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October 26th, 2015

Oprah Winfrey Partying With Laird Hamilton

Kelly Slater got Julia Roberts to show up at his Outerknown clothing release party, but now Laird Hamilton has just upped the champ by getting Opraph Winfrey to show up to his.

Oprah and Laird


September 27th, 2015

Surfing Action From Point Break

Point Break Surf Action

“In surfing we always grasp the few films that try to capture the spirit of what surfing means and that surfing is really more of a philosophy. The original one was a level at it’s time and now this is at the level of this time.” – Laird Hamitlon – Surfing Technical Advisor


“This Point Break adding big wave surfing. The largest waves in the world.” – Ericson Core – Director

“I’m just a massive fan of the original movie.” – Luke Bracey playing “Utah”

“Well the person who taught me how to tow board was Laird Hamilton” – Edgar Ramirez – playing “Bohdi”

“Teahupo’o is one of the fearsest one of the most deadliest waves in the world and we had the very best of the world’s surfers doing things that have never been done at Teahupoo before.” – Philip Boston – 2nd Until Director

“They asked us to do a rare stunt which is share a wave which is super dangerous – one of the best things I have ever done on a wave I reckon.” – Dylan Longbottom – Professional surfer – “Bohdi”

“We get caught in avalanche every single day.” – Brian Keaulana – Surf Stunt Coordinator

“I hit my head and basically can’t remember from when I hit my head to being in the calm water in the lagoon.” – Laurie Towner – Professional Surfer – “Utah”

“Legendary Kathryn Bigelow MADE the original classic. This looks like a bad copy.” – Pierre V. Wilson (we agree with you Pierre)

September 23rd, 2015

Laird Hamilton Apparel

“…we see the mature waterman looking for technical fitness gear with more of a masculine look than yoga brands that his wife wears and without the “jock” stigma of mainstream sports gear.” – Tim Garrett (President and General Manager formerly with Globe, O’Neill and Lost)

Laird Hamilton Apparel – Live Life Alive


July 7th, 2015

Laird Hamilton Poses Nude For ESPN Magazine

“I convinced my husband to do this.” – Gabrielle Reece

“Because I have had the opportunity to ride some incredibly giant surf quiet a bit of it I am less frantic in my approach I don’t have that desperation and I am good if I miss one I’ll be like yeah I will miss one because I got some and I’ll get some more.” – Laird Hamilton


Full story can be read at ESPN Body Issue Gabrielle Reece and surfer husband Laird Hamilton pose nude for photographer Peggy Sirota

July 1st, 2015

Laird Hamilton Chooses Not To Poo in The Ocean

“I don’t do much aqua pooing” – Laird Hamilton

The only surfer we unfortunately saw having to poo and doing it was CJ Hobgood. He was out surfing in Jeffreys Bay and as he began taking off his wetsuit he said “I am going where no man has ever gone.”

May 14th, 2015

Air New Zealand Safety Safari With Pro Surfers

AIR NEW ZELAND presents a Safety Safari

Welcome on board everyone. For the next few minutes, as we prepare to take-off, we’re going to take the opportunity to show off one of our favorite pastimes. Along with some of the most stunning surf breaks and beaches we fly to. And we’ve recruited some legends of surfing to help us along the way.

Malibu California Alana Blanchard – American pro surfer and model
If you’re carrying loose items, no worries. Just place them under the seat in front of you. And if you’re coming on this adventure you’ll need to obey all crew member instruction and all illuminated signs. Fasten your seat belt low across your hips. Its a good idea to keep it on throughout the journey, but if you get itchy feet, release by lifting the lever. Sometimes you need a breath of fresh air. If an oxygen mask drops down from overhead, place it over your nose and mouth. If you’re seated in Business Premier, pull down on this handy red tab before placing the mask over nose and mouth. Oxygen will flow freely straight away, wherever you’re seated. Make sure you secure your own mask before helping younger ones. Don’t forget, smoking, including electronic cigarettes, is not permitted anywhere on this flight.

Gold Coast Australia
Gabriel Medina – 2014 Reigning World Champion Mick Fanning – 3X World Champion

Mick Fanning

If an emergency were to happen during take off or landing, brace yourself against the seat in front of you. Or place your hands on your head, your elbow on either side of your legs and your feet flat on the floor like so. Life jackets are really easy to put on. Life jackets are located within easy reach under your seat. You can put them on while seated. Just rip open using the tab, pull it over your head, clip the straps together and pull tight. Life jackets inflate by pulling down on the red tab. But do so only as you exit the aircraft. To inflate the life jacket a bit more, just blow into the mouth piece like this. Crew will provide life jackets for any little ones on board.

Ragland and Piha New Zealand
Masatoshi Ohno – Japan’s No. 1 Pro Surfer

As you’re on board a Boeing 787 aircraft, lightweight handheld electronic devices may be used at all times. Ensure that any transmitting functions such as, cellular, bluetooth and wi-fi are turned off by selecting flight or airplane mode.

Laird Hamilton – Legendary big-wave surfer
Ricardo Christie – World Championship Tour Surfer

Secure lightweight devices in your seat pocket or with yourself. And large items must be securely stowed. In Economy and Premium Economy, there must be no cords between yourself and the seat in front, take-off or landing.

Maz Quinn – 4X NZ National Surfing Champion
Paige Hareb – NZ’s No.1 Pro Female Surfer

Your crew are now pointing out your exits. Count the number of rows to your nearest exit. Your nearest exit could be behind you. If it gets dark, escape path lighting in each aisle will guide the way out. For more information, check out the safety card in the seat pocket in front of you. From everyone here at Air New Zeland, thanks for coming on this wicked journey with us. We’d love to stay but we’ve got a flight to catch. Kia ora. Thanks for watching.

Other surfers and actors:
Anastastia Ashley USA Sports Illustrated model and big wave surfer
Kellie and Teio Air New Zealand Flight Attendants
Sir Hollywood (the dog)

Learn To Fly – Foo Fighters

April 27th, 2015

“Surf The Turf” – Laird Hamilton and Golfboard

“I think the GolfBoard definitely creates the opportunity to experience the terrain from a whole new persecutive. I think the GolfBoard allows you to kind of surf the turf as they say or just experience the coarse in a way or the land in a way that you wouldn’t normally I think standing up being on a board being able to stand up to use the tipography and kind of create a rhythm and the flow of movement through a green canvas you know in my case I am always on the blue water canvas and this is just an opportunity to kind of bring that experience of the ocean and that sensation into the earth.” – Laird Hamilton (Big Wave Surfing Legend / Golf Board Design Consultant)



February 20th, 2015

Laird Hamilton Foil Boarding At Raglan

Laird Hamilton is currently in New Zealand competing in ‘The Ultimate Waterman’ competition. Here Laird is surfing (foil boarding) Ragland.

February 7th, 2015

Laird Hamilton – Freaks Of Nature

“The Biggest wave I have ever been on is somewhere between 80 and 100 feet.”

“It was the most dangerous surf that I had ever ridden.”

“Waves have scared me many times it was just that unlike anything that I had been in, nature doesn’t have compassion their are no referees theirs no timeouts.” – Laird Hamilton

Host Tyler Harcott in Freaks of Nature by The Weather Channel

January 25th, 2015

Off Camera With Laird Hamilton By Sam Jones

“I just remember wanting a dad needing a dad going hey I got to have a dad and everybody else had one that I knew and so I spotted this guy that represented what looked like what my dad would be according to my thoughts who was Bill Hamilton.” – Laird Hamilton

“I don’t want to have a group of people (judges) dictate my success or failure.”

“Little waves are like comedies and big waves are like dramas… maybe a horror film.”

To view this whole clip visit Laird Hamilton / Off Camera