I’ve done nothing bad to hurt your career ( unlike u with your alter ego Kaipo Gomes blogger crap) You really hurt my feelings with all the shit you said under the Kaipo veil. This will be last time I respond to you . I’m off to Oz hard feelings… @balzerphoto @taylorsteele @taylor_knox @shanedorian @kellyslater @rosswilliamshawaii @thebarn808 @rob_machado @petertaras.” – Steve Sherman

“Your ego is sooooooo big you can’t see what you have done. You insinuated that you shot the group photo “for” the Cover of Focus without saying that your photo was not the actual Cover. As Kaipo and many others pointed out to you it is not about You. You need to check your ego at the door if you don’t get that then perhaps you never will.” – Mike Balzer

February 23rd, 2015

Frank Quirarte Big Wave Surfing Photographer On CBS News

CBS News reporter Chris Evans interviews Mavericks surfing photographer Frank Quirarte and Ken “Skindog” Collins

“Big wave surf photographers their’s not many of us that do it and their’s a reason why because it’s so dangerous.” – Frank Quirarte

Frank on his jet ski getting the shot in Half Moon Bay, California


February 8th, 2015

Zak Noyle, Matt Bemrose and Carloz Munoz – Three Perspectives

Red Bull brings this video following surfing photographer Zak Noyle, Volcom surf team manager Matt Bemrose and Volcom surfer Carloz Munoz during the Volcom Pipeline Pro on the North Shore of Oahu.

“If we can get that photo up first that’s the ultimate goal here.” – Zak Noyle

“You can’t just swim out their the average Joe just get in front of the boy’s with your head to take a photo they’ll call you out.” – Matt Bemrose

Three Perspectives

January 27th, 2015

Photographers John Biever, Walter Iooss, Mickey Palmer and Tony Tomsic

Keepers of the Streak – A ESPN film of photographers John Biever, Walter Iooss, Mickey Palmer and Tony Tomsic who all have photographed every super bowl

January 19th, 2015

Beachgrit Oh So Desperate

“How to succeed at surf photography” – Beachgrit’s Derek Rielly trying his best to get things rolling at his website and in doing so has reached out to weirdo Ryan Miller.

Snip-it’s from Ryan Miller’s Top 5 tips for success (in surf photography)
1. Stand out. Be better than the next guy. Exploit your talent. (sell out)
2. If you carry that ego thing with you, you’ll be buried alive by rejection. (it’s not an ego it’s licensing images for the correct rate)
3. Answer emails promptly (wow, intelligent answer)
4. Don’t freak out if your emails aren’t answered within the hour (wow, another intelligent answer)
5. Be a good guy (dumfounded… we got to go)

Postcard sent to his buddy Jordy Smith?

January 12th, 2015

Photographer Joshua Resnick Being Sued By Nicole Forni

Photographer Joshua Resnick is being sued by Nicole Forni for $75,000 after he did a photo shoot with her and had her sign a model release. She and him posted the pics on their social media sites in which we’re copied onto other websites (without permission from both parties) and now she is suing the photographer as if it’s his fault.

Joshua is looking to raise $50,000 for his legal cost through and to date has raised $966 – full story can be read at

Cover girl Nicole Forni for Horny Housewives of Dubahi

January 8th, 2015

MY RULES by Glen E. Friedman

Photographer – Glen E. Friedman

My Rules – Can be purchased at Amazon

December 31st, 2014

Photographer Of The Day – Ian & Erick

Erick – Reunion Island

Website –

December 24th, 2014

Surf Photographers are Struggling

“There are less people these days on the north shore shooting and the surfing industry is not doing so well… i think they party too much and never value the people that gives their industry credibilities… surfers and photographers… today its bitting them in the arse…

Lots of surf photographers are struggling because they are yes men and never sees where they want to be in 20 years they just want to make a quick buck… it’s always been the senior guys that fucked it all up (not the young guys) (here is where the sender put a list of 5 veteran surfing photographers names in which we have chose not to disclose) i heard “blank” now has gone into wedding so is “blank” but all these guys have always said yes for the small money even “blank”
Sad but true” – Former Surf Photographer