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February 16th, 2017

FORMER Clothing By Dane Reynolds and Some Aussie

Well we just had a look at Dane’s new brand of clothing Former – our first thought is it looks like a cross-up between SRH and Metal Mulisha. Good luck Daner!



November 25th, 2016

Dane Reynolds New Corporation – HATE HATE HATE

Dane Reynolds is now under the HATE HATE HATE LLC as of May 04 2016 through his attorney Justin Pinney located in San Diego.

Yes, your logo is showing


What is a LLC and what does this mean for Dane? In short an LLC means if someone was to sue Dane’s new clothing line “Former” then that person can only go after assets at Former and not any of Danes money or assets (home, car, beer).

So their you have it folks Dane is the proud owner of a new brand – we wish you all the best!

Now a song Dane can relate to by Mr. Marilyn Manson