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March 1st, 2016

Brad Gerlach Leaves BANKS Brand?

Update – Wednesday March 2:
“yes I am a part owner. but I am no longer an ambassador.”- Brad Gerlach

We have noticed Brad Gerlach has been removed from the Banks Brand comrades page (team). Left standing are Jared Mell, Jason Salisbury and Chris Del Moro (who is now living in Santa Barbara and will be a father soon).

Brad Gerlach


October 12th, 2015

Rights Managed Surfing Stock Photos

Surfing photos uploaded today to their pages – Photos by Jack English

Anthony Tashinick – Nelscott Reef, Oregon

Bobby Martinez – Boost Mobile Pro, Lower Trestles

Brad Gerlach and his tow partner Mike Parsons – Oregon

Brian Toth – Saint Leu, Reunion Island

CJ Hobgood – US Open, Huntington Beach (that’s photographer Mike Moir on the left of CJ)

Gabe Kling – South Jetty, Oceanside
gabe kling april  2005

Greg Browning – Oceanside Pier
greg browning april  2005

Herbrie Fletcher – Astrodeck, San Clemente

Jared Howse – Lowers

Jared Mell – Newport Beach

Jeff Baldwin
jeff baldwin april  2005

Jeremy Sherwin
jeremy sherwin april  2005

Johny Craft – Barra, Mexico

Pismo Beach, San Luis Obispo County

Josh Mulcoy – Santa Cruz


Josh Sleigh
josh sleigh la jolla may  2005

Mark Moreno – HB

Mike Losness – La Jolla

Laguna Beach

San Diego county
mike losness oceanside pier dedember 2004

San Clemente


December 20th, 2014

Dingo, Benji, Gerr, Simpo, Bron and Browny Surf Photos

Surfing photos of the following surfers have been uploaded

Benji Weatherley – Camp Pendelton, Oceanside
benji weartherly  january  2005

Brad Gerlach
brad gerlach 54st. newport may  2005

Brett Simpson
brett simpson 54st. newport may  2005

Bron Heusenstam – Rockpile, Laguna Beach

Chris Brown – Mavericks

San Luis Obispo County
Chris Brown and his setup january  2005



Dean Morrison – Lower Trestles

September 19th, 2014

Brad Gerlach VS. Martin Potter

In 1991, Brad Gerlach and Martin Potter had a famous altercation during a tense heat in Japan. More than two decades later both surfers competed against each other at Lower Trestles.

Twenty-three years ago, Potter punctured Gerr’s favorite surfboard and put an end to the Floridian’s world title hopes. Brad finished the 1991 ASP World Tour runner-up, right behind Damian Hardman.

“Heat starts, I’m kind of leading, he’s got priority. A wave comes through, and he ends up letting it go. So I turned around and went and ended up blitzing the wave all the way to the beach,” explains Potter.

“I ended up beating him and ruining his chances for a World Title. When I was paddling back out, I had a big smile on my face because I knew he had just totally screwed up.”

The incident forced contest officials to suspend the heat. “We were getting into it. It was about 10 minutes in, and it could have got ugly if they didn’t call us out of the water, so it’s probably good that they did,” adds Gerlach.

But they’ve returned to the water. Together, at Lower Trestles, for an ASP Heritage Series clash.

The 1989 world surfing champion opened hostilities with a 4.83, but Gerlach answered back with a solid right-hander punctuated by a deep bottom turn for a big, vertical crack at the lip and impeccable turns. The judges were awarded him a 7.83-point ride.

The archrivals kept reliving the 1990s. Potter loses a set wave, and Gerr takes his opportunity. He paddled into another right, showing off another big, opening turn to set up some float time and continue down the line. He scored a 6.33 and solidified his early lead.

“It was so fun to have this rivalry with Pottz over social media. I was stoked watching him. I wanted us both to catch a lot of waves. It’s so rad after your career. It’s also really nervous. It’s not like you’re warmed up,” explained Brad Gerlach.

“I was frothing all day. I’m grateful I had the opportunity to go against Pottz. I’d also love to against Curren. He always used to beat me, too. Maybe I can beat him now that he’s 50.”

Revenge is a dish best served cold, and Gerlach waited 23 years.

ASP Heritage Series | Lower Trestles

Brad Gerlach (USA), 14.00 def. Martin Potter (ENG), 10.76

“Ger’s never going to be accused of not being stylish, he loves to bathe in it – sometimes to much” – Ross Williams

Longtime rivals Martin Potter and Brad Gerlach face off in the second Heritage Series heat at Lower Trestles.

September 12th, 2014

Brad Gerlach on Dane Reynolds

“He has that hidden competitiveness and comes across as an annoying underachiever. It’s so annoying! Why don’t you just try so we can watch you? You fucking asshole! It’s okay that you care! We won’t think you’re uncool!” – Brad Gerlach

July 24th, 2014

Sonny Miller On Fox5 San Diego

From the memorial in Escondido that was held on July 18th for Sonny Miller Fox5 San Diego was there and spoke with Laird Hamilton and Brad Gerlach

March 28th, 2014

BANKS Clothing Launching This May

BANKS clothing – Coming soon to a store near you

Brad Gerlach


Chris Del Moro

September 27th, 2013

The Gerr

This is funny memory about my no bullshit dad. He got mad at hornbaker (photog) for this. He yelled at him in his Hungarian English accent: : WHA DA FACK U DOIN? U WANT HiM TO LOOK LIKE A FACKIN FAGGOT??? FOR CHRIST SAKE!!!”” Hahahaaaa i had to calm him down but i loved that he had my back. – Brad Gerlach


December 26th, 2011

Insted We Smile – Luke Stedman’s New Clothing Line

Former WCT surfer Luke Stedman who spent quite a few years competing has now made the full time move to Bali where he lives with his girlfriend named Fa Empel (his former wife is surfer/model Malia Jones in which they have a boy together) and has began his own t-shirt line called “Insted We Smile” (insted spelt without the ‘a’ as in Luke’s last name is spelled ‘Stedman’. Get it, Insted/Stedman.)

The CEO’s

There Logo

Luke here with his coach Brad Gerlach at the Hurley Pro WCT

Every thing that gets us by and gets us high – Luke Stedman

April 20th, 2011

Please Pimp My Ride!

Pro surfers aren’t ones to go all out on there vehicles such as in the skate world. Where Ryan Sheckler drives a Ferrari and Shawn White a Lamborghini (until he wrapped it around a tree before he even made a payment on it). Today Brad Gerlach and Rob Machado were spotted at Seaside Reef, California with there vehicles. “Please MTV Pimp My Ride!!!”