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October 7th, 2015

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead – The American Way

“Watch this movie and check website. Inspirational film about your health and everyone else’s.” – Kelly Slater / Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

“Good day. My name is Joe Cross and I’m an Australian. I just arrived in the United States and I’m not going to eat any of your food I’ve come here to fast for 60 days. All I am going to do is drink juice – green juice – 60 days 60 nights.”



Full Movie

Reboot Media
A Joe Cross film

September 15th, 2015

Kelly Slater Is Out Of The Title Race

“To be honest I’m really going to think about if I’m going to go to Europe now, because that (loss) puts me out of a title shot.” – Kelly Slater / Stab Magazine


September 13th, 2015

Kelly Slater And His 4.17 Ride At The Lowers Pro

Mick Fanning (safety turns) 16.10 vs. Kelly Slater 14.90 – We think this should had been at least a high 8 or a 9!

“Checking out another left hand option off the bottom going for a flyaway backside air reverse he’ll land prone and get back up.” – Joe Turpell

“I don’t even know what you call that first maneuver right there that’s just freakish talent. I’m meant that’s just such an awareness where your board is. Flying through the air rotating kind of lost control of the board and landed on it. Obviously the judges didn’t like that 4.17. Judges didn’t enjoy that.” – Martin Potter

“I can’t believe only a 4.17 though. We saw something at least semi-excellent or excellent or good we’ll give it good.” – Peter Mel


August 23rd, 2015

Kelly Slater On Undeniable With Joe Buck

Kelly Slater will be on Undeniable with Joe Buck on August 28 at the Manhattan Beach Studios


Undeniable with Joe Buck/Kelly Slater is a one‐on‐one interview show that gives legendary athletes and coaches the opportunity to share their ascent to the pinnacle of success through their personal life stories and philosophies. The adult and hour‐long conversation will be to the world of sports what shows like DINNER FOR FIVE and INSIDE THE ACTORS STUDIO are to the world of Film and Television and CHARLIE ROSE and TERRI GROSS are to the world of popular culture. Filmed in front of an audience and hosted by Joe Buck, Undeniable creates a genuine and honest conversation about who these legends are, how they approach things, what they’ve learned and what lies ahead. The show doesn’t search for controversy, but rather seeks insight into true icons of the game and how they’ve succeeded so far above the rest.


August 21st, 2015

Kelly Slater Looking Back Into This Year

“I started out this year not feeling real good about the year, and sorta having a feeling like it wasn’t my year.” – Kelly Slater


August 18th, 2015

Kelly Slater Signs With A New Wetsuit Company

You never know what to believe or you may loose track of what or who is paying Kelly Slater to use their products, but in this Surfing Life video from Tahiti Kelly Slater is wearing a long arm spring from AXXE wetsuits (Japan).



August 7th, 2015

Kelly Slater Has Gone Mr Porter

Kelly Slater going gangster and fashanista (is that a word) – Mr. Porter


July 19th, 2015

“ouch. someones not use to criticism….” – David Carson

Story from the fine folks at BeachGrit – Kelly Slater swings at “Next Level Dipshits!”

To Kelly
Get yo head str8 de man @kellyslater I don’t want to hear it’s your fault. You should have known the prices before It went live. Think about your roots. Could your mom have afforded this when you were growing up? Get real man. As a fellow Floridian I am disgusted. Way to represent surfing and surfers and sustainability. How is it sustainable when you have to spend so much money to buy at shirt? As others have said, it’s totally possible to have a sustainable eco friendly product at a lower price point. You better say something to the media soon because your credibility has gone way down by having your name associated with this shit brand.

From Kelly
You’re gonna use my mom against me? My mom couldn’t afford lunch when I was growing up! I didn’t have two pairs of clean socks as a teenager, literally. So please tell me what exactly is it I owe you again? Someone got a gun to your head to purchase a higher end brand item? Did someone say this was a high volume, low price play? The amount of hatred is next level from dipshits like yourself. I’m a big boy and can stand up for myself. Feel free to unfollow or be blocked. No problem. I honestly don’t mind either way. When the surf product comes out people will learn about it. If people actually want to know the story of how the brand was created and what things cost to be done on certain levels, that will come out. The personal attacks and name calling have been nothing short of unbelievable. People need to grow up.


July 15th, 2015

Kolohe Andino VS Kelly Slater

Kolohe Andino just lost out to Kelly Slater in round 3 of the JBay Open – you can watch it here

Kelly Slater not happy with the priority call


Kolohe Andino takes his frustration out on his surfboard


“I always thought I surfed as well as anybody on tour. I just needed to put a little meat on my bones. Now I feel like I’m as strong as anybody on tour, so I just have to get the right waves in my heats.” – Kolohe Andino (from an interview in the June 2015 issue of Coast magazine)


July 15th, 2015

Kelly Slater’s Cool-Ass New Surf Line

“Listen to Kelly Slater talk about his new clothing line (Outerknown) and you realize it’s not just his antidote to dubiously made logo-splattered surf gear – it’s his answer to the question: “What do I pack?” – GQ