February 9th, 2011

Want to be a Surfing Photographer…

How do those surf photographers get those amazing tight action shots where you see can the surfer’s expression clearly on the wave.
Well if you have $8,800.00 to pay for a Canon 600mm or how about a Sigma 200-500mm that goes for $25,999.00 then you can sit on the beach and sip on your latte firing away. If your less fortunate and don’t have one of those big lenses I guess you have to go where the action is. As you can see below this french photographer (shot in Hossegor, France) chose to do just that, go into the surf front row with flash on camera and of course no water housing and scream to the surfers where to do there moves. Were not sure how his shots turned out, but boy was he risking his gear in this shot.

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February 7th, 2011

Our Company Jet Ski

Where most companies have a company car we have settled for a company jet ski. No car is going to put us front row into 40ft surf to document big wave surfers taking the drop and risking there life. Our Jet Ski is made by Sea Doo and is a three seater GTX Super Charged. We highly suggest Sea Doo. as we have never had any problems with it and the good thing with the Sea Doo’s the water (salt) does not run through the engine as they are made with there own closed cooling system.

Our Ski has been out to surfing spots Todos Santos, Laguna, Oceanside, Oceano, Avila, Mouse Rock, Mavericks and more. Pro surfers that have been on it range from Peter Mel, John John Florence, Darryl “Flea” Virostko (where he punched us through a 15ft wall of white water at Mav’s we can assure you that was not fun), Hans Hagen, Cory Lopez, Kyle Knox, Mike Parsons and so forth.

Two times we have had rope get sucked up underneath into the propeller. Once while we were watching Snips surf DMJ’s in Oceanside and another when we were towing a boater and when he dropped the rope, shwoop, under the ski. It is never fun getting the rope stuck, but if you have a ski we highly suggest you get a good saw that can fit underneath so when this does happen to you as it’s not if but when.

If you see us out in the line up or the ski being towed on the highway be sure to say hello or give us a little honk.

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