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February 19th, 2016

Brock Little Dies – The Vandalism Begins

Big wave surfing legend Brock Little has passed away from battling cancer. Brock who was notorious for paddling into large waves in the late 80’s and early 90’s when he rode for surf brands Gotcha, HIC and Rip Curl.

Now the blood sucking media (Stab, Magicseaweed, Surf Europe, among all pro surfers and their instagram) is having a go with the most famous wave ever ridden by Brock Little taken by former assistant photo editor at Surfing magazine Scott Winer. Scott took the photo from the rocks down below using a 300mm lens – manual focus. Jeff Hall from Aframe media (now owned by Surfline?) is probably wishing he had a attorney right now, but then again how are you really going to “win” against these overseas publications?

Brock Little – RIP 1967-2016


Though Shall Not Steal




September 24th, 2015

Malia Manuel On Stab Style

Malia Manuel gracing the back cover of Stab magazine


She’s not single – Dating former pro surfer Shaun Ward (not the best looking guy, but at least it’s a surfer)


February 28th, 2015

Mason Ho and Luke Davis Share The Cover of Stab Magazine

Stab Magazine which always offers a front and back cover

Mason Ho pulling into a tube taken at Lovers Beach, Cabo San Lucas

Andy Cover

Callin Russo (who’s she?) and Luke Davis (trying hard once again to “be different”, I guess you have to do something different when your surfing can’t be)

Andy Cover

February 25th, 2015

Last Words With Mike Balzer

“All I am doing is calling bullshit on him with facts and proof. Go ask Steve yourself about this and ask him if he was on any of the New School trips.” – Mike Balzer

Steve Sherman’s group shot of the Momentum crew – Benji Weatherley, Rob Machado, Ross Williams, Greg Browning, Taylor Knox, Shane Dorian, Kelly Slater, Donavon Frankenreiter and Conan Hayes


Focus cover of Shane Dorian taken by Mike Balzer


“I consider Steve and Mike both my friend, but I think this whole battle over this is so petty and childish. Here you have two grown men arguing over “he then used it for his Focus video cover”. In Mike’s defense we all know Taylor Steele didn’t use Steve’s group shot on his Focus cover. If Steve was selling this image on a shirt I would think Balzer would have that much of a stronger case, but he isn’t. Steve’s just trying to sell some shirts to support his family and I give him credit for that!” – Jack English

Here’s some free advice from Disney

Screen shot taken from Beach Grit – Surf Photog Mike Balzer’s Fatal Strike!


January 30th, 2015

Kelly Slater May Be Buying Firewire Surfboards

Rumors are flying that Kelly Slater will be leaving Channel Island Surfboards and in doing so has or will be buying (part of) the Firewire surfboard company based out of north county San Diego (Cardiff by the Sea).

“I’ll address the surfboard stuff soon. It’s nothing definite until it’s finished and it’s a work in progress. But surfboards are a tricky business. There’s a certain irony to all of our environmental talk and chemical walk. That’s not to point fingers at anyone but myself. I just think it’s time to do something about my residue that’s built up. The industry focus has been on perfecting the shapes and performance of what we are all used to for a long while now. I’m fond of tinkering and experimenting and evolving. Lessening materials impact is an obligation for me. So… my partners and I are working on something.” – Kelly Slater / Stab Magazine

Kelly out with the old

…and in with the new (Firewire)?


December 1st, 2014

World Surf League (ASP) Is In The Hole $30 Million

$30 million in the hole and that’s with Slater on the tour – can you imagine what’s going to happened when Kelly’s off the tour. Full story at

“Lets dispel one myth right now: Surfing is hands down the most boring fucking thing to watch unless your into surfing. It was never going to get anywhere close to the revenue’s of Street League. Surfing as a brand commodity is as dead as Billabong and Slater’s new brand. You think that people are stupid enough to watch a webcast and hurry out and buy a case of Monster, guzzle it away and then spend $300 online on a pair of laser etched boardshorts made by Bob Hurley’s daughter? Do me a fucking favour. We’re the wrong crowd in the wrong sport in the wrong era and we’ll be back where we started inside 2 years.” – Badger

PS – WSL your website is down

June 29th, 2013

Coming To America

One of Surfing Magazine’s senior photographers has jumped ship and will now be working for Stab Magazine full time.

Stab, welcome to America!


May 21st, 2013

They Call It P.O.V

P.O.V meaning Point Of View. We didn’t make it up nor did we know who came up with the term P.O.V (which we think is pretty lame). You know the awkward shots you see plastered everywhere of the surfer riding a wave. Guy’s like Kelly Slater have jumped on the band wagon only because GoPro is paying him a lot of $,$$$,$$$ now his peers like Shane Dorian are claiming themselves “photographers”.

I feel like all the best surf imagery I’ve seen lately have come from surfers like you. Please discuss. – Elliot Struck from Stab magazine (what a kiss ass question to start an interview)

Interview here


March 21st, 2013

Bobby Martinez Speaks Again

Bobby Martinez interview by Derek Rielly


“I had a chance to make a million. My contract with Reef was 550 grand a year. If I got top five I’d make 850 and if I won the world title I’d get 1.2 million, right? I said, fuck you guys, get me out of my contract.” (Editors note: We heard Bobby and his agent Brian Taylor wanted something like 650,000 a year, but Reef’s counter offer was 550,000 and Bobby’s camp turned it down)

“Well, you’re a money hungry bitch in my eyes.”

“With FTW I was making three grand a month. It didn’t work out ‘cause he ran out of money.”

Now, tell me about your Quiksilver towel. “I spit on it and I sweat on it. My good towels I keep for surfing. I use that one cause it’s a shit towel.”

“Because surfers ain’t shit, fame-wise, at least. We’re not on the news, we’re not getting paparazzi following us no matter who the fuck you are. I look at it that we’re normal people and we surf.”

February 22nd, 2013


Following in the dead end footsteps of others