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February 18th, 2016

Can Shaun White Save Macy’s

Shaun White has signed on with Macy’s for a men’s line called WHT SPACE (Shaun has had a boy’s clothing line with Target in which is now ending after 8 years)

“Macy’s is such an iconic brand and my first choice for a home for this line.” – Shaun White

In other Shaun White news he was not invited to this years X-Games. “Yeah, I had some constructive criticism, I guess. It wasn’t really criticism. It was more public information.” – NY TIMES


June 20th, 2015

DC Shoes For Sale – Target Wants In

Is it true that Quiksilver (parent company of Roxy and DC Shoes) is selling DC and Target wants to buy?

Target currently sponsors athletes Kolohe Andino, Carissa Moore, Ryan Dungey and Paul Rodriguez.

“DC net revenues, as reported, were $81 million compared with $103 million. DC net revenues were down 9%, or $8 million, on a constant currency continuing category basis. (Quiksilver was down 1% and Roxy was up 1%)” – Yahoo Finance



April 16th, 2015

Kolohe Andino – Surf Movie By What Youth

WHAT YOUTH – Kolohe Andino surfing movie starring his best friends Nat Young, Ian Crane, Luke Davis, Tanner Rozunko and Taj Burrow. Funded by Hurley, Oakley, Target and Red Bull.

He’s watching you watching him

November 17th, 2014

Hating On Outerknown

Seems like their are a lot of haters out there already writing off Outerknown / Kelly Slater. It’s kind of strange how we feel on one end people want to see Kelly Slater succeed on surfing contest wins and titles, but when it comes to business people want to see him fail.

“I’ve had lots of questions in recent months about sponsorships, who’s supporting me, that sort of thing, so I figured I could most easily explain it here. I’ve been fortunate to go in a completely different direction and start a new brand called @outerknown. Early on in the process, I met with #TheKeringGroup to talk about partnering on brand creation and they immediately understood the ideas I/we had. We quickly came to an agreement of mutual support. They’re helping Outerknown in any way necessary and I’ve become a #BrandAmbassador for any and all of their brands that make sense for both of us. In return, @volcom, @electric_california , @cobrapumagolf, and even #Brioni, @balenciaga, #Tretorn, #StellaMcCartney and others have all gotten behind me to lend their support in some way or another. I’ll be working on surf specific product with Volcom and Electric Visuals and using Cobra/Puma golf gear while establishing Outerknown. I was recently in Paris to meet the whole team at #Kering headquarters. I was totally blown away by their level of expertise in sustainability, sourcing and design across all platforms. I’ll dive a little deeper in future posts but in a nutshell, I’m beyond stoked with this opportunity and my new team. I had no idea how many moving parts go into this endeavor and there is no better partner than Kering for what we’re doing. A huge thanks to everyone at the company and hope to get back and visit you all soon.” – Kelly Slater


“it’s just gonna be another plain ass boring brand, soft cotton pocket tee and above the knee cotton trunks. would be more entertaining if it came outta the gates like wang x h&m and made neoprene trackies and basically mugatu outfits.” – Dave F%ck (

“mark my words… no matter how cool/sustainable/(JUST for the sake of argument) affordable Outerknown is, it will flop for one reason, and one reason only: the name. Its as if the ‘team’ in paris sat down and literally brainstormed for the shittiest/cheesiest name possible. it is actually impressive how lame the name is. hopefully is can be one of those names that is so bad that in a weird/ironic way, it is good. kelly, didn’t you learn the importance of a name after naming u/machado/king’s band ‘the surfers’??” – KOOKILA (

“Outerwhat–Outerlimits—Outerknown–.Outerwhat?……” – free rider (

Pure Juice – Kelly Slater

If you we’re caught wearing these you would had been considered a kook – zero cool!

Komunity (yeah, this guy’s going to sell you a lot of traction pads)

VSTR – Selling $200 sweaters to surfers who have no money

PURPS (not sold on the branding or lack of)

Outerknown – we’ll have to wait and see their direction

We think where Kelly would do the best is selling his clothing (for cheap) at a box store such as Tony Hawk and Shaun White have done

Tony Hawk – Kohls

Shaun White – Target

SLTR – Walmart

October 11th, 2011

Carissa Moore Surfing At Lowers And Nike US Open In Huntington Beach

Today we have finished uploading images of Carissa Moore taken from the August 2011 Nike US Open of Surfing where she competed in the women’s division. Carissa ended up making it to the semi-final where she was beat by Lakey Peterson.

Carissa (14.60) to Lakey’s (14.67)

Carissa was down at Lowers on September 14 and the 18th (during the Hurley Pro wct) with her trainer Shane Beschen (Red Bull’s Hawaii surf coach) and filmer Blake. Blake had mentioned Carissa has been busting out some impressive airs lately and when we set up she was definitely coming through. She pulled this air here.