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May 16th, 2015

Peter Taras (Photo Editor of Surfing Magazine) Selling All His Camera Gear

“Hello Facebook World! I’m selling a bunch of my photo gear. Pass this onto to anyone you may know who’s interested in sports photography or surf photography. I priced most of all this equipment at the very lower level of the used pricing chart even though a lot of my equipment is in better condition than the price dictates. If you’re interested place private message me. Prices are firm. Gunna wait it out for a year and see what happens with cinema cameras. . I got some loner program stuff I can use until then.” – Peter Taras

“This photo editor sold his camera kit, you’ll never believe what he did next!” – Morgan Massen

We’re not sure if this is the beginning of the end for Peter at Surfing Magazine or if he is truly is waiting for cinema cameras. We call BS on Pete! If your waiting for cinema cameras which is fine, but why then would you be selling your lenses that would go on these cameras? (keeping your trusty 50mm?)

Petes’ Camera Gear for Sale:

…and in other “The Enthusiast Network” news (owners of Surfer and Surfing magazine) editor-in-chief Brendon Thomas of Surfer Magazine for the past 5 years has now left to join forces with The Surfers Journal.

So there you have it, a photo editor selling his gear and a editor that has left his position for a magazine that’s not going anywhere…


February 2nd, 2015

Clark Little Used In Hurley Ad

In the first issue of The Surfer’s Journal for 2015 Hurley has used a two page spread showing water photographer Clark Little hanging inside the tube at Keiki shore break located on the North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii.


December 30th, 2014

We Almost Got A Christmas Card

We we’re so happy to get our only Christmas card which came from the fine folks of The Surfer’s Journal, but upon opening it we we’re greeted by the words “…give the gift of THE SURFERS JOURNAL”



August 6th, 2014

GoPro Inside The Surfers Journal

Noticing GoPro is advertising in the newest issue of The Surfers Journal – just seems like a weird mix, but then again would be weirder to have the Journal turn away money…


December 4th, 2011

Toes On The Nose

We have just received our latest issue of The Surfer’s Journal and we definitely got that “wow” factor when we first glanced at the cover. Speed blur of a foot hanging five in your face type action shot. It almost looks like a hand in a weird way.

Fun fact that you might not know about The Surfer’s Journal. Every surf magazine in the world is trying to stay afloat by keeping there advertisers and bringing (begging) more to come on board. On the flip side The Journal has the opposite problem. They have a waiting list of advertisers wanting to get in there magazine, but are not able to to unless a current advertiser pulls out. The Journal only allows a certain amount of advertisers in there magazine and in doing so the magazine will continue to keep there page count steady compared to all the other surf magazines where one month there thick and the other months they are thin. Many surf industry people think The Journal will be the only surf magazine (print) left standing in years to come.