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October 12th, 2015

Rights Managed Surfing Stock Photos

Surfing photos uploaded today to their pages – Photos by Jack English

Anthony Tashinick – Nelscott Reef, Oregon

Bobby Martinez – Boost Mobile Pro, Lower Trestles

Brad Gerlach and his tow partner Mike Parsons – Oregon

Brian Toth – Saint Leu, Reunion Island

CJ Hobgood – US Open, Huntington Beach (that’s photographer Mike Moir on the left of CJ)

Gabe Kling – South Jetty, Oceanside
gabe kling april  2005

Greg Browning – Oceanside Pier
greg browning april  2005

Herbrie Fletcher – Astrodeck, San Clemente

Jared Howse – Lowers

Jared Mell – Newport Beach

Jeff Baldwin
jeff baldwin april  2005

Jeremy Sherwin
jeremy sherwin april  2005

Johny Craft – Barra, Mexico

Pismo Beach, San Luis Obispo County

Josh Mulcoy – Santa Cruz


Josh Sleigh
josh sleigh la jolla may  2005

Mark Moreno – HB

Mike Losness – La Jolla

Laguna Beach

San Diego county
mike losness oceanside pier dedember 2004

San Clemente


April 17th, 2015

Anthony Tashnick – Brainwork

Anthony Tashnick former Quiksilver rider and tow partner with Peter Mel until Pete had enough of Anthony and moved on (Once Peter left Anthony so did Quiksilver)!


October 2nd, 2013

Adam, Alex, Anthony and Asher

We have just finished uploading more images of the following surfers

Adam Replogle – Moss Landing Marina

Alex Gray – Lowers
alex grey trestles april  2005

Anthony Tashnick – Mavericks (this was taken moments after he dropped into a 25ft plus wave, free fell and went over)

Asher Nolan – Cerritos

asher nolan cabo san lucas december  2004

Up next we will be uploading images of Luke Munro, Liam McNamarra, Luke Egan, Luke Stedman, Layne Beachley, Lee Winkler and more L’s.

May 17th, 2011

Big Wave Surfers Do Break Up

Having a relationship in the water is a tough situation for most of the big wave tow surfers. How do they find there perfect match? In the photo below you see Anthony “Tazy” Tashnick and Peter Mel a once full on tow team. Maybe it became to much for Peter playing a dad to Anthony as well as a tow partner. Then you have Josh Loya and Kenny “Skindog” Collins. Skinny mentioned some times they would go out into the surf together and not even talk. What comes in between these guys and why can’t they just stay together? A couple things we know and hear happen. Who owns the jet ski? Did they split the ski 50/50? Who is storing the ski and who is really cleaning and taking proper up keep on the ski? Who is the man that just does it and doesn’t need to be told how and when to do things? In the end there always seems to be one guy carrying more weight then the other. We’re not sure who Anthony and Peter have moved onto and we have seen Kenny Collins teaming up with Nic Lamb. In the end when the waves get big these tow surfers are always seem to be scrambling to find there next tow partner.