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January 1st, 2015

In Memory of Sonny Miller by Roxy and Ron Condon

We spoke to Lisa Andersen about her memories with Sonny, and caught a few waves in his honor – Roxy

December 20th, 2014

Camerman Erik Ippel Get’s Caught Up In The Hype

Another cameraman (Eric Ippel) get’s caught up in the moment and instead of documenting the action of Julian Wilson as he is announced the winner of the Billabong Pipeline Masters he chooses to put his arm around Julian and cheer him on as if their best buds.. Way to go Eric you got in the shot and missed the shot!


“When I am at a surf contest (shooting photos) I never ever get caught up in giving the surfers any type of physical gestures to congratulate them where it be a high five, shaking their hand or yet putting my arm around them. I have seen photographers Peter “Joli” Wilson and Steve Sherman do that so much and in doing so have missed the shot. I have even witnessed Joli hugging Kelly Slater after his wins and then bragging about how he got to hug Kelly Slater (first). That attitude makes me puke! It’s not just the photographers as one year over the live stream at the Pipeline comp (CT) commentator Chris Cote began his interview to John John Florence with “I love you John John” (how does that make John John feel to start an interview with something like that). To many photographers get caught up into trying to be part of the event (or the surfers life) and in reality the cameraman have zero to do with it. As a cameraman my job is to document it and not kiss up to the surfers – I never have and I never will.” – Jack English

October 29th, 2014

Peter King “Powerful Journalist”

Peter King (aka PK or a smart ass) is a former professional surfer from the late 80’s into the early 90’s. He rode for Billabong (ran by Bob Hurley) then Bob Hurley who lost the license of Billabong started his own brand Hurley and Peter was given a job which always seem to be associated with the video camera. Peter was in a band called Dakoda and then one with Kelly Slater and Rob Machado called Surfer’s. PK has always been doing all things Hurley, but has never been loudly announced until his biggest moment which was due to the right place at the right time.

Peter was on the beach in Peniche Portugal shooting video of his Hurley team riders Kolohe Andino and Brett Simpson and Kelly had just happened to be out surfing as well. Kelly dropped in and did the craziest air ever done in the history of surfing and PK videoed it as well as other videographers. Now to call him a “journalist” we think not. Yes, Kelly among others are comfortable around PK, but when you have Hurley $ paying and paving the way it’s very easy to do his job if you want to follow around surfers all day and night. Follow the Hurley team, everything is paid for and just don’t miss a clip. Stab Magazine clearly blowing smoke up his a$$, – “Peter King might just be surfing’s most powerful journalist.”

Peter King getting the shot in La Jolla; the furthest thing from a Jack McCoy

“What a gross overstatement. I’m sure he requested that “tittle”. PK is just riding the tail of Slater’s fame. He’s not a journalist. He takes video of his friends. he’s his own self hype machine. As he preaches his bigoted bible babble against equal rights for women. This right wing kook is the furthest thing from what surfing is all about. Very disappointed in STAB for posting such rhetoric. Next time try to do your homework on this knuckleheads background.” – Louis Cypher


October 28th, 2014

It Was A Sonny Miller Day

“I remember Sonny always talking about how one day he wanted to get the bus up to surf spots such as Malibu and park it during the big swell days. He wanted to run a live feed through one of the major surfing web sites where pro surfers or just whomever would come into the bus and just talk stories. You were a legend cameraman and a genuine nice person, Sonny I’ll never forget you, I Love You Brother!!- Jack English

“I pulled the trigger on that one” – Sonny Miller (referring to pulling the trigger on a camera when he would see clips in Hollywood movies that he shot)

Sonny Miller Memorial held at Seaside Reef in Cardiff – All Photos by Jack English

The Gathering

The Bus

One of many Sonny’s cameras


Sonny Miller water housing (he would make all his housings himself)


The Pink snowboard and attire

Sonny was very close to his mom who had died a week earlier then when Sonny died

Surfing movies that he filmed and edited (are favorite was Tripping the Planet)

Derek Hoffman – One of Sonny’s longtime friend and also a filmer


Grant Brittain – Photo Editor of The Skateboard Mag (he use to shoot photos of Sonny skateboarding)

Mike Prickett – Filmer and lifelong friend to Sonny

Lisa Andersen – Next to Tom Curren she has probably worked with Sonny the most

Steve Spaulding

True Cameramen – Sonny’s Peers, From left to right: Darren Crawford, Steve Sherman, Bill Ballard, David McDonald, Mike Prickett, Ira Opper, Steve Spaulding, Ron Condon, unknown, Jamie Mosberg and Derek Hoffman

Tom Curren

Jenny Carmel with Tom Curren


Ron Condon filming the memorial

Steve Sherman – Photographer and childhood skate buddy of Sonny’s

Bill Ballard – Lifelong friend and filmer

Gary MacNabb

Laird Hamilton and Derek Hoffman

Laird with Friend


Lisa Andersen with her husband


Steve Barilotti

Tom Curren


Rescue boats we’re on hand for safety reasons and the waves we’re quite big

Sonny’s lifelong friend Ebb Bakkela holding the water housing which held the ashes of Sonny. Ebb was the one who released Sonny’s ashes into the ocean

The Memorial

Laird riding a wave in


Tom riding a wave in

Laird and Tom

October 28th, 2014

Chris Bryan at 1000 Frames Per Second

Chris Bryan shooting footage at 1000 frames per second of Taj Burrow, John John Florence, Kelly Slater and many more..

October 17th, 2014

Canon 50-1000mm

“With the increasing use of large-format single-sensor 4K cameras for field productions like sports and nature documentaries, Canon a leader in digital imaging solutions, has introduced the new ultra-telephoto CINE-SERVO 50-1000mm T5.0-8.9 Ultra-Telephoto Zoom lens.” – Canon


October 16th, 2014

Jason “Mini” Blanchard And Dane Reynolds

Jason “Mini” Blanchard (videographer/bodyboarder) talks with Strider Wasilewski, Adam Virs and Dane Reynolds.

“He started working on Damage Inc. and that was my first part in a video” – Dane Reynolds