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June 24th, 2015

Michael Tomson Arrested For Suspicion Of Selling Cocaine

Story from The Indy – Laguna Beach Local News (Where Michael Tomson lives)

“Police discovered $2,000 worth of cocaine in his home last week, police said Monday, June 22. Police charged Michael Elliot Tomson, 60, of Laguna Beach, with felony possession of narcotics for sale after conducting a 7 a.m. probation check at his home in the 21000 block of Mar Vista Avenue. A scale, baggies used to package cocaine for sale and 52 grams of cocaine were seized, said Sgt. Tim Kleiser, who provided the street value estimate.” – Andrea Adelson

Booking Number: 288837
Inmate Name: Michael Tomson
Birth: 08-24-1954
Sex: Male
Race: White
Height: 6’0
Weight: 195
Occupation: CONSULTANT (the consulting business must be slow for Mr. Tomson)


Michael Tomson (2010) from a surfing trip with Jordy Smith in Mexico



We last read (for whatever reasons) Rusty Preisendorfer and Michael Tomson had joined forces working on Rusty clothing as we are not sure if they are still together or not – video at Transworld Business


March 8th, 2015

Cory Lopez Goes South Of The Border To Surf Pascuales

Wavos Rancheros

Cory Lopez (and Peter Mendia 0:07) head south of the border to surf Pascuales, Mexico (where Brian Conley lives). Cory is not being towed into the waves as he prefers step offs (notice at 0:22 no tow rope).

Music: The Vandals – Urban Struggle
Videography: Michael Mortimer
Editing: Brett Barley

November 7th, 2014

Brian Conley Step Off In Mexico

Brian Conley in Mexico

Video by Chad Stickney

October 17th, 2014

8 Days In Oaxaca – Town & Country Magazine

Town & Country magazine have just released their feature on 8 Perfect Days in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Day 6: Beach Bound (our image of a local girl surfing Barra de la Cruz)


July 7th, 2014

Shane Dorian Gets One Wave At Puerto Esocondido

“It was grinding. It was fucking huge. We had to paddle out in the boat harbour about a half mile away because it was impossible to paddle through the surf. There was literally no way out.” – Shane Dorian

Shane waited for four hours in the water then got this one wave – Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Another video clip of Shane here

December 14th, 2013

Alex Gray Surf Photos From Barra Mexico

Photos of Alex Gray from Barra De La Cruz Mexico have been uploaded onto his page




November 23rd, 2011

2006 With Bruce Irons

Photos of Bruce Irons from 2006 are now live on his page.

Bruce flying high again – Hossegor, France

Bruce proudly carrying his brother up the beach – Rip Curl Pro WCT – Barra, Mexico

Bruce with an early morning warm up session moments before the Hurley Pro – Lower Trestles

October 10th, 2011

Hurricane Jova To Become Category 4 Off Of Baja Mexico

Monday, October 10, 2011 8:05 AM MDT Category 3 Major Hurricane Jova continues to strengthen and is forecast possibly even become a Category 4 Hurricane before making landfall late Tuesday on the southwest coast of mainland Mexico. Hurricane Jova is currently about 255 miles SW of Manzanillo, or about 500 miles SSE of Cabo San Lucas.

Other than heavy surf along south facing beaches Jova is not likely to significantly affect Baja weather at this time.

Hurricane Jova is currently located near 16.3N 107.0W and is moving 85° at 4kts. Central barometric pressure is estimated at 960Mb and winds are 105kts with gusts to 130kts, making Jova a Category 3 Hurricane. Jova is another small storm, like last month’s Hurricane Hilary. Hurricane force winds extend out 15 miles, tropical storm force winds extend out as much as 80 miles and 12ft seas extend out as much as 300 miles.

Hurricane Jova is forecast to continually move over warmer waters as it approaches the mainland will thusly continue to strengthen right up until the time of landfall. Current forecasts call for a Category 3 landfall somewhere near Barra de Navidad on the Mexican mainland sometime Tuesday evening.

The Pacific coast of Mexico has so far this season been spared landfall of a hurricane. Jova stands to make amends for that oversight and will plow into the southwest coast of Mexico sometime Tuesday night. Should Jova make landfall as a Major Hurricane wide spread destruction can be anticipated along the coast from storm surge to 15′. Wide spread flooding and extensive wind damage will occur. In short, this will be a major natural disaster. Orders to evacuate should be observed.

Jova will be the 5th Major Hurricane of 2011. Normally the Eastern Pacific spawns 3.2 Major Hurricanes per year.

October 5th, 2011

Surfing Media No Longer Allowed In Salina Cruz, Mexico

You would expect something of this from Stab Magazine, but yet this has come from Surfing Magazine who have for many years had there staff photographers shooting photos at Salina Cruz, Mexico. Local Salina Cruz surfer and surf camp owner Cesar Ramirez writes, “I hearby advise everyone that there has been a meeting between the local surfers in Salina Cruz including all the surf camps and as a result to this disgusting article … as of now, for 2 years foreign photographers and videographers are not welcome in Salina Cruz, doesn’t matter what surf team or what magazine they work for.” Full story here

August 1st, 2011

Salina Cruz And Barra De La Cruz Surfing Stock Photos Now Live…

We have just finished uploading images from Salina Cruz which is located in the state of Oaxaca Mexico. Images range from empty waves, surfing, line ups, cars and trucks driving on the beach and a few street life photos. While your in the Mexico section be sure to check out all the other images taken from Puerto Escondido. The Puerto images have great bodyboarding shots from Paul Roach, Fred Booth, Jeff Hubbard and a few locals. Last we have a lot of photos from Barra De La Cruz as well. So go check them out and as always we would love to hear any feedback (good and bad) that you may have.