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January 5th, 2016

Beach Grit (Derek Rielly) Get’s Caught Stealing… Again!

“It is not a “profit-less theft”. You guys had likes, created content, and have advertisers who pay to be on this page created by stolen material. You are making a profit by exploiting other people work and infringing copyright. Call it like you want, but Stab, Inertia, and you, are all small time thief. You are making money, and the person you stole the video from doesn’t. You are just a thief.
THIEF. Say it, own it, and live by it. If that is who you want to be. A thief, making profit of other people work.Why don’t you instead create new material?” – Alberto

Full story can be read at Beach Grit (the site that steals all their content)


December 18th, 2015

Will The Real Owner Of Destroyr Or Destroyer Clothing Please Stand Up

Seems Craig Anderson who is already on board with HUF (shoe company after Keith Hufnagel) is joining Dylan Rieder and Austyn Gillette and starting a new brand called Destroyr.


“Rumors from possibly another country have floated across my desk that Craig Ando will, in fact, join Dane Reynolds in his new brand which is still just a rumor but called allegedly Destroyer.” – Chas Smith/Beach Grit


“So, what can we expect next from Craig? Stab’s guess would be that Craig will join Dane’s new brand, credible murmurs of which emerged late in November involving a clothing label and skaters Austin Gillette and Dylan Reider. Some of the best skate brands (HUF, Girl, etc) are run by pro skaters, and you’d like to think that surf brands run by surfers will resonate in the market the same way. These guys know how to engage an audience and have a clear connection with their aesthetics. With the rollercoaster surf industry the way it is, there’s every chance this new venture could slingshot to become the next big thing.” – Stab Mag

and more Destroyers already in business = headache for the newest Destroyr!

Skate clothing already registered in 2011


Kids clothing – already in use


Destroy Yourself – “Featuring dark & sarcastic visions & images of DEAD CELEBRITIES who passed away by SUICIDE”


August 23rd, 2015

No Love For The Australian Surfing Press



7. Encyclopedia of Surfing
6. Surfline
5. Surfing Magazine
4. What Youth
3. Boardistan
2. Surfer Magazine
1. Marine Layer Productions

No love for your Aussie peers? Don’t let the .com in fool ya, it’s made in Australia and ran from Australia, but yet going after the USA $.

ALEXA – Its toolbar collects data on browsing behavior and transmits them to the Alexa website, where they are stored and analyzed, forming the basis for the company’s web traffic reporting. According to its website, Alexa provides traffic data, global rankings and other information on 30 million websites, and as of 2015 its website is visited by over 6.5 million people monthly.

Top Ranked Surfing Websites in America According to Alexa



The Inertia


Surfer Magazine


Surfing Magazine




What Youth


Encyclopedia of Surfing


Surfers Journal




Marine Layer Productions (not sure why, but it’s showing the rank for France at 40,751, but for America it it ranked at 412,738)


Surfimages (were beating Aframe!)


Aframe Photo


Top Ranked Surfing Websites in Australia According to Alexa

Stab Mag


Surfing Life


Beach Grit




Surfing World


July 19th, 2015

“ouch. someones not use to criticism….” – David Carson

Story from the fine folks at BeachGrit – Kelly Slater swings at “Next Level Dipshits!”

To Kelly
Get yo head str8 de man @kellyslater I don’t want to hear it’s your fault. You should have known the prices before It went live. Think about your roots. Could your mom have afforded this when you were growing up? Get real man. As a fellow Floridian I am disgusted. Way to represent surfing and surfers and sustainability. How is it sustainable when you have to spend so much money to buy at shirt? As others have said, it’s totally possible to have a sustainable eco friendly product at a lower price point. You better say something to the media soon because your credibility has gone way down by having your name associated with this shit brand.

From Kelly
You’re gonna use my mom against me? My mom couldn’t afford lunch when I was growing up! I didn’t have two pairs of clean socks as a teenager, literally. So please tell me what exactly is it I owe you again? Someone got a gun to your head to purchase a higher end brand item? Did someone say this was a high volume, low price play? The amount of hatred is next level from dipshits like yourself. I’m a big boy and can stand up for myself. Feel free to unfollow or be blocked. No problem. I honestly don’t mind either way. When the surf product comes out people will learn about it. If people actually want to know the story of how the brand was created and what things cost to be done on certain levels, that will come out. The personal attacks and name calling have been nothing short of unbelievable. People need to grow up.


March 4th, 2015

Photog War May Have Just Come To An End


Pitiless: Mike Balzer VS Steve Sherman (Part Three) – Quote taken from Beach Grit
“I feel it’s lame that you solely shoot “mainly” in the VIP area of elite surf contests. You get a VIP pass to that area that other shooters cannot get. Therefore you have a HUGE advantage over them. They can’t even get near those subjects to shoot to even compete with your shots. Some of the shots you get are good for what they are but they are not surfing on waves in the water. Do you get that? You really are a one-trick-pony that sets your digital camera on black & white and basically fires away.” – Kaipo Gomes or Mike Balzer (we have lost track of who is writing what)

Dear Aspiring Photographers,
Don’t listen to anyone when it comes to how you shoot and what you shoot (unless your a paid shooter then of course you will have to listen to that person who is cutting your check). In the surfing world if it makes you happy to only shoot from the land or water then do it – their are no rules! Always remember to just have fun shooting.

Jack English

March 1st, 2015

BeachGrit Website Hacked By Nike

Somebody has hacked into BeachGrit’s website where you can purchase Nike Shoes on all of their postings.

We’re not sure what happens when you click on the “buy now” tab nor suggest you do it


February 27th, 2015

Last Words With Steve Sherman

Steve Sherman responds to a post by Mike Balzer at

TSherms Cardiff Ok!! I’ve been caught . I said it all just sell some t-shirts .. If Blazer wasn’t such a chicken shit , wash upsurf photographer ” I might clarify , all I can say is go to Search his alias “Kaipo Gomes” and see just how he’s nothing more than a shitty , mental case.. Congrats Deca, u gave him almost 15 more minutes !! God knows he obviously neeeds It. Talk about living in past …” – Steve Sherman

“Is he really Kaipo Gomes? And why is he so… crazy?” – Derek Rielly (writer/owner of Beach Grit)

“he;sa soooo weak…chicken ass blogger….no ballla…” – Steve Sherman

“…what’s the motivation behind the cruelty?” – Derek Rielly

Steve Sherman with Kelly Slater


February 25th, 2015

Last Words With Mike Balzer

“All I am doing is calling bullshit on him with facts and proof. Go ask Steve yourself about this and ask him if he was on any of the New School trips.” – Mike Balzer

Steve Sherman’s group shot of the Momentum crew – Benji Weatherley, Rob Machado, Ross Williams, Greg Browning, Taylor Knox, Shane Dorian, Kelly Slater, Donavon Frankenreiter and Conan Hayes


Focus cover of Shane Dorian taken by Mike Balzer


“I consider Steve and Mike both my friend, but I think this whole battle over this is so petty and childish. Here you have two grown men arguing over “he then used it for his Focus video cover”. In Mike’s defense we all know Taylor Steele didn’t use Steve’s group shot on his Focus cover. If Steve was selling this image on a shirt I would think Balzer would have that much of a stronger case, but he isn’t. Steve’s just trying to sell some shirts to support his family and I give him credit for that!” – Jack English

Here’s some free advice from Disney

Screen shot taken from Beach Grit – Surf Photog Mike Balzer’s Fatal Strike!


November 12th, 2014

Beach Grit Vs. Stab

Seems it’s turned into a attack between and – or is Beach Grit just more so jealous that Stab has advertisers and Beach Grit doesn’t. One question we would like to know from Derek or Chas, how long do you go without advertisers?

“I spent a few minutes perusing various surf websites this morning and had the same general feeling. What the hell is D’Blanc doing “presenting” anything? Its product offering may not be the worst thing ever but its utterly tacky messaging sure is. The company was created instantly and overnight from a large wad of private investment cash but imbued with grime in order to mimic some sort of salt-of-the-earth hipster sensibility. A straight marketing ploy bereft of spirit. And why is Neff allowed to play? Neff is so bright gumball goobery that I am really at a loss for words. It is really the most goobery thing I have seen in years. Just say the damn word. Neff. Neff. Neff.” – Chas Smith (co-owner of Beach Grit)

Stab – Neff Advertising

Beach Grit – Advertisers Wanted

October 3rd, 2014

Paul Roach Makes It Onto BeachGrit

“I consider it a real honor to have boxed Kelly Slater, though his manager called me a few years ago and asked if I would fight Kelly in a cage match.” – Paul Roach