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February 5th, 2015

Kelly Slater Buys $2Million Beachfront Condo on The Gold Coast

“US SURFING legend Kelly Slater snuck into the Gold Coast’s top-end real estate over Christmas, splashing out $2.15 million for a luxury Palm Beach apartment.” –


February 2nd, 2015

Kelly Slater Still Riding A Channel Island Surfboard

“All parties have agreed that any information concerning Kelly’s business interests would either come through Kelly or Terry directly – therefore I cannot comment on any ’rumors’.” – Mark Price (CEO Firewire)

Kelly Slater moments after his round 3 win holding his Channel Island surfboard (Semi Pro 6’3 x 18 3/4″ x 2 5/8″) and rocking a Live Like Sion sticker

January 31st, 2015

Kelly Slater Furniture By PBTeen

“I’m really excited to be working with PBteen on this project. While they’re not part of the endemic surf market, I’m honored that PBteen has seen me as someone who can help a broader audience understand the need to use recycled, repurposed and organic materials. Global conservation is a focal point of the capsule collection and it falls right in line with the change and direction I’m working towards, on a professional and personal basis. In collaborating with PBteen, we are creating a subtle and natural feel with this collection — something that has an authentic appeal for teens and their parents alike.” – Kelly Slater


January 30th, 2015

Kelly Slater May Be Buying Firewire Surfboards

Rumors are flying that Kelly Slater will be leaving Channel Island Surfboards and in doing so has or will be buying (part of) the Firewire surfboard company based out of north county San Diego (Cardiff by the Sea).

“I’ll address the surfboard stuff soon. It’s nothing definite until it’s finished and it’s a work in progress. But surfboards are a tricky business. There’s a certain irony to all of our environmental talk and chemical walk. That’s not to point fingers at anyone but myself. I just think it’s time to do something about my residue that’s built up. The industry focus has been on perfecting the shapes and performance of what we are all used to for a long while now. I’m fond of tinkering and experimenting and evolving. Lessening materials impact is an obligation for me. So… my partners and I are working on something.” – Kelly Slater / Stab Magazine

Kelly out with the old

…and in with the new (Firewire)?


January 21st, 2015

Kelly Slater Endorsing Fiji Airways

“I’ve had some most incredible surf sessions and trips of my life here (Tavarua) but that first trip made such an impression on me that just I’ve been coming back ever sense” – Kelly Slater ($1,000,000.00 payday?)

January 4th, 2015

Volcom Ad With Kelly Slater

Volcom has used Kelly Slater in their new ad in the January issue of Blisss magazine promoting the 2015 Volcom Pipe Pro which goes from January 29 – February 8.

You may be asking how does Volcom have permission to use Kelly Slater in their ad when he does not ride for them? When a surfer enters a surf event (CT or QS) that surfer must sign a release before he is handed a jersey, in the release it states that the title sponsor has permission to use the surfer in any type of future promotion which has to do with that event.


December 12th, 2014

Kelly Slater on the 12th World Title

“I’ve got to put the whole year behind me and go out and do my job” – Kelly Slater

December 11th, 2014

Outerknown on The Business of Fashion

“The sweet spot, is anywhere from $70 to $400 — and we’ll have statement pieces, cashmere pieces, outerwear pieces that will go beyond that.” – John Moore (this is sounding much like VSTR)

John Moore and Kelly Slater

December 11th, 2014

Kelly Slater Is 42

Kelly Slater on the cover of the January’s issue of Outside magazine

“I have no idea how he does it,” says Shane Dorian, who’s also 42 but left the World Tour after 11 years, citing burnout, to focus on big-wave surfing. “I think we’re all trying to figure that out.” – Shane Dorian

“If you’re going to the bathroom regularly, and it’s a healthy stool, your body is ­probably ­doing good.” Kelly Slater (to much information)


December 7th, 2014

John John Florence Wins The 2014 Surfer Poll Awards

“I have no sponsors to thank” – Kelly Slater

SURFER Poll Men’s Top 10

1. John John Florence
2. Kelly Slater
3. Gabriel Medina
4. Mick Fanning
5. Jordy Smith
6. Dane Reynolds
7. Joel Parkinson
8. Julian Wilson
9. Kolohe Andino
10. Taj Burrow

SURFER Poll Women’s Top 5

1. Stephanie Gilmore
2. Sally Fitzgibbons
3. Carissa Moore
4. Coco Ho
5. Alana Blanchard

A.I. Breakthrough Performer

Noa Deane

Best Barrel

Koa Smith, Skeleton Bay

Worst Wipeout

Myron Porter, The Right

Heavy Water

Grant “Twiggy” Baker

Best Documentary

Thundercloud, directed by Talon Clemow

Best Short

Cheese II, directed by Noa Deane and Shane Fletcher

Best Performance
Albee Layer in Attractive Distractions

Movie of the Year

Strange Rumblings in Shangri La, directed by Joe G